Rama Hrudhayam

Sri Rama Hrudhayam
[The Heart of Lord Rama]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This great philosophical prayer occurs in Adhyatma Ramayana. During discussion, Goddess Parvathi asks shiva, why Rama cries like an ordinary mortal when Sita is lost. If he is an ordinary man, why should we pray to him at all. Then Shiva narrates to her the innermost thoughts of Lord Rama which he told his friend devotee Hanuman. The devanagari text is available in adhyatmaramayan.googlepages.com/sriramahridayam.]

Sri Mahadeva uvacha:-
Lord Shiva said:-

Thatho Rama swayam praha hanmanthamupasthitham,
Srunu thatwam pravakshyami hyathmanathma parathmnam. 1

Then Rama himself addressing Hanuman who was near him told,
Hear about the truth about Athma, Anathma and Paramthma.

Akasasya yadha bhedhasthrividho drusyathe mahan,
Jalasaye mahakasasthadavachinna eva hi,
Prathi bibhokhyamaparam drusyadhe trividham nara. 2

The great ones see the sky in three different ways,
The great sky as reflected in great body of water,
Then as the limit that separates and also as shadow.

Budhi vichinna chaithanya mekam poornamadhaparam,
Aabhasathwaparam bimba bhoothamevam tridha chithi. 3

The first is the hidden power of the brain,
Then that power which is complete,
And then the splendour idolized within us,
Are the three types of Athma told by me.

SAbhasa budhe karthruthwa avichinnavikarini,
SAkshinyaropyathe branthya jeevathwascha thadha budhai. 4

Whatever the hidden brain does,
Due to ignorance is ascribed to illusion,
To the Paramathma* which is,
Without feelings and is only a witness,
Similarly some fools ascribe,
The activities of Jeevathma** to it.
* That soul which is everywhere and never dies
** The body of the being which vanishes with death

AAbhasasthu mrushaa budhi ravidhya karuamuchyathe,
Avichannanthu thad brahma vichedasthu vikalpitha, 5

Shadow is not real but ignorance,
And the feeling that it is true,
Which appears to us is due to ignorance,
Like the Brahmam is the undivided truth,
And the thought of it being divided is ignorance.

Avichinnasya poornena, ekathwam prathipadhyadhe,
Thwamasyadhi vakyaschasaabhasasyaahamasthadha. 6

Words like You are it, seeks to bring unity between,
The undivided entirety and shadowy concept of division.

Aikya jnanam yadothpannam, maha vakyena chathmano,
Thadha vidhya swakaryaischa nasytyeva na samsaya. 7

Due to the great saying when knowledge of unity of thought*,
Arises, with it is destroyed thought of self as well as pride,
*That Jeevathma and Paramathma are one.

Yethadvijnanaya mad bhaktho mad bhavayopa padhyathe,
Mad bhakthi vimukhanam hi sasthra gartheshu muhyatham,
Na jnanam na moksha syad thesham janma shatairapi. 8

When my devotee understands this great truth,
He becomes one with me but for those who do not have devotion,
And have fallen in the deep pits of science,
Even in one hundred births will not get salvation.

Idham rahasyam hrudayam mamathmano,
Mayaiva sakshad kaditham thavanagha,
Mad bhkthi heenaya sataya na thwaya,
Dhatavyai maindradhapi rajyothodhikam. 9

This secret of the heart of my soul,
Which has been told to you, Oh Hanuman,
Would give kingship better than that of Indra,
And should not be told to those who are,
Adamant and refuse too be my devotees.