Muchukunda Sthuthi

Muchukunda Sthuthi
By King Muchukunda
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer by King Muchukunda occurs in the tenth Skanda of Bhagwatha Purana in the fifty first Chapter (slokas 46-58). Muchukunda was a King of the solar dynasty being the son of the Great king Mandatha. He was extremely valorous and helped the devas in the war against their enemies. Once he even waged a war against Lord Kubhera and when offered all his Wealth he thankfully refused it. When Lord Subramanya was made the commander of the deva army, the devas requested Muchukunda to take the well earned rest and made him enter in to sleep in a cave. They also gave him a boon that whosoever wakes him up would turn in to ashes. Kalayavana (deathly greek) a friend of Jarasandha attacked Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna pretended to retreat and lead Kala Yavana into the cave where king Muchukunda was sleeping. Kalayavana woke him up and was turned in to ash. King Muchukunda recognized the Lord and prayed him and was granted salvation.This is that prayer. The stotra in devanagari script is available at:]

1. Vimohithoyam, jana eesa maayaya,
Thwadheeyaya thwaam na bhajatyanadha druk,
Sukhaaya dukha prabhaveshu sajjathe,
Gruheshu yoshith purushascha vanchitha.

People get greatly attracted due to illusion
And getting blinded to the real truth,
They get attached to their homes,
Which is a source of misery,
And search for happiness there and again get deceived.

2. Labdhwaa jano durlabhamathra manusham,
Kadanchidavyangamayathnatho aneka,
Padaravindam na bhajathya sanmathi,
Gruhandha koope pathitho yadhaa pasu.

After getting the very difficult to get, life of a man,
And with a sound body and mind fit for devotