Devi Ashtakam

Sri Devi Ashtakam
By Yogananda
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

1. Mahadevim, Maha Shakthim, Bhavanim, Bhava vallabham,
Bhavarthi banjanakarim thwaam loka Matharam.

Oh great goddess, Oh great power, Oh Bhavani, Oh consort of Lord Shiva,
Oh goddess, who destroys Karma and desire, you are the mother of the world.

2. Bhaktha Priyam, Bhakthi gamyam, Bhakthaanaam Keerthi vardhikaam,
Bhava priyaam, Sathim devim, Vandhe Thwam Bhaktha Vathsalaam.

Oh goddess who likes her devotees, Oh Goddess who can be approached by devotion,
Oh Goddess who increases the fame of her devotees, Oh Darling of Lord Shiva,
Oh Sathi Devi, I Salute you who loves your devotees.

3. Annapurnam, Sada purnam, parvathim parva poojithaam,
Maheswarim, vrusharoodaam, vandhe thwaam Parameswarim.

Oh Annapurna, Oh Goddess who is always complete, Oh Parvathi, Oh Goddess worshipped during festivals,
Oh Great Goddess, Oh Goddess who rides on a bull, I salute you who is the greatest goddess.

4. Kala Rathrim, Maha Rathrim, Moha Rathrim, Janeswarim,
Shiva kanthaam, Shambhu Shakthim, Vande thwam jhananim umam.

Oh Black night, Oh great night, Oh night of passion, Oh goddess of wisdom,
Oh Consort of Shiva, Oh power of Shiva, I salute you who is mother Uma.

5, Jagat karthrim, Jagad dhatrim Jagat Samhara Karinim,
Munibhi Samsthuthaam badram, vandhe thwam moksha dayinim.

Oh cause of the world, Oh mother of the world, Oh destroyer of the world,
Oh Goddess prayed by Sages, Oh gentle lady, I salute you who grants Salvation.

6. Deva dukha haram ambaam, Sadaa deva Sahayakaam,
Muni devai Sadaa sevyaam, vande thwam deva poojithaam.

Oh Mother who puts an end to sorrows of devas, Oh helper of devas,
Oh Goddess always served by Sages and devas, I salute you who is worshipped by devas.

7. Trinethraam, Sankarim, gowrim boga moksha pradhaam Shivaam,
Maha mayaam, jagad bheejam, Vandhe thwaam Jagad easwarim.

Oh three eyed one, Oh Sankari, Oh Gowri Oh Goddess who grants pleasure and Salvation, Oh consort of Lord Shiva,
Oh great illusion, Oh seed of the world, I salute you who is the goddess of the world.

8. Saranagatha jeevanaam, Sarva dukha vinasinim,
Sukha Sampathkarim nithyaam, vande thwam prakruthim paraam.

Oh goddess who destroys all the sorrows of beings surrendering to you,
Oh Goddess who grants wealth and pleasure, I salute you who is the divine nature.

9. Devyashtakamidham punyam Yoganandena nirmitham,
Ya padeth bhakthi bhavena labhathe Sa param sukham.

If this octet on the Goddess written by Yogananda,
Is read with devotion, by any one, he would get pleasure as well as divinity.

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