Vakra Thunda Kavacham

Vakra Thunda Kavacham
[Armour of the bent Tusk]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

1. Maulim Mahesa puthro avyath, Phalam pathu Vinayaka,
Trinethra pathu may nethre, Soorpakarno aavathu Sruthi.

Let my head be protected by son of Shiva, let my forehead be protected by Vinayaka,
Let my eyes be protected by the three eyed one, let the God with winnow like ears protect my ears.

2. Herambho Rakshathu granam, Mukham pathu Gajanana,
Jihwaam pathu Ganeso, may kantam Sri Kanta vallabha.

Let Herambha protect my nose, let the elephant faced one protect my face,
Let Ganesa protect my tongue, let my neck be protected by the darling of Lord Shiva.

3. Skandho Mahabala pathu, Vignahaa pathu may Bhujou,
Karou Parasu bruth pathu, Hrudayam Skanda poorvaja.

Let my shoulders be protected by the strong one, let destroyer of obstacles protect my hands,
Let my arms be protected by holder of axe and let my heart be protected by elder brother of Skandha.

4. Madhyam Lambodhara pathu, nabhim Sindhoora bhooshitha,
Jaganam Parvathi Puthra, Sakthini pathu pasa buth.

Let my middle be protected by one with huge paunch, let my Stomach be protected by he who wears Sindhoora,
Let my hip be protected by son of Parvathi and let my thigh be protected by him who holds the noose.

5. Januni Jagatham nadho, Janghe Mooshika vahana,
Padhou Padmasana pathu Padhadho Daithya darpaha.

Let my thighs be protected by Lord of universe, let my shanks be protected by he who rides on mouse,
Let my legs be protected by him who sits on lotus pose, let my feet be protected by he who destroys pride of Asuras.

6. Yeka dandho agratha pathu, prushte pathu Ganadhipa,
Parswayor Modhaka aaharo, digvidhikshu cha sidhidha

Let one tusked one, protect my front, the chief of Ganas protect my back side,
Let he who eats Modhaka protect my sides and intermediate points by one who grants occult powers.

7. Vrajatha sthishtatho vaapi jagrath swapatho asnatha,
Chathurthi vallabho deva pathu may bhukthi mukthidha.

Let he who is awake and careful on his way protect me on my way,
Let the Lord of Chathurthi protect my wealth and salvation.

8. Idham pavithram stotram cha chathurthyaam niyatha padeth,
Sindhooraktha kusumair Dhoorvaayaam poojya Vighnapam,

If this holy prayer is read as per rules on the fourth day of phase of moon,
And Lord Ganesa is worshipped with blood red colour flowers of Sindhoora and Dhoorva grass.

9. Raja, Raja sutho, Raja Pathni, manthri kulam chalam,
Thasyaa avasyam Bhavedh vasyam Vighna raja prasadatha.

By the grace of the king of obstacles all the wants would be fulfilled of
The king, son of a king, wife of a king Ministers and the moving families.

10. Sa manthra yanthram ya stotram kare samlikhya dharayeth,
Dhana Dhanya Samrudhi syath nasthyaythra samsaya.

The chant if it is written in a talisman and worn in a hand,
His riches and grains would become plentiful and there is no doubt about it.

Asya Manthra:
"Iym Kleem Hreem Vakrathundaya hum."

11. Rasa laksham sad ekagrai Shadanga nyasa poorvakam,
Hruthwaa thad anthe vidhivad ashta dravyam payo grutham.

After doing the preliminary six organ introductory chants,
If one chants this with interest one lakh times,
And then in the end offer the preparation with eight things and ghee,

12. Yam yam kamam abhidhyayan kuruthe karma kinchana,
Tham tham sarvam aapnothi Vakra thunda prasadatha.

Then due to the grace of Vakra Thunda, whatever desire,
That he has would be fulfilled, without doing any other act.

13. Brugu praneetham ya stotram padathe bhuvi manava,
Bhaved avyath aiswarya sa Ganesa prasadatha.

If men on earth read this prayer made by sage Bhrugu,
Would be blessed by the grace of Ganesa with unimpeded wealth.

Ithi Ganesa Rakshakaram stotram sampoornam
Thus ends the prayer of protection addressed to Ganesa.

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