Sai Natha Ashtakam

Sai Nathaashtakam
[Octet to Lord Sai]
Translated By P. R.Ramachander

[Sai Baba was a great modern day saint who lived in Shirdi, Maharashtra. He was considered as incarnation of God Dathathreya by some and of Saint Kabir by some. He lived a very simple life and is believed to have performed several miracles. Sai Baba taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, devotion to God and guru He has millions of followers who consider him as their God, their teacher, Their friend and their guide. Thursday is supposed the most holy day to pray him.]

Pathri grama samudhbhootham dwarakamaayi vasinam
Bhaktha beeshta pratham devam Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Lord Sai,
Who was born in Pathri village,
Who lived in Dwarakamayi,
And who fulfilled desires of devotees.

Mahonnatha kule jaatham ksheerabdhi same shubhe
Dwijarajam thamoknantham Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Lord Sai,
Who was born in a great caste,
Who is a good as the ocean of milk,
Who was a great Brahmin, and dispelled darkness.

Jagadhodharanartham yo naroppa tharo vibuhu
Yoginamcha mahathmanam Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Lord Sai,
Who took the human form of a saint,
For the redemption of this world,
And who is the greatest among saints.

Saakshathkaaram jayelaabhe swathmaaraamo gurormuhaath
Nirmamam mamadhaaknantham Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Lord Sai,
Who blessed with victory and vision of God,
For those who got teaching from a Guru,
Who was not egoist and never was selfish.

Yasya darshana maathrena nashyanthi vyadi kotayaha
Sarve papah pranashyanthi Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Sai,
On just seeing whom,
Crores of diseases would be cured,
And all the sins committed would be destroyed.

Narasimhadhi sishyanaam thatho yoshrunuthgruhamguruhu
Bhavabandhaaya harthaaram Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Lord Sai,
Who is the disciple of Narasimha,
Who is the teacher of all teachers,
Who cuts of attachments in life.

Dhana heenaan dhanaatyanyaha sama drishtyaiva pashyathi
Karunaa saagaram devam Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Sai,
Who gave money to the poor,
Who saw every one as equal,
And who is the ocean of mercy.

Saamadhi sthubhyo bhakthaha nava drushta vaartha dhaanathaha
Achintya mahimaanantham Sai Natham namamyaham

I salute that Lord Sai,
Who blessed his devotees with Samadhi,
As well as all knowing sight and riches,
And who had inestimable greatness.

Maatha sai math pitha sai naathaha
Swami Sai math sakha Sai Nathaha
Sarvaswamme sai nadhidhyanuhu
Naanyam jaane neive jaane na jaane
Namah shri Sai Nathaya mohathanthra vinashine

My mother is Lord Sai,
My father is Lord Sai,
My God is Lord Sai,
My friend is Lord Sai,
And I see in everything,,
Nothing except Sai,

I do not know anything,
I do not know anything,
And I salute that Lord Sai,
Who is killer of all passions and desires.

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