Sai Natha Jaya Guru Deva

Jaya Guru Deva Sai Natha
Translated By P. R. Ramachander

[Sai Baba was a great modern day saint who lived in Shirdi, Maharashtra. He was considered as incarnation of God Dathathreya by some and of Saint Kabir by some. He lived a very simple life and is believed to have performed several miracles. Sai Baba taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, devotion to God and guru He has millions of followers who consider him as their God, their teacher, their friend and their guide. Thursday is supposed the most holy day to pray him.]

Jaya guru deva Sai Natha
Sadu shironmani Sai Natha.

Victory to the great teacher Sai Natha,
The gem among Sadhus, Sai Natha.

Anthaka mardhana Sai Natha
Anthya shaya Sai Natha
Apremeya Sai Natha
Amitha parakrama Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Dispeller of Darkness, Sai Natha,
Limit of philosophy, Sai Natha,
Incomparable, Sai Natha,
The greatly valorous,Sai Natha.

Aapth baandhava Sai Natha
Aarthathraana Sai Natha
Kancha vilochana Sai Natha
Kamaneeyanana Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Friend in dangers, Sai Natha,
Helper of the oppressed, Sai Natha,
The Golden eyed one, Sai Natha,
One with an attractive walk, Sai Natha.

Kaama rahitha Sai Natha
Kaamitha phaladha Sai Natha
Chintha naashaka Sai Natha
Chinthitha bandhana Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Desireless one, Sai Natha
One who fulfills our desires, Sai Natha,
One who destroys worry, Sai Natha,
One who ties with meditation, Sai Natha.

Shiridi vaasa Sai Natha
Shrihari roopa Sai Natha
Dwantha vinaashaka Sai Natha
Dwaraka vaasa Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

One who lives in Shirdi, Sai Natha,
One who has form of Hari, Sai Natha,
One who desrtoys separate identity, Sai Natha,
One who lives in Dwaraka, Sai Natha.

Thathwa bodhaka sainaatha
Dakshina moorthe Sai Natha
Dharma supaalana Sai Natha
Dareedra naashaka Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

The teacher of philosophy, Sai Natha,
The Lord of the South, Sai Natha,
One who looks after faith, Sai Natha,
Destroyer of poverty, Sai Natha.

Divya gunalaya Sai Natha
Theertha paadha Sai Natha
Nithyananda Sai Natha
Nirmala roopa Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Temple of good qualities, Sai Natha,
One whose feet is sacred, Sai Natha,
Ever blissful, Sai Natha,
One with clear form, Sai Natha.

Nirjitha kaama Sai Natha
Nitya mahotsava Sai Natha
Bhaktha vatsala Sai Natha
Papa vimochana Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

One who is victorious in action, Sai Natha,
One who is a perennial festival, Sai Natha,
Lover of devotees, Sai Natha,
Redemption of sinners, Sai Natha.

Pathitha paavana Sai Natha
Bhagavadha priya Sai Natha
Purana purusha Sai Natha
Punya shloka Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Lord of the oppressed, Sai Natha,
Lover of learned, Sai Natha,
Great one of epics, Sai Natha,
One who is a Holy chant, Sai Natha.

Pankaja nayana Sai Natha
Mangala roopa Sai Natha
Vengucha ramana Sai Natha
Sankata harana Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Lotus eyed one, Sai Natha,
One with holy form, Sai Natha,
One who is Balaji, Sai Natha,
Dispeeler of sorrow, Sai Natha,

Sarva janaashraya Sai Natha
Sarva bheeshtadha Sai Natha
Satchithaananda Sai Natha
Samartha sadguru Sai Natha. (Jaya Guru .. )

Giver of protection to all, Sai Natha,
Sum of all desires, Sai Natha.
The divine and eternal joy, Sai Natha.
The clever great teacher, Sai Natha,

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