Dadhi Vamana Stotram

Dadhi Vamana Stotram
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Vamana to kill the pride of the great Asura king Mahabali. Anointing in curd or offering rice mixed with curd are very much liked by him. Possibly because of that this stotra is called Dadhi Vamana Stotram. I understand that there is a temple dedicated to Dadhi Vamana, near Raipur, Madhya Pradesh. The stotra in Deva Nagari script is available at: An english transliterated version is available at: There is slight differences between both these versions.]

1. Hemadri shikarakaram,
Shudha spatika sannibham,
Poorna chandra nibhanam,
Devam dwibujam, Vamanam smareth

I meditate on Vamana with two hands,
Who has the form of the peak of golden mountain,
who resembles a pure crystal,
And who has a face like the full moon.

2. Padmasanatham devesham,
Chandra mandala madhyagam,
Jwalath kalanala prakhyam,
Tadith koti samaprabham.

The king of devas sits on a lotus pose,
He is in the middle of galaxy of moons.
He is similar to the killing fire,
And has the light of billions of Lightning flare.

3. Soorya koti prathikaasam,
Chandra koti susheethalam,
Chandra mandala madhyastham,
Vishnu mavyaya machutham.

He is as shining as billions of suns.
And is pleasantly cool as billions of moons.
He is the middle of the galaxy of moons,
He is Achyutha, the protecting Vishnu.

4. Srivathsa kousthuboraskam,
Divya rathna vibhooshitham,
Peethambaradaram devam,
Vana maalaa vibhooshitham.

He wears the Kousthubha and Srivathsa gems,
He is decorated by divine gems,
He is the God who wears yellow silk,
And is decorated with forest garlands.

5. Sundaram pundarikaaksham,
Kireetena Virajitham,
Shodasa sthree pariyutham,
Samyag apsara gana sevitham.

He is Pretty, having a lotus like eye,
Decorated by a crown,
Surrounded by sixteen ladies,
And is served by all the apasara maidens.

6. Sanakadhibhir anaischya,
Sthooyamaanam samathatha
Rig yajursaama atharvana vedaayai
Geeyamaanam Janardhanam,

He is praised everywhere,
By saints like Sanaka and many others,
He is the Janardhana, who is praised by,
Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana Vedas.

7. Chathurmukhadayai devesai,
Stotra aaradhana thath parai.
Tryambaka Maha devo,
Nrutyathe yasya sannidhou.

Brahma and all other devas,
Are busy with praying and worshiping him,
And Shiva The Great God of Tryambaka,
Dances before him.

8. Dadhi misranna kavalam,
Rukma pathram cha dakshine,
Kare thu chinthaye dhavaamay,
Peeyusham amalam sudhi.

A handful of rice mixed with curd(Yoghurt)
Placed in a golden vessel along with monetary gift,
If taken in the hand and offered to the left hand,
Is equivalent to offering of pure nectar to the holy man.

9. Sadhakaanaam prayaschantham,
anna panam anuthamam,
Brahme muhurthe Choddhaya,
Dhyayed deva madokshajam.
Ayur arogyam, aiswaryam,
Labhathe Chaa anna sampada.

To the devotee and those surrounding him,
This is an incomparable food and drink,
If it is given in the very early morning,
After meditating on God who is beyond our perception,
And long life, health and wealth,
Would be his, along with plenty of food.

10. Athi suvimala gathram rukmapathrastamannam,
Sulalitha Dhadhi bhandam paninaa dakshinena,
Kalasam amruthapoornam Vaama hasthe dadhaanam,
Tharathi sakala dukhaan Vamanam Bhavadeya.

If The man who has very pure body and soul,
Takes a golden pot of rice and,
After mixing it easily with curd,
And holds it in his left hand,
And offers that pot full of nectar,
To the left hand of one who receives it,
He would cross all his sorrows by the grace of Vamana.

11. Idham stotram padethyasthu pratha kaale dwijothama,
Aklesad anna sidhyartham, jnana sidhyartham eva cha.

If a Brahmin reads this prayer in the morning,
He would get food without any trouble,
And he would also be blessed with wisdom.

12. Abhra shyama shubra yajopaveethi,
Sath koupeena Peeta Krishnajina sri,
Chhathri Dandi Pundareekayathaksha,
Payed devo Vamano Brahmachsai.

The devas got a Brahmachari called Vamana,
Who was black like a cloud, was wearing a clean sacred thread,
Was wearing a loin cloth and seated on a deer skin,
And also had an umbrella, staff and was lotus eyed.

13, Ajina danda kamandalu, mekhalaa ruchira,
Pavana Vamana Moorthaye,
Mitha jagat preeithayaa jitharaye,
Nigama Vak pathaye Vatave Nama.

Oh Great and holy Vamana,
Who holds animal skin, staff and water pot,
And shines with a waist belt
Oh victor of the world as per his wish,
Salutations to you Vamana,
Who is the master of Vedas.

14. Sri bhoomi sahitham divyam,
Mukthaa hara vibhooshitham,
Nammami vamanam thwam,
Bhukthi mukthi vara pradam.

Oh God with the holy earth with him,
Decorated by a garland of gems,
I salute you, oh Vamana,
Who can grant one wealth and salvation.

15. Vamano budhi dathaa cha dravayastho vamana smrutha,
Vamana stharakobhabyaam, Vamanaaya namo nama.

Vamana is the giver of intelligence,
And by meditating on Vamana, you become wealthy,
Vamana is near us and is glittering like star,
And my salutations and salutations to him.

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