Bharat Savitri

Bharat Savitri
[Moral of the Epic Mahabharata]
By Veda Vyasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[These 4 verses are found in the end of the epic Mahabaratha as well as Harivamsam which is an annexure to the great epic Mahabharata written by Veda Vyasa. These are supposed to be the moral (essence) of the great epic Mahabharata. There is another version containing 100 stotras which are mainly a discussion between Lord Krishna and King Duryodhana. These 4 verses are also included in that collection.]

Mata pitra sahsrani putra dara satanica
Samsare svanubhutani yanti yasyanti chapare 1

Thousands of mothers and fathers,
And hundreds of wives and sons,
Are experienced in several births,
And are going to be experienced in the future.

Harsha sthana sahasrani bhaya sthana satani cha
Divase divase moodam avisanti na panditam 2

Thousands of experiences of happiness
Hundreds of experiences of fears,
Afflict the dim witted man,
But will not affect the wise man.

Urdhva bahur viraumyesha na cha kascid srunoti may
Dharmad arthascha kamasca sa dharma kim na sevyate 3

I am shouting this loudly,
Raising my hands above,
But no one listens to this,
Wealth and love comes out of Dharma*,
But no one is bothered to practice his Dharma.
*Right and just duty.

Na jatu kaman na bhayan na lobbhad
Dharmam tyaje jjivitasyapi hetho
Nityo dharmah sukha dukhe tvanitye
Jivo nityo heturasya tvanitye. 4

Dharma should not be forsaken,
Either due to desire, fear or avarice,
Dharma is permanent but pleasure and sorrow are temporary,
Like soul is permanent but body is temporary.

Phala Sruthi
(Result of reading)

Imaam bhaarata saavitriim praatah utthaaya yah pateth,
Sapta janma krithai paapai sa mukta sukham edhate 1

He who reads this Bharatha Savitri as soon as he wakes up,
Would get rid sins done in his last seven births and be happy.

Divaa vaa yadi vaa raatrau vanesu visayesu cha,
Na bhayam vidyate kimchith kaarya siddhih bhavishyati 2

He who reads it in day or night in forest or during discussion,
Would not feel afraid and would be able to complete his job.

Yat phalam go sahasrasya svarnena alankrithasya cha,
Dattasya vidhinaa paatre tat phalam labhate narah. 3

He would also get the same result as when he presents,
One thousand cows decorated by gold to a proper person,
And following suitable rituals.

Aho raatra kritam paapam shravanaat eva nashyati,
Samvatsara kritam paapam pathanaat eva nashyati. 4

The sin committed in a full day will be lost just by hearing it,
And the sin committed in a year would be lost by reading it.