Linga Sthuthi [Marga Sahaya]

Marga Sahaya Linga Sthuthi
[Prayer to Linga which helps on the way]
By Appayya Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This great Stotra Rathna was written by Appayya Deekshitha (1520-1593). He was the greatest interpreter of Advaitha Sidhantha after Adhi Sankara. This is another stotra which is written in praise of the Lord Margabandhu of Virinchipuram, near Vellore of South Arcot district of Tamil Nadu. People who undertake any journey should recite it before traveling, on the days when they are traveling and after the completion of travel. Lord Shiva as Margabandhu would always be with them and protect them.]

Payonadhi theer nivasa lingam,
Balarka koti prathimam Trinethram,
Padmasnerachitha Divya lingam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 1

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
The linga in the shores of Paalar,
Which has three eyes and shines,
Like crores of the Sun of the dawn,
The linga which was worshipped by Lord Brahma

Ganga tharangollasa dugdamangam,
Gajendra charmambara bhooshithangam,
Gowri mukhambhoja vilola bringam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 2

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
Whose head is washed by the tides in Ganges,
Who wears as ornament the hide of an elephant,
And who is the bee going round the lotus face of Parvathi.

Sukankani bhootha maha bhujangam,
SAmjnana sampoorna nijantharangam,
Suryendu bimbanala bhooshithangam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 3

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
Who wears the great serpent as his bangle,
Who has full divine knowledge within him,
Who wears sun, moon and fire as ornaments.

Bhaktha Priyam Bhava vilola Bringam,
Bhakthanukoola amala bhooshithangam,
Bhavaika lokantharam adhi lingam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 4

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
Who likes his devotees,
Who is a bees circling the felling of devotion,
Who wears ornaments partial to his devotees,
Who is another world of devotion and primeval God.

SAmapriyam soumya mahesa lingam,
Samapradham Soumya kadaksha lingam,
Vaamanga soundarya vilolithangam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 5

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
Who likes Sama Veda. Who is pretty and great God,
Who gives good things and looks with equanimity,
And who has the glance from Goddess on left side.

Panchakshari bhootha sahasra lingam,
Panchamrutha snana parayanangam,
Panchamrutham bhoja vilola Bringam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 6

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
Who is personification of five letter Namashivaya,
Who likes to be bathed by Panchamrutha,
Who is bee circling the lotus called Panchamrutham.

Vande suraradhitha pada padmam,
Sri Shyamavalli ramanam mahesam,
Vande Maha meru sarasanam Shivam,
Vandhamahe Marga Sahaya lingam 7

I salute the Linga which helps us on the way,
Whose lotus like fet is worshipped by Devas,
Who is consort of Goddess Parvathi,
Salutations to the great Meru and shiva who sits like a sage.

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