Balarama Kavacham

Balabhadra (Balarama) Kavacham
[Armour of Balarama]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Balarama was the elder brother of Lord Krishna, born to his father Vasudeva and step mother Rohini. He is considered as the incarnation of Adhisesha. In south, he is rarely worshipped but in east India he is worshipped along with Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra. Here is an armour dedicated to him. You can find the transliteration and meaning of the Kavacha at: and This is an independent translation. Readers may also be interested to read the Bala Bhadra Sahasra Nama with meaning at: Balarama was a guru of Duryodhana and fittingly this armour is being taught to him.]

Duryodhana Uvacha:-
Duryodhana said:-

1. Gopibhyam kavacham datham,
Gargacharyena Dheematha,
Sarva Rakshakaram divyam,
Dehi mahyam, Maha Mune

Oh Great sage, please give me,
The armour given by the great sage Garga,
To the Gopis which provides all round protection.

Sri Pradvipaka Uvacha
Sage Pradvipaka said:-

2. Snathvaa jale, kshauma daraa, kusha asana,
Pavithra pani krita mantra marjanam,
Smrithvathaa nathwa Balam Achythagrajam,
Sandhrayed dharma samhitho bhaveth.

After taking bath in water, wearing cotton cloths and sitting on a seat of grass,
One should purify his hands by the chants for cleaning,
Meditate on the strength of the elder brother of Krishna,
And become completely full of Dharma.

3. Goloka dhama adhipathi, para Easwara,
Pareshu maam pathu pavithra keerthana,
Bhoomandalam saraspavad vilakshyathe,
Yan moordhni maam pathu sa bhoomi mandale.

The master of Goloka*, who is the divine god,
Who has a spotless fame and who carries,
The earth on his head like a mustard,
May protect me who is in this world.
*Goloka is the land of heaven where devotes of Vishnu live.

4. Seneshu maam rakshathu sira panir,
Yudhe sada rakshathu maam hali cha,
Durgeshu cha avyaan musali sada maam,
Vaneshu sankarshana aadhi deva.

Let him who carries on his head protect me from army,
Let the plough holder always protect me from war,
Let me protected from the fort by the holder of the mace,
Let the primeval God Sankarshana protect me from forests.

5. Kalindaja vega haro Jaleshu,
Nilambaro rakshathu maam sada agnou,
Vayo cha Ramo avathu, khe Bala cha,
Maharnave Anantha vapu sadaa maam.

Let him who slowed down the Yamuna protect me from water,
Let him who wears blue cloths protect me always from fire,
Lat Balarama protect me from wind,
Let Balarama protect me from sky,
And let him who is the incarnation of Adhisesha protect me from sea.

6. Sri Vasudevo aavathu Paravatheshu,
SAhasra seersha cha Maha vivadhe,
Rogeshu maam rakshathu Rohinyo,
Maam Kama phalo aavathu vipathsu.

Let Son of Vasudeva protect me from mountains,
Let the thousand headed one protect me from great debates,
Let the son of Rohini protect me from diseases,
And let the fulfiller of desires protect me from dangers.

7. Kamath sada rakshathu dhenukari,
Krodhat sada maam dvividha prahari,
Lobhaath sada rakshathu Balavalari,
Mohath sada maam kila Magadhaari

Let the enemy of Dhenuka protect me from passion,
Let him who beat Dvividha protect me from anger,
Let the enemy of Balavala protect me from greed,
Let the enemy of king of Magadha protect me from illusion

8. Pratha sada rakshathu Vrushni duryah,
Prahne sada maam Madura purendra,
. Madhyandine gopa saka prapatu,
Svarat parahne aavathu maam sadaiva

Let the best of Vrushnis always protect me at sun rise,
Let the king Of Mathura always protect me in the morning,
Let the friend of Gopas protect me at noon,
Let the king of himself protect me in the afternoon.

9. Sayam Phanendro aavathu maam sadaiva,
Parathparo rakshathu maam pradhoshe,
Purna nishte cha durantha veeryah,
Prathyusha kale aavathu maam sadaiva.

Let the king of serpents protect me in the evening,
Let the greatly divine one protect me at dusk,
Let the greatly invincible one protect me at mid night,
And let Lord Balarama protect me at dawn.

10. Vidikshu maam rakshathu Revathi pathi,
Dhikshu pralambari adho Yadu dwaha,
Oordhwam sada maam Balabhadra arat,
Thatha samanthad Baladeva eva hi.

Let the consort of Revathi protect me in all directions,
Let in every direction, may I be protected by enemy of Pralamba,
Lat Balabadhra protect me when I am above,
Let Baladeva protect me when I am nearby or far away and everywhere.

11. Antha sadavyaat purushothamo, bahir,
Nagendra leelo aavathu maam Maha bala,
Sadantharathma cha vasan hari swayam,
Prapthu purna parameswaro mahan.

Let me be protected by the best of men from inside,
Let the playful King of serpents protect me from outside,
Let the very strong one who is residing always within me as Hari,
Himself protect me as the complete great God.

12. Devasuranam Bhaya nasanam cha,
Huthasanaam papa chaye indhanam,
Vinasanam vighna ghatasya vidhi,
Sidhasanam varma varam Balasya.

This armour destroys the fear of devas and asuras,
And is the fire that grows by burning away sins,
And it completely removes obstacles on the way,
For it is the best of armours dedicated to Balarama.

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