Hari Nama Mala Stotram

Hari Nama Mala Stotram
[Composed by King Mahabali]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Govindam Gokulanandam,
Gopalam Gopikapathim,
Govardhanodharam Dheeram,
Tham vande Gomathi priyam. 1

I salute that lord, who is dear to Saraswathi,
Who gives pleasure to the herd of cows,
Who brings joy to those in Gokula,
Who takes care of the cows,
Who is the Lord of all gopis,
And who is the hero who lifted the Govardhana Mountain.

Narayanam narakaram,
Nara veeram Narothamam,
Nrusimham, Naganatham,
Tham vande narakanthakam. 2

I salute the Lord who killed Naraka,
Who is the Lord Narayna,
Who has taken a human form,
Who is a great human hero,
Who is a great human being,
Who is Lord Narasimha,
And who is he lord of serpents.

Peethambaram, Padmanabham,
Padamaksham, Purushothamam,
Pavithram, Paramanandam,
Tham vande Parameshwaram. 3

I salute that God of all gods,
Who wears yellow colured silk,
Who has a lotus flower over his belly
Who has lotus like eyes,
Who is the purest among all men,
Who is purity personified,
And who is the greatest bliss.

Raghavam, Ramachandram cha,
Ravanarim, Ramapathim,
Rajeevalochanam Ramam,
Tham Vande Raghu Nandanam. 4

I salute that son of the clan of Raghu,
Who is Lord Raghava,
Who is Lord Ramachandra,
Who killed Ravana,
Who is the Lord of Lakshmi,
Who has lotus like eyes.
And who attracts all the world.

Vamanam, Viswaroopam,
Vasudevam, cha Vittalam,
Visweswaram Vibhum Vyasam,
Tham vande Veda Vallabham. 5

I salute that Lord of all Vedas,
Who is Lord Vamana,
Who is the form of the universe,
Who is the son of Vasudeva,
Who is Vittala, the deity of Pandharpur,
Who is the Lord of all universes,
Who is the expert of knowledge,
And who is Veda Vyasa.

Vamadevam, Divyasimham,
Dayaum, Deena nayakam,
Daithyarimdeva devam cha,
Tham Vande Devaki Sutham. 6

I salute that son of Devaki,
Who is Lord Vamadeva,
Who is the holy lion,
Who is store house of mercy,
Who is the protector of all the oppressed,
Who is the killer of all asuras,
And who is the deva of all devas.

Murarim madhavam mathsyam,
Mukundam dushta mardhanam,
Munjakesam Maha Bahum,
Tham vande Madhu Sudanam. 7

I salute the slayer of Madhu,
Who is the enemy of Mura,
Who is the consort of Lakshmi,
Who took the form of Fish,
Who grants salvation,
Who punishes bad people,
Who has hair like munja grass,
And who has long arms.

Kesavam kamala kantham,
Kamesam kousthubha priyam,
Koumodhakidharam krishnam,
Tham vande kouravanthakam. 8

I salute the god of death of Kouravas,
Who killed the asura called Kesi,
Who is the consort of Kamala,
Who is the lord of Kama Deva,
Who liked the gem called Kousthubha,
Who carried a mace called Koumodhaki,
And who is black in colour.

Bhoodaram, bhuvananandam,
Bhoothesam, bhootha nayakam,
Bhavanaikam, Bhujangendram,
Tham vande bhava nasanam. 9

I salute him who destroys sorrow,
Who carries the planet earth,
Who is the cause of happiness for the world,
Who is the god of all beings,
Who is the king of all beings,
Who can be seen just by thought,
And who has an immeasurable form.

Janardhanam Jagannatham,
Jagad jandhya vinasanam,
Jamadagnyam Paramjyothi,
Stham vande jalasayinam. 10

I salute him, who sleeps on water,
Who gave pain to the asura called Janan,
Who is the lord of the entire universe,
Who is the killer of the darkness of this universe,
Who is the son of Jamadagni,
And who is the eternal light.

Chathurbhujam Chidanandam,
Chanura malla mardhanam,
Charachara gatham devam,
Tham vande chakra paninam. 11

I salute him, who holds the holy wheel,
Who has four hands,
Who is eternally, ever lastingly happy,
Who killed the wrestlers Chanura and Malla,
And who is the divine power of movable and immovable.

Sriyakkaram sriyonadham,
Sreedharam, Sreevaraprdham,
Sreevatsa lasitham soumyam,
Tham vande Sri Sureswaram. 12

I salute him, who is the lord of all devas,
Who grants all forms of wealth,
Who is the consort of goddess of wealth,
Who carries Goddess Lakshmi on his chest,
Who grants boons requesting wealth,
Who shines because of Sreevatsa,
And who is embodiment of tranquility.

Yogeeswaram yagnapathim,
Yasodananda dayakam,
Yamuna jala sachayam,
Tham vande yadunayagam. 13

I salute him, who is the lord of all yadavas,
Who is the god of all yogis,
Who is the lord of all yagnas,
Who is the source of happiness to Yasoda,
And who has the same luster as the water of Yamuna.

Saligrama sila shuddham,
Sanka chakropa shobitham,
Surasura sada sevyam,
Tham vande sadhu vallabham. 14

I salute him, who is the darling of all good people,
Who is as clear as the Saligrama stone,
Who shines holding the conch and the wheel,
And who is always worshipped by devas and asuras.

Trivikramam tapomurthim,
Trividhagouga nasanam,
Tristhalam theertha rajendram,
Tham vande thulasi priyam. 15

I salute him, who holds the thulasi as dear,
Who took the giant form of Trivikrama,
Who is the object of meditation,
Who destroys the three types of sins,
Who holds all the three worlds,
And who is the greatest sacred water.

Anantham aadhi purusham,
Achyuthm cha vara pradham,
Aanandam cha sadanandam,
Tham vande chaga nasanam. 16

I salute him, who cannot be destroyed,
Who does not have an end,
Who is the primeval man,
Who is one without change,
Who is the giver of boons,
Who is happiness,
And who is ever lasting bliss.

Leelaya Dhootha Bhoobaram,
Loka sathwaika vanditham,
Lokeswaram cha Sree kantham,
Tham vande Lakshamana priyam. 17

I salute him, who is dear to Lakshmana,
Who decreased the load of the world by simple play,
Who is worshiped by good people of the world,
Who is the Lord of the world,
And who is the consort of Goddess of wealth.

Harischa harinaksham cha,
Harinadham Hari Priyam,
Halayudha sahayam cha,
Tham vande Hanmathpathim. 18

I salute him, who is the lord of Hanuman,
Who is lord Hari,
Who has deer like eyes,
Who is the Lord of Hari,
Who is the darling of Hari,
And who was assisted by Lord Balarama.

Harinama krutha mala,
Kandedharya prayathnatha. 19

This garland made out of names of Hari,
Which is holy and destroys sins,
Which was composed by Mahabali,
Should be worn on the neck,
Even if it is difficult.
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