Yantroddharaka Stotra

Yantroddharaka Hanumath Stotra
[Prayer to Hanuman who Removes Fetters]
By Sage Vyasaraja Theertha*
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[*Vyasaraja theertha is a great saint of Madhva Order. He is supposed to be an avatara of the great Prahlada.]

Namami dhootham, ramasya sukhadam, suradrumam,
Peena vrutha maha bahum, sarva shatru nivaranam. 1

I salute that emissary,
Who brought pleasure to Rama,
Who is the wish giving tree of the devas,
Who has long slender arms,
And who drives away all enemies.

Nanarathna samayuktha kundaladhi virajitham,
Sarvada abheeshta datharam, satham vai drudamahave. 2

(I salute that emissary),
Who wears ear studs made of,
A collection of precious gems,
Who always fulfills desires,
And who is steadfast in battlefield.

Vaasinam chakra theerthasya, dakshniastha girou sada,
Thungaboditha rangasya, vathena parishobithe. 3

(I salute that emissary),
Who resides on the hill to the south,
Of the holy Chakra theertha,
And which is made shining by the breeze,
Flowing over the waves of river Thunga.

Nana desa gathai sadhbhi, sevyamanam nrupothamai,
Dhoopa dheepadhi naivedhyai, pancha khadyaischa shakthitha. 4

(I salute that emissary),
Who is served by people from various countries,
And also great kings by incense,
Light and five types of food offering,
For tasting, enjoying, being satisfied, lapped and drunk.

Bhajami hanumantham hema kanthi sama prabham,
Vyasa theertha yatheendrena poojitham cha vidhanatha. 5

I worship that Hanuman,
Who shines like gold (Lord Vishnu),
And is properly worshipped by,
The king of Sages Vyasa theertha.

Trivaram ya paden nithyam, bhkthya dwijothama,
Vanchitham labhathe abeeshtam, shanmasabhyanthare kalu. 6

The good twice born reading,
This prayer thrice a week,
Would get all that he wishes,
Within a period of six months.

Puthrarthi labhathe puthram, yasorthi labhathe yasa,
Vidhyarthi labhathe vidhyam, dhanarthi labhathe dhanam. 7

The one who wants son would get a son,
The one who wants fame would get fame,
The one who wants knowledge would get knowledge,
And the one who wants wealth will get wealth.
The one who wants disciple would get disciple,
The one who wants bliss would get pure bliss,
The one who seeks ethereal knowledge would get it,
And the one who seeks spiritual wealth will get it.

Sarvadha maasthu sandeho, hari sakshi jagatpati,
Ya karoth yathra sandeham, sa yathi narakam dhruvam. 8

Let it never be doubted that,
Hari the lord is the witness of universe,
And he who doubts this eternal truth,
Would surely go to hell.
Let it never be doubted that Hari,
Who is the lord of the universe is witness to this,
And the one who doubts this,
Would certainly go to hell.

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