Shyamala Dandakam

Shyamala Dandakam

By Maha Kavi Kalidasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Kalidasawas perhaps the greatest of the Sanskrit poets. He has written greatdramas like Shakunthalam and great epics like Kumara Sambhavam,Malavikagni Mithram, the message poetry called Megha Sandesham etc. Heis extremely famous for the use of appropriate similes and metaphors.Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by himeulogizing the mother goddess - Shyamala. He has employed a poeticstyle called Dandakam in writing this prayer. Dandakam is that poetrywhere some of the lines have more than 26 syllables. It very muchresembles prose. In this case, the entire Dandakam is a single sentencefrom start to the end. I have attempted to retain the same style. Thereis a folk story about how he came about to write this stotra. He was afoolish wood cutter. The courtiers of a proud princess made him act asa wise man and made the princess marry him. The princess advised thewood cutter to enter in to a temple of kali, when she goes out for a walk and lock himself in. When Kali came back, the wood cutter refusedto allow her in, unless she makes him wise. She did that. ShyamalaDandakam is supposed to be the first prayer of this wood cutter to Kaliafter he became wise])

Manikhya veenaam upalalayanthim,
Madalasam manjula vaag vilasam,
Mahendra Neela dhyuthi komalangim,
Mathanga kanyam manasa smarami. 1

I meditate on the daughter of Matanga,
Who plays the veena made of precious gems,
Who has become lazy due to her exuberance,
Who is blessed with very sweet words,
Who has a pretty mien which shines like the blue gem.

Chathurbhuje Chandra kala vathamse,
Kuchonnathe kumkuma raga sone,
Pundrekshu pasangusa pushpa bana,
Hasthe namasthe jagadaika matha. 2

My salutations to that mother of universe,
Who has four hands,
Who wears the crescent as an ornament,
Who has very high breasts,
Who is of the colour of saffron,
And who holds flower, sugar cane, rope, arrow,
The goad and pundareeka in her hands.

Matha marakatha shyama, Mathangi madha shalini,
Kuryath kadaksham kalyani kadambha vana vasini. 3

Please bless me with a side long glance,
Oh daughter of sage Mathanga,
Who is my mother,
Who is as green as an emerald,
Who is exuberant,
Who blesses with all that is good,
And who lives in the forest of Kadambha*.
*Kadambha is a tree called Nauclea cadamba. It is said to put forth orange, fragrant buds at the roaring of thunder clouds.

Jaya Mathanga thanaye, Jaya Neelolpala dhyuthe,
Jaya Sangeetha rasike, Jaya Leela shuka priye. 4

Victory to the daughter of Mathanga,
Victory to her who resembles Neelothphala* flowers,
Victory to her who enjoys music,
Victory to her who likes the playful parrot.
* blue lotus flower


Jaya janani,
sudha samudranthar udhuyanmani dheepa samrooda vilwadavi Madhya
Kalpadhruma kalpa kadambha vasa priye,
krithivasa priye,
sarva loka priye.

Victory to the mother
Whois interested always in living in the forest of Kadamba trees which aresimilar to the wish giving Kalapaka trees and which is in the forest ofVilwa trees and which is situated in the gem island in the sea ofnectar,
Who is the consort of Lord Shiva,
Who is the darling of all the world,

Sadararabdha sangeetha sambhavana a sambhrama lola neepasraga badha chooli sanadathrike,
Sanumath puthrike,

Who has her posterior decorated by her dancing hair which has been freed by the raising crescendo of the soulful music,
Who is the daughter of the mountain,

Shekhari bhootha sheethamsu leka mayookhavalibadha susnigdha neelaalaka sreni sringarithe,
Loka Sambhavithe,

Whois extremely pretty with her bluish black hair curls which shine due tothe light emanating from the cold crescent which she wears on her head,
Who is respected by all the world,

Kama leela dhanusannibha brullatha pushpa sandoha sandeha krullochane,
Vak sudha sechane,

Who has eye lashes which resemble the flower arrows coming from the playful bow of the God of love,
Who cools down the universe with nectar like words,

Charu gorchana panga keli lalabhirame,

Who is very pretty with her Thilaka* made of musk,
Who makes all the world happy,
Who is Rama, the goddess Lakshmi,
* Dot in the middle of the forehead

Prollasadvalika moukthika srenika chandrika mandalothbhasi lavanyagandasthalanyatha kasthurika pathra rekha samudbhootha sourabhyasambhrantha brungangana geetha santhree bhavan mantra thanthreesware,

