Rama Dwadasa Naama Stotram

Raama Dwadasa Naama Stotram
Twelve Names of Lord Rama
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Om asya Sri Raama Dwadasa nama stotra maha mantrasya Eswara
rishihi Anushtup chandaha
|Sri Raamachandra devatha|
Sri Raamachandra preetyarthe Jape viniyogaha

For the great Mantra called twelve names of Rama, Lord Shiva is the sage,
Meter is Anushtup, God is Lord Ramachandra and it is chanted to please Lord Ramachandra.

Om Prathamam Sridharam vidyaadh
Dwiteeyam Raghu nayakam
Truteeyam Ramachandramcha
Chaturtham Ravananthakam
Panchamam LokaPoojyancha
Shashtamam Janaki pathim
Saptamam Vasudevam cha
SriRaamam chashtamam tatha
Navamam Jalada Syamam
Dasamam Lakshmanaagrajam
Ekadasam cha Govindam
Dwadasam Setu bandhanam

Om first is the name of he who carries Lakshmi,
Second is of the chief of Raghu clan,
Third is of the moon like Rama,
Fourth is of the killer of Ravana,
Fifth, is that of him who is venerated by the world,
Sixth is that of the Consort of Sita,
Seventh is of the one who hides the world by illusion,
Eighth is of the one who attracts all,
Ninth is the one who is of the colour of the cloud,
Tenth is of the elder brother of Lakshmana,
Eleventh is of the one who is attained by Vedas,
And twelfth is of the one who built the bridge Sethu.

Dwadasaithani Naamani Ya pateth srunayanvithaha
Ardharatretu dwadasyaam Kushta darirdrya nasanam
Aranye chaiva sangrame AgnouBhaya nivaranam
Brahmahatya suraapaanam Gohatyaadi nivaaranam
Sapta vaaram Prapatennityam sarvaarishta nivaranam
Grahane cha Jale sthithva Nadee teere viseshataha
Aswamedha Satam punyam Brahma lokam gamishyathi

Benefits of chanting it
Those who read or hear these twelve names with devotion,
On the star Arudhra and Thithi Dwadasi would get rid of poverty and Leprosy,
Get rid of the fear of fire in forest and battle field,
And Get rid of the effects of the sin of killing a Brahmin or a cow and drinking alcohol,
If these are read daily for week, one can get rid of all problems,
Especially if it is read during eclipse or standing in water or in the banks of the river,
One would get the benefit of performing one hundred Aswamedha and go to the world of Brahma.

|| Iti Sri Skanda Puranothara Khanda Uma Maheswara Samvade
SriRaamachandra Dwaadasanaama stotram sampoornam ||

Thus ends the twelve names of Rama occurring in the discussion between Lord shiva and Uma in the after ward Of the Skanda Purana.

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