Sangushta Nasana Stotram

Sangushta Nasana Vishnu Stotram
[Prayer to Vishnu which destroys sorrows]
Padma Purananthargatham [From Padma Purana]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Narada Uvacha:
Punardaithyam samayantham drushtwa deva savaasava,
Bhaya prakambhitha sarve vishnum sthothum prachakarmu. 1

Sage Narada said:
Espying the hoard of asuras who came again,
The devas were filled with sense of fear.
And started praying to Lord Vishnu.

Deva Ouchu:
Namo mathsya koormadhi nana swaroopai,
Sada bhaktha karyodyathayarthi hanthre,
Vidhathradhi sarga sththi dwamsa harthre,
Gadha samkha padhmadhi hasthaya thee asthu. 2

Our salutations to him, who holds a mace,
Conch and lotus in his hand,
Salutations to him who took different forms
Like fish and boar to save the world,
Who is always the destroyer of sorrows of his devotees,
And who is himself creator, organizer and destroyer.

Rema vallabhayasuraanaan nihanthre,
Bhujangaariyanaya peethambaraya,
Makhadhi kriya paka karthre vikarthre,
Saranyaya thasmai nathasmo nathasma. 3

We salute again and again that God,
Who is the consort of Goddess Lakshmi,
Who is the killer of all asuras,
Who rides on the Garuda,
Who wears yellow silk,
Who grants the results of sacrifices,
Who himself does not do any actions,
And in whom we should seek protection.

Namo daithya sandapitha marthya dukha,
Chaladwamsa dambolaye Vishnuve they,
Bhjangesathathpe, sayanarka Chandra,
Dwinethraya thasmai nathasmo nathasma. 4

We salute again and again that God,
Who is the Vishnu who is like the diamond weapon which cuts,
The mountain like sorrows of devas due to asuras,
And who sleeps on the great snake,
And who has sun and moon as his two eyes.

Sangushta nasanam nama sthothra methath padennara,
Sa kadachinna samgushtai peedyathe krupaya hare. 5

He who reads this stotra called, "removal of sorrow",
Will never again suffer sorrow due to the grace of Hari.

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