Whois with the charming sound of Veena mixed with appropriate beats ,strengthened by the several bees ,which rush towards the incenses ofthe marks of musk made on her pretty necks and the light emanating fromthe ornaments she wears in her ears made of very precious gems whichput to shame the light of the universe of the moon,
Who has very pleasing musical voice,
Who shines with her very pretty features,

Vallaki vadana prakriya lola thali dhala badha thadanga bhoosha viseshanwithe,
Sidha sammanithe,

Who wears the ear ornaments made of palm leaves when she plays the musical instrument called Vallaki*,
Who is recognized by great sages,
* A stringed instrument similar to Veena

Divya halamadho dwelahelala sachakshurandholana sri samakshiptha karanaika neelothphale,
poorithasesha lokapi vanchapale,

Whowears ear studs made of neelothphala flowers , whose shine is more thanthe light of her divine glances that emanate from her very pretty eyeswhich are red colured because of the divine alcoholic spirits drunk byher,
Who grants all wishes for all people of the world,
Who grants wealth and happiness

Sweda bindulla sathphala lavanya nishyandha sandhoha sandeha krunnasika moukthike,
Sarva viswathmike,

Whohas nose rings, which makes one wonder whether it is made by theperspiration on her pretty forehead which has flown down from there andcrystallized on her nose,
Who is the soul of all the world,
Who also assumes the form of Kali,

Mugdha mandasmithodhara vyaktha sphural pooga thamboola karpoora gandolkare,
Jnana mudhrakare,

Whohas a pretty face which easily showers smiles and which is made byprettier by the areca nut, Thamboola* (Betel leaf, lime and areca nut)and camphor in her mouth,
Who shows the symbol of jnana (wisdom)
Who has all types of wealth,
Who holds the lotus flower in her hand,
Who grants good blessings,
* Betel leaf, lime and areca nut

Kunda pushpa dhyuthi snigdha dantha vali nirmala lola kallola,
Sammelanasmera sona dhare,
Charu veena dhare,
Pakwa bimbha dhare,

Whois having the soft sweet reddish smile which comes in waves from thevery pretty set of teeth with its white shine similar to the garlandmade of white jasmine buds,
Who holds in her hand the pretty Veena,
Who is having reddish lips like the Bimba fruits,

Sulalithayouanarambha chandrayodhvela lavanya dughdarnawavir bhava th kambhu bibhoka bruth kandhare,
Sathkala mandhire,

Whois having the bright white conch like neck which has arisen from theocean of milk at the time of high tide that too at the moonrise of thevery pretty new youth,
Who is the personification of all arts,
Who is voluptuous,

Divya rathna prabha banduhrachaanna haaradhi bhoosha samudhyotha mananavadhyanga shobhe,

Whois having the total blemish less luster created by her shining parts ofthe body which are decorated by several garlands and ornaments made byholy gems,
Who is the personification of all that is good,

Rathna keyura rasmi chada pallava prollasath dhorlatha rajithe,
Yogibhi poojithe,

Whois pretty because of her two arms which shine like young tendrilsdecorated by the shining armlets made of umpteen rathnas (gems),
Who is being worshipped by sages,

Viswa ding mandala vyapi manikhya theja spurath kankanalangruthe,
Sadhubhi poojithe,

Who wears bangles, the light of whose gems spread all over the world,
Who is also very pretty because of all that she wears,
Who is worshipped by holy people,

Vasararambha vela samjrumbhamana aravinda prathi dwandwi panidwaye,

Who has two hands which challenge in their beauty the luster of newly opened lotus flowers at the rise of the sun,
Who always rains the shower of mercy,
Who is the one in whom there is no two,

Divyarathnormika dheethithi sthoma sandhyaya mananguli pala vodhyanna khendu prabha mandale,
Sannadha ghandale,
Chith prabha mandale,
Prollasath khundale,

Whohas very pretty fingers which has the luster emanating from her nailsand which are decorated by several rings studded with very preciousjewels which is similar to the luster of the moon,
Who is worshipped lord by Indra, the king being of devas,
Who is surrounded the holy light of God emanating from the chith*,
Who wears ear studs which have great luster,
* The eternal consciousness

Tharakajala neekasa haraa valee smera charu sthana bhoga bharanamanmadhyavallee valee schedha veechi samudhyath samullasa sandarsithakarasoundarya rathna kare,
Kimkara sreekare,

