Datta Sthavam

Sri Datta Sthavam
By Sri Vasudevanand Saraswathi Maharaj
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This was written by a great saint devotee of Swami Dathathreya of Maharashtra called Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi or Thembe Swami. A brief life history is given in saikesaat.blogspot.com/2008/01/shri-vasudevanandsaraswati-tembe-swami.html. You can chant this mantra 9 times a day for a life time or at least once or thrice a day. Some Dattatreya devotees chant this mantra 9 times a day for 40 days as a belief that their wishes get fulfilled.]

Sree ganeshaya namaha !!!!
Sree saraswathyaya namaha !!!!
Sree padha vallabha narashimha saraswathi
Sree guru dattatreyaya namaha !!!
Jai Guru Datta !
Jai Guru Datta !
Jai Guru Datta !

Dathathreyam Mahathmanam,
Varadam Bhaktha Vathsalam,
Prapannarthi haram vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 1

Salutations to Dathathreya who is a great one,
Who loves and blesses his devotees,
And who destroys all worries of those,
Who always remember him with faith.

Deenabandhum, krupasindhum,
Sarva Karana Kaaranaam,
Sarva Raksha karam vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 2

Salutations to the friend of the oppressed,
Who is the ocean of mercy,
Who is the cause of all causes,
And who protects all those,
Who always remember him with faith.

Saranagatha Dheenartha,
Parithrana paarayana,
Narayanam Vibhum Vande
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 3

Salutations to him who protects all those who surrender,
Who is the friend of all the down trodden,
Who protects those who have faith in him,
And is the great Lord Narayana for them,
Who always remember him with faith.

Srvaanardha haram devam,
Sarva mangala Mangalam,
Sarva klesa haram vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 4

Salutations to him, who is the destroyer of the useless,
Who blesses us with all that is good,
And is the lord who removes all problems for them,
Who always remember him with faith.

Brahmnayam dharma Thathwagnam,
Bhakthe keerthi vivardhanam,
Bhakthabeeshta pradham vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 5

Salutations to him who is holy and master of religion,
Whose fame is spread by his devotees,
And who fulfills all wishes of his devotees,
Who always remember him with faith.

Soshanam papa pankshaya,
Deepaanaam jnana thejasaa,
Thaapaa prasamanam vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 6

Salutations to him who removes bundles of sins,
Who blesses us with the light of wisdom,
And who removes al pains and problems to those,
Who always remember him with faith.

Sarva roga prasamanam,
Sarve peeda nivaaranam,
Vipad udharanam vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 6

Salutations to him who cures all diseases,
Who removes all ills and problems,
And who lifts from danger, his devotes,
Who always remember him with faith.

Janma samsara bandhagnam,
Swaroopananda dayakam,
Nissreyasa padam vande,
Smarthrugaami Sanovathu. 7

Salutations to him who puts and end to cycle of births,
Who gives you a form full of bliss,
And who gives the position of great fame to those,
Who always remember him with faith.

Jaya Labha yasa kama,
Dathur dathasya yasthavam,
Bhoga moksha pradaasye maam,
Prapathe Sakruthe bhaveth 8

This prayer addressed to Dathathreya,
Gives victory, profit, fame and desire,
Happy life and salvation to the one
To the one who recites it regularly with faith.

Jai Guru Datta !
Jai Guru Datta !
Jai Guru Datta !

Victory to the great teacher Datta !

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