Maha Lakshmi Kavacham [1]

Maha Lakshmi Kavacham
[Armour of Maha Lakshmi]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Asya Sri Maha Lakshmi Kavcha Maha mantrasya Brahma Rishi, Gayathri Chanda,
Mahalakshmir devatha, Maha Lakshmir preethyarthe Jape Viniyoga.

For the Armour of Maha Lakshmi, the sage is Brahma, meter is Gayathri, god addressed is Maha Lakshmi, The chant is started to please Maha Lakshmi.

Indra Uvacha:-
Samastha kavachanaam thu thejaswi, Kavachothamam,
Aathma rakshanam, araogyam, sathyam, thwam broohi geeshpathe. 1

Indra said:

Oh, teacher of devas, be pleased to tell the greatest of armours,
Which is brighter than all other armours,
Which protects the soul, health and is the truth.

Sri Gurur Uvacha:

Maha lakshmyasthu kavacham pravakshyami sama satha,
Chathur dasasu lokeshu rahasyam brahmanoditham. 2

Sri Guru said:

I would tell you in brief, the armour of Maha Lakshmi,
Which is the most secret in fourteen worlds and has been told by Brahma.

Brahmo Uvacha:

Siro may Vishnu Pathni cha, lalatam amruthoth bhava,
Chakshushi suvisalakshi, sravane Sagarambuja. 3

Let the consort of Vishnu protect my head,
Let my forehead be protected by her who was born with nectar,
Let the broad eyed one protect my eyes,
Let my ears be protected by she who was born out of ocean.

Granam pathu vararoho, jihwam aamnaya roopini,
Mukham pathu maha Lakshmi, kantam vaikunta vasini. 4

Let my nose be protected by the giver of boons,
Let my toungue be protected by, she who has the form of food,
Let my face be protected by Maha Lakshmi,
Let my neck be protected by she who lives in Vaikunta.

Skandhou may janaki pathu, bhujou bhargava nandini,
Bahu dhvow dhravini pathu, karou hari varangana. 5

Let my throat be protected by daughter of Janaka,
Let my arms be protected by daughter of Bhrugu,
Let both my both hands be protected by Goddess of wealth,
Let my hands be protected by the blessed lady of Hari.

Vaksha pahu cha sridevi, hrudayam hari sundari,
Kukshim cha Vaishnavi pathu, nabhim bhuvana mathruka. 6

Let Sri Devi protect my breasts,
Let my heart be protected by the beauty of Hari,
Let my belly be protected by Vaishnavi,
Let my stomach be protected by mother of the world.

Katim cha pathu varahi, sakthini deva devatha,
OOru Narayani pathu, Janunee chandra sodhari. 7

Let my hips be protected by Varahi,
Let my joints be protected by goddess of gods,
Let my thighs be protected by Narayani,
Let my knees be protected by sister of moon.

Indira pathu Jange may, padhou bhaktha Namaskrutha,
Nakhaan Thejaswini pathu, Sarvangam karunamyi. 8

Let my calves be protected by Indira,
Let my feet be protected by her who is saluted by devotees,
Let my nails be protected by she who shines,
And let all parts of my body by the merciful one.

Brahmana loka rakshartham nirmitham Kavacham sriya,
Yea padanthi mahathmanasthe, cha dhanya Jagat traye. 9

This Armour was composed by Lord Brahma,
For the sake of protection of the world,
And if this is read by great human beings,
They would become richest in all three worlds.

Kavachenavruthanaam jananam, jayadha sada,
Matheva sarva sukhada, Bhava thwam aamareswari. 10

Those people who are protected by this armour,
Would without doubt always achieve victory,
And Oh mother who cares for all people,
Be pleased to become the goddess of devas.

Bhooya sidhamavapnothi, poorvoktham brahmana swayam,
Lakshmeer hari Priya padma, yetan nama thrayam smaran. 11

Those who constantly pray her would get more,
As has been told by Lord Brahma himself,
If they remember the three holy names .
Lakshmi, darling of Hari and the Lotus.

Namathrayamidham japthwa sa yathi paramaam sriyam,
Ya padethsa cha dharmathma, sarvan kamanvapnuyath. 12

Devotees who chant these three names,
Would reach the holiest Goddess Lakshmi,
The holy ones who read it, would get all their desires fulfilled.

Ithi Brahma purane Indro upadishtam Maha Lakshmi kavacham Sampoornam.

Thus ends the armour of Maha Lakshmi which was taught to Indra and occurs in Brahma Purana.

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