Whois an ocean of beauty due to the three wave like lines which are formedin her middle due to a slight bent caused by her very attractive andheavy breasts which are happily pretty due to the luster of severalchains that she wears which resemble a bevy of stars,
Who plays the sacred veena,
Who blesses her devotees with wealth,

Hemakumbhopamothunga vakshoja parava namre,

Who has a look of humility due to the slight bent caused by her very heavy golden breasts,
Who is being worshipped by all the people of all the three worlds,

Lasadvrutha gambheera nabhee sarastheera saivala sangakara syama romavalee bhooshane,
Manju sambhashane,

Whoshines due to pretty greenish black hair which appears like the thinrow of water plants surrounding her lake like deep ,round andattractive belly button,
Who has a very attractive speech,

Charu sinchath kati soothra nirbarsthinanga leela dhanu sinchineedambare,
Divya rathnambare,

Whodefeats the lovely sugarcane bow of the God of love in arousingpassionate love by just using the slight shake of her golden belt,
Who wears silk studded with gems,

Padmaraghollasanmekhala moukthi sreni shobajitha swarna bhoo bruthale.
Chandrika seethale,

Whoby the shine of the diamond studded bells which are tied to her goldenbelt and which lessen the beauty of the greenish valley of the MountMeru,
Who is as cool as the moon light,

Vikasitha navakimsuka thara divyamsuka channa charooru shobha para bhootha sindhoora sonaya manendra matanga hasthargale,
Vaibhavan argale,

Whohas very pretty thighs hidden by the holy cloth which is as red as thefully open flowers of palas* tree and which defeats the prettiness ofthe trunk of Iravatha** which has the pasting of a saffron coat,
Who has the ever flowing grace without hindrance emanating from her,
Who is a dark beauty,
* A holy tree of India with reddish flowers. ** The elephant of Indra which arose from the ocean of milk.

Komala snighdha neelothpalothpaditha ananga thunnera sangakare dara jangalathe,
Charu leela gathe,

Who has very beautiful knee caps resembling the quiver of the God of love, which is shiningly pretty and made of dark flowers,
Who has very pretty feminine gait,

Namradik pala seemanthini kunthalasnighdha neela prabha punja samjatha durvangurasangi saranga samyoga ringanna khendujjwale,

Whohas lustrous and the crescent like nails, which are bent and saluted bythe wives of the eight lord of directions whose flowing hair isattracted by deer who think is as the luscious grass,
Who has a wholly lustrous mien,
Who is holy and pure,

Prahwadevesa lakshmeesa bhoothesa thoyesa vaneesa keenasa daithyesa yakshesavayvagni koteera manikhya sangushta bala thapodhama lakshara sarunyatharunya Lakshmi graheethangri padme,

Whohas lotus like feet which shine in the light emanating from the crownsof the bent head of Indra, Vishnu, Shiva, Varuna, Brahma, YamaNiryathi, Vaisravana(God of wealth), Vayu, and Agni, which because theyare painted red by the plant extracts shines like the reddish risingsun and which are the treasure house of youthful beauty,
Who holds lotus flower in her hands,
Who has the form of Parvathy,

Suruchira navarathna peeta sthithe,
Rathna padmasane,
Rathna simhasane,

Who sits in the seat made of the nine precious gems,
Who sits prettily,
Who sits on the jeweled lotus flower,
Who sits on the jeweled throne,
Who is being sought by the Conch and the lotus flower,
Who is very famous,

Thathra vignesa durga vatu ksethra palairyuthe,
Matha mathanga kanya samoohanvithe,
Bhairavair ashtabhir veshtithe,

Who is surrounded by Ganesa, Durga, Bhairava and Kshethra pala,
Who due to her ebbing youthful vigour shines among the girls in the house of mathanga,
Who is surrounded by the eight Bhairavas,

Manjula menakadhyanga namanithe,
Devi vamadhibhi shakthihi sevithe,
Mathurka mandalair mandithe,
Yaksha gandharwa sidhangana mandalair archithe,
Pancha banathmike,
Pancha banenarathya cha sambhavithe,
Preethibhajaa vasanthena chaanandithe,

Who is being revered by the divine beauties like Manjula and Menaka,
Who is being served by Goddess Durga and Vama deva,
Who is with the eight divine mothers ,
Who is being worshipped by the yakshas, gandarwas and sidhas,
Who is the soul of the arrows of the God of love,
Who is being worshipped by Manmatha (God of love) and his wife Rathi devi,
Who is being worshipped in spring along with love,

