Durga Stuti [Arjuna Kruta]

Durga Stuti [Arjuna Kruta]
By Arjuna
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This occurs in Mahabharatha in the Bheeshma Parva. Just before the start of the war, Lord Krishna requests Arjuna to pray to the Goddess Durga for his victory. Arjuna uses this great prayer to pray to her. One who recites this famous Durga stothra regularly will be fearless, will not be troubled by evil spirits and overcome obstacles in life. Worshiping Goddess Durga with this prayer will be effective and useful when recited during Rahu Kalam, especially when one is passing through the Rahu Dasa or for those who are troubled by Rahu Dosha.]

1. Namaste Siddha senaani Aarye Mandara vasini
Kumari Kali Kapali Kapile Krishna pingale

Salutations to the commander of Sidhas, who is noble and lives in forest of Mandhara,
Who is the virgin Kali who wears the skulls, who is brown, black and tawny.

2, Bhadrakali namastbhyam Mahakali namostute
Chande Chande namastubhyam Tarini varavarnini

I salute the gracious Kali, I salute the great Kali,
I salute the killer of violent Chanda,
Who has blessed colour and makes you cross,

3, Katyayani mahabhage Karali Vijaye Jaye
Shikhi piccha dhvajadhare nanabharanabhushithe

Oh greatly valorous daughter of kathyayana,
Oh terrible achiever of victory and triumph,
Oh Goddess who has the flag of peacock feathers,
And who is decorated with different type of ornaments.

4. Attashula prharane Khadga khetaka dharini
Gopendrasya anuje Jyeste Nandagopa kulodbhave

Oh terrible user of the spear who carries the swords and the shield,
Oh younger sister of king of gopas, oh elder one born in the clan of Nanda Gopa.

5. Mahisha sruk priye nithyam Kaushiki Peetavasini
Attahase Kokamukhe namastestu Ranapriye

She who likes the blood of Mahishasura, who lives on silken bench,
One who laughs boisterously, one who has face of wolf, Salutations to her who likes the war.

6. Ume Shakambari Shwete Krishne Kaitabha nashini
Hirnyakshi Virupakshi Sudhumrakshi namostute

I salute Uma, Shakambari, the white one, the black one, one who killed Kaidabha,
One who has golden eyes, one who has slanted eyes and one has great eyes of smoke colour.

7. Veda shruti Mahapunye Brahmanye Jatha vedasi
Jambukatak chaityeshu nityam sannihitalaye

You are Veda, you are sruthi, you do greatly blessed deeds,
You are the spirit of Brahma, you were born from Vedas,
You are daily present in the temple with rose apple tree.

8. Twam Brahmavidya vidyanam Mahanidra cha dehinaam
Skanda matar bhagavati Durge Kanatarvasini

You are the knowledge about Brahman among knowledges.
You are the great sleep among the living beings,
You are the Bhagwathi who is the mother of Skanda,
And you live on mountains which are inaccessible.

9. Swahakarah Swadha chaiva Kala Kastha Saraswati
Savitri Vedamata cha tatha Vedantaratmana

You the sound of Swaha, Swadha the food of manes,
You are the superior time, You are Saraswathi,
You are Savithri, the mother of Vedas,
And you are also the inner soul of the Vedas.

10. Sthutasi twam Mahadevi Vishuddhenantaratmana
Jayo bhavatu me nityam tvatprasadad ranajire

Oh Great Goddess, I am praying with a pure and clean heart,
Let victory be mine daily by your blessing, Oh goddess of the battle field.

11. Kantara bhaya durgeshu bhaktanam chalayeshu cha
Nityam vasasi patale yuddhe jayasi danavan

Oh Goddess who leads your devotees through thorny fearful mountains,
Oh Goddess you win over the asuras who daily live in the nether world.

12. Tvam Jambani Mohini cha Maya Hrih Shri tadaivacha
Sandhya Prabhavati chaiva Savitri Janani tatha

You are the destroyer, the enchanter, the illusion, the chants Hreem and Shreem,
You are the dusk, you are bearer of luster, Savithri and also the mother.

13. Tushtih Pushtir dhruthir diptish chandr aditya vivardhanee
Bhu thir bhutirmatam asankhye veekshyase siddha charanai

You are contentment, health, speed and luster, You increase the effectiveness of Sun and Moon,
You are wealth of those who prosper and numerous Sidhas and Charanas look forward to you.

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