Narasimha Mangalam

Narasimha Mangalam
[Well being Stotra addressed to Lord Narasimha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This Mangala stotra is addressed to Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. These songs are recited after reciting prayers to the Lord or after performing worship. Wishing Mangalam means, wishing all that is good.]

Mangalam sthamba dimbhaya,
Mangalam mruthyu mruthyuve,
Mangalam Roudhra roopaya,
Narasimhaya Mangalam. 1

Mangalam to the one who was born from a pillar,
Mangalam to the lord of death to the lord of death,
Mangalam to him who is fierce looking,
Mangalam to the Lord who is lion man.

Hirani kasipum hathwa,
Daithyendram deva kandakam,
Jagat rakshana duryaya,
Jagat bheejaya Mangalam. 2

Mangalam to the seed of universe,
Who killed the Asura called Hiranya Kasipu,
Who was the lord of Rakshasas and killer of devas,
And the Lord who was interested in saving of the world.

Prahlada Sthuthi santhushta,
Prasanna nija moorthaye,
Varadabhaya hasthaya,
Varadaya cha Mangalam. 3

Mangalam to the giver of boons,
Who was happy with the prayer of Prahlada,
Who was really a God with pleasant mien,
And who shows protection and boons by his hands.

Karagrair vajra samsparsair,
Narair shathru dharine,
Theeshna damshtathanvaya,
Tharkshya vahaya Mangalam. 4

Mangalam to the one carried by Garuda,
Whose hands are as hard to touch like a diamond,
Who puts down the enemies of men,
And who has very sharp protruding teeth.

Nara kanteeravaakara vyakthaa,
Athyugra vibhoothaye,
Mrugendraya narendraya,
Daivathendraya Mangalam. 5

Mangalam to the Lord of Devas,
Who has the shape of the man and lion,
Who has fierce disposition,
And who is the lord of men and beasts.

Kireeta hara keyura,
Kundalalnkruthaya cha,
Koti Surya prakasaya,
Deva simhaya Mangalam. 6

Mangalam to the God lion,
Who decorates himself with,
Crown, garland, bracelet and ear studs,
And who had the brilliance of billon suns.

Triyugadhi triprushtaya,
Trigunaya trimurthaye,
Nara kesari roopaya,
Lakshmi lolaya Mangalam. 7

Mangalam to the lover of Lakshmi,
Who belongs to three ages,
Who has three type of back,
Who has three characteristics,
Who is the three Gods,
And who has a man lion form

Mathsya kachapa varaha,
Rama Vamana murthaye,
Ramakrishnathmane Boudha,
Kalki simhaya Mangalam. 8

Mangalam to the fish, turtle, boat.
Parasu Rama and Vamana incarnations,
Who is the soul of Rama and Krishna and Budha,
And Kalki as well as the lion.

Sarva bheejaya sathyaya,
SArvadheeshtana murthaye,
SArveswaraya Sarvasmai,
SAthwa simhaya Mangalam. 9

Mangalam to the lion of truth,
Who is the real root of everything,
Who can be approached by every one,
Who is god of all and himself is every one.

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