Bhakthi baajam param sreyase,
kalpase yoginaam manase dhyothase,
Geetha vidhya vinodhati trushnena krishnena sampoojyase,
Bhakthimaschedasa vedhasa sthooyase,
Viswa hrudhyena vadhyena vidhyadharair gheeyase,

Who grants great fame to her devotees,
Who from the beginning of the world is being meditated upon by sages,
Who is being worshipped by Lord Krishna a great expert in music,
Who becomes pleased by the power of Vedic chants,
Who is being worshipped by Lord Brahma with devotion,
Who is being worshipped by Vidhyadharas by soulful music made of pretty words,

Sravana harana dakshinakwanaya veenaya kinnarair gheeyase,
Yaksha gandarwa sidhangana mandalair archyase,
Sarva soubhagya vanchavahirvadhudhir suranam samaradhyase,

Who is being praised by Kinaaras accompanied by soulful music of the Veena,
Who is being worshipped by the women of Yaksha, Gandharwa and Sidha clan,
Who is also being worshipped by all devas with a deep wish to grant them all their desires,

Sarva Vidhya viseshathmakam, chadu gatha samuchaaranam,
Kanda mulolla sadwarna raji thrayam,
Komala syamalo dhara paksha dwayam,
Thunda shobhathi dhoori bhavath kisukam tham shukam,
Lalayanthi parikreedase,

Whopets and plays with that parrot which is the personification of allknowledge, which keeps on singing pretty songs, which has the shiningthree lines on its neck in three different colours, which shines withtwo wings of green colour, which has shining beaks which are morepretty than the Kimsuka flowers,

Pani padmadwaye nakshamalamapisphatikeem jnanasarathmakam pustakangusam pasa bibrathiyenasanchinthyse, tasya vakthrantharal gadya padyathmika bharathinissareth,
Yena vaa yavaka bhakruitheer bavyase tasya vasyabhavanthi sthriya purusha yena vaa sathakumbhadyuthir bhavyase sopiLakshmi sahasarair parikreedathe,

Who when meditated upon as theone who holds the crystal chain in one hand, the knowledge filled bookin another, and the goad and rope in other hands, makes knowledge flowfrom the devotee's mouth in the form of prose and poems,
Who whenmeditated upon as the one who has he reddish colour of dawn similar tothe juice of red cotton, makes the devotee attractive to all males andfemales,
Who when meditated upon as the one who has a goldencoloured body grants the devotee all sort of wealth and makes him livehappily,

Kinna sidhyedwapu shyamalam komalam Chandrachoodanwitham thavakam dhyatha thasya kelivanam nandanam thasyabhadrasanam bhoothalam, thasya gheer devatha kimkari thasya chajnakarisree swayam,

Who when meditated upon as prettily greenishlustrous form wearing a crescent on her head, would grant all occultpowers to the devotee and make him feel that the ocean is his pool forplaying, great gardens are his kitchen gardens, the entire earthappears as his seat, Goddess Saraswathi appears as his servant andGoddess Lakshmi as the one obeys all his orders,

Sarva Theerthathmike,
Sarva mantrathmike,
Srava yantrathmike,
Sarva shakthyathmike,
Sarva peedathmike,
Sarva thathwathmike,
Sarva vidhyathmike,
Sarva yogathmike,
Sarva nadathmike,
Sarva shabdathmike,
Sarva viswathmike,
Sarva vargathmike,
Sarva sarvathmike,
Sarvage, Sarva roope, Jagan mathruke,
Pahi maam, Pahi Maam, Pahi maam,
Devi thubhyam nama, Devi Thubhyam nama. Devi thubhyam nama.

Who is the form of all sacred waters,
Who is the form of all holy chants to god,
Who is the form of all holy and sacred symbols
Who is the form of goddess of female principles,
Who is the form of all sacred platforms,
Who is the form of all philosophy,
Who is the form of all knowledge,
Who is the form of all yoga,
Who is the form of all musical sounds,
Who is the form of all sound,
Who is the form of all universes,
Who is the form of all divisions,
Who is the form of all souls,
Who is everything,
Who has all forms,
Who is the mother of the universe,

Please save me, pleases save me, Pleas save me,
Salutations to the holy goddess,
Salutations to the holy goddess,
Salutations to the holy goddess