Anjana Sutha Stotram

Hauman (Anjana sutha) Stotram
[Prayer addressed to Hanuman]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a great and rare prayer addressed to Lord Hanuman as son of Anjana.]

1. Sukhekadhaam-bhushnam, Manoja garva-khandanam,
Anathmadhi-vigarhanam, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana, to whom the mace looks like an ornament,
Who berates all who are proud and, Punishes those who have not realized Their self

2. Bhavam-budhititushrame, Susevyamana-madbutam,
Shiva-avatarinam-param, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana, who assists us to cross the sea of life,
Who serves well in a wonderful manner and Who was born by the grace of Lord Shiva

3. GunakaramKripakaram, Sushantidam-Yashachyakaram,
Nijatambuddhi-dayakam, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana,who does good and showers mercy,
Who is peace personified grants fame and gives true spiritual wisdom.

4. SadaivDhusta-Bhanjanam, Sada-sudharva-vardhanam,

I sing about the son of Anjana, who always destroys bad people,
Who always increases courage to do good and who enjoys the devotion of realised souls.

5. Suramapada-sevinam, Suramanama-gayinam,
Suramabhakti-dayinam, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana, who serves the feet of Lord Rama,
Who grants us devotion to Lord Rama and always sings the name of Lord Rama.

6. Virakta-mandala-dhipam, Sadatma-vitsusevinam,
Subhakta-vrundvandanam, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana who is the chief of those who have given up ali,
Who is served by all those who are good souls and Who is saluted by crowds of great devotees

7. Vimukti-vigna-nashakam, Vimukti-bhakti-dayikam,
Maha-virakti-karakam, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana, Who removes roadblocks on way to salvation,
Who Grants us devotion leading to salvation and creates us great sense of detachment.

8. Sukhemya deva madvayam, Brihut-meva-tatsvayam,
Itihi-bodhi-kamgurum, Bhajeham-anjani-sutam

I sing about the son of Anjana, who is the God who blesses us with comfort,
Who by himself is very great and is the teacher who gives us wisdom.

9. Virakti-mukti-dayakam, Imam-stavan-supavanam,

If one reads with great devotion, this holy prayer,
Which grants detachment and devotion,
Would he not be Definitely remembered with great respect?

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