Ganesha Kavacham

Ganesha Kavacham
Translated By P. R. Ramachander

Om Namo Bhagawathe!
Sri prasanna Vigneswaraya Shira Pathu, Pathu Sri Sindhu Gambheera lochana.
Shikaayama varana vatha pathu, Nethram pathu Ganeswaram. 1

Salutations to the Lord!
Let the ever pleasing remover of obstacles protect my head,
Let the God who is as great as the sea protect my eyes,
Let he who killed the elephant asura protect my hair,
And let the leader of Shiva's army protect my eyes.

Nassikayam vakrathunda, Phalam pathu sulochana.
Hastham pathu ganadhyaksha, Chubukam may Sundareswara. 2

Let the God with the broken tusk protect my nose,
Let the God with good eyes protect my forehead,
Let he who presides over Ganas* protect my arm,
And let the pretty God protect my chin.
*Lord Shiva's army

Oshtam pathu vinayakam, galam may Deva Nayaka,
Gangadharam thaalusya, thandavadheesa tharakam. 3

Let Lord Vinayaka protect my lips,
Let the Lord of devas protect my throat,
Let he who carries Ganga protect my palate,
Let the God of the dancers protect the pupil of my eyes,

Karnam thandaweswaram pathu, bhavapasam Thrivalayam,
Oorum pathu divyanatham, Gajavakthrancha Jaanuni. 4

Let the God of dancers protect my ears,
Let he who can give me salvation protect my mind,
Let my thighs be protected by the divine Lord,
Let my knees be protected by the elephant headed God.

Uraga veethinam bhujam pathu, karam bhoganatham cha may,
Kambukantee anugulasyam, udaram pathu kamitharthakam. 5

Let God who wears serpent as sacred thread protect my arms.
Let my hands be protected by lord of pleasure,
Let the Lord with conch like neck protect my fingers,
And let he who fulfills the desires protect my stomach.

Lambodharam katim pathu, Gana nathancha prashtame,
Jangam pathu punyo petham, Gaja vakthrancha pada may, 6

Let the Lord with a big stomach protect my hip,
Let the Lord of Ganas protect my standing pose,
Let the holy one protect my calves,
And let my feet be protected by feet.

Bhaktha palaka Sarvangam, Rakshaa sampanna varada,
Chanda marthanda nayakam, sarva shakthi pradha thaaram. 7

Let all my body be protected by he who cares for his devotees,
And let me provided protection by the giver of riches,
The lord of Wind and Sun and he who gives all powers.

Sarvada Priya pooritham, Shathru nasakam dahi,
Mithra bhandhu namo nama. 8

My salutations to the Lord,
Who fulfills desires always,
Who kills all my enemies,
And the friend of the Sun God.

Om maha vignesaya prasanna vadanaya, vigna rajaya namno nama. 9

Salutations and salutations to the remover of obstacles.
The great Vigneswara and the one with a smiling face.

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