Trilokya Mohana Nrusimha Kavacham

Trilokya Mohana Nrusimha Kavacham
[Armour of the man lion which attracts the three worlds]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Unlike many other Kavacham (armour) this one is mostly based on thanthra and prays different aspects of Lord Narasimha along with Bheejaksharas to protect different parts of the body. It is believed that mis pronunciation of these would lead to bad effects. So I request those who want to chant this powerful prayer to learn it from a teacher and then start chanting it. I have taken this from a Malayalam book on Kavachams published by Vidhyarambham publishers, Alleppy. This Kavacha along with translation is available also at: But the text of that presentation considerably differs from what is given in the Malayalam source.]

Narada Uvacha:-
1. Indradhi deva vrundhesa, eedyeswara jagat pathe,
Maha vishnor nrusimhasya kavacham broohi may Prabho,
Yasya prapadanadwidhwam strilokya vijayee bhaveth.

Narada said:-

Oh God of Indra, devas and others, my father and Lord of universe,
Oh Lord, please tell me the armour of Nrusimha an incarnation of Vishnu,
By reading which a scholar can win over all the three worlds.

Brahmo Uvacha:-
2. Srunu Narada vakshyami puthra sreshta thapodhana,
Kavacham nrusimhasya trilokya vijayee baveth.

Please hear Narada who is the greatest of my sons and a great sage,
The Armour of Narasimha which ensures victory over the three worlds.

3. Srushtaham jagatham vathsa, padanath dharanadhyatha,
Lakshmeer jaga thrayam pathi samhartha cha maheswara.

Dear Son, I created this world by reading and wearing it and also,
Lakshmi got the three worlds and Lord Shiva became the destroyer.

4. Padanadh Dharanadh deva bahavavascha digeeswara,
Brahma manthra mayam vakshye brandhyadhi vinivarakam.

By reading and wearing it the devas became lords of directions,
And by taking in to your heart we can get cured of madness.

5. Yasya prasadad Durvasaa trilokya vijayi bhaved,
Padanath dharanad yasya sasthaa cha krodha bhirava.

By its blessings sage Durvasa won over the three worlds,
And by reading and wearing it he ruled the world with his fearful anger.

7. Trilokya vijayasyapi kavachasya prajapathi,
Rishi chandasthu Gayathri nrusimho devatha vibhu.

For this armour ensuring victory over three worlds,
I am the sage, Gayathri is the meter and God addressed is Lord Narasimha.

8. Ksroum bheejam may sira pathu, chandra varno maha manu.

Let The Ksroum Bheeja of the moon coloured one,
Who is the greatest king protect my head.

9. Om ugram veeram Maha Vishnum Jwalantham sarvathomukham,
Nrusimham bheeshanam bhadram Mruthyu mruthyum namamyaham.

Om Oh greatly valorous Maha Vishnu, who shines and has faces everywhere,
Who is the fearful Nrusimha who is death to death itself, My salutations.

10. Dwathrimsadaksharo manthro manthra raja sura dhruma,
Kandam pathu dhruvam kshroum hrud bhagwathe chakshushi mama.

The thirty two syllabled mantra is a king of mantras and protects the devas,
And let my neck be protected always by Kshroum,
And let my eyes be protected by the God in my hearet.

11. Narasimhaya cha jwaala maline pathu karnakam,
Dheepa damshtraya cha thadhaa agni nethraya nasikaam.

Let my ears be protected by Narasimha who wears the flame as garland,
And let my nose be protected by he who has lamps as teeth and fire as eyes.

12. Sarva rakshognaya thadha sarva Bhootha hithaaya cha,
Sarva jwara nasaya daha daha pada dwayam.

He who kills all Rakshasas and he who who kills all evil spiruts,
And he who cures all fevers by burning protect my feet.

13. Raksha raksha varma manthra swaha pathu mukham mama,
Thaaradhi ramachandraya nama pathu hrudham mama.

Protect and protect by the chant of Varma and Swaha my face,
And let the shining Ramachandra protect my heart.

14. Kleem payath parswa yugmam cha thaaro nama padam patha,
Narayanaya naabhim cha AAm hreem kroum kshroum cha hoom phat.

Let my both sides be protected by kleem and let the phrase
"om namo Narayanaya" protect my belly, AAm hreem kroum kshroum cha hoom phat

15. Shadakshra katim pathu, Om Namo Bhagavathe padam,
Vasudevaya cha prushtam Kleem Krishnaya Kleem ooru dwayam.

Let the six letters manthra protect my waist and "Om Namo Vasudevaya"
Protect my back and "Kleem Krishnaya kleem" protect my two thighs.

16. Kleem Krishnaya sadaa padhu januni cha manuthama,
Kleem gloum Kleem syamalangaya nama payath pada dwayamn.

Let "Kleem Krishnaya" and the great God always protect my knees,
And "Kleem gloum Kleem Syamalangaya nama" protect my feet.

17. Kshroum Nrusimhaya Kshroum Hreem cha sarvanga may sadavathu,
Ithi they kaditham Vathsa sarva manthrougha vigraham.

Let always all my body be protected by "Kshroum Nrusimhaya Kshrom Hreem"
And dear son, thus I have told you the model one of all manthras.

18. Thava sneha maya khyatham pravakthavyam na kasya chith,
Guru poojaam vidhaayaadha gruhneeyath kavacham Thatha.

Though it should not be told to every one, I have told this to you because of my love,
And this armour should only be made one's own after worship of Guru.

19. Havanaadheen dasamsena kruthwaa sath sadhakothama,
Thathasthu sidha kavacho roopena madhanopama.

After doing homas ten times the good great devotee,
Would master this armour and would be like the God of love.

20. Spardha mudhooya bhavane Lakshmeer vani vasen mukhe,
Pushpanjalyashtakam dhatwaa moolenaiva padeth sakruth.

21. Api varsha sahasraanaam poojanam phalamapnuyath,
Bhoorje vilikhya gutikaam swaransthaam dharayeth yadi.

22. Kande vaa dakshine bahou narasimho bhaved swayam,
Yoshi vama bhuje chaiva purusho dakshine kare,

23. Bhibrayath kavacham punyam sarva sidhi yutho bhaveth,
Kaka vandhyasa cha yaa narree mrutha vathsaa cha yaa bhaveth

24. Janma vandhyaa nashta puthaa bahu puthra vathi bhaveth
Kavachasya prasadena jeevan muktho baven nara.

In the house where is performed Lakshmi and Saraswathi would live,
The lucky man who would offer flowers one hundred and eight times,
And would read the complete text once., would get the same effect,
As one has offered worship to the God for one thousand years,
And if one gets the kavacham written, put it in a golden locket and wear it,
Either on the neck or n the left arm, Narasmiha would be with him personally,
.This should be worn in the left hand by girl and right hand by a woman,
And this auspicious armour would certainly bring good to the wearer.
The lady who does not have sons or a lady who bears only dead sons,
Or The lady who is totally barren or the lady whose children are dead,
Would bear many sons and he would become a liberated soul.

25. Trilokyam Ksobhayathyevam trilokya vijayee bhavedh,
Bhootha pretha pisachascha Rakshasa dhanavascha ye,

26. Tham drushtwa prapalayanthe desath desantharam dhruvam,
Yasmin gruhe cha kavacham grame vaa yadhi thishtathi,
Thad desam thu parithyajya prayanthi hyathi dhooratha.

Even if all the three worlds are in war with them, they would win over them,
And devils, ghosts, dead souls, Rakshasas and other bad beings,
As soon as they see them they would certainly run away from that place.
In the house or the village if this armour is installed,
Such beings would leave away that place and run away to far off places.

Ithi Brahma samhithayam Trilokyamohanam Nama
Nrusimha kavacham sampoornam.

Thus ends the armour of Narasimha also called "That which attracts all the three worlds",
Which occurs in Brahma Samhitha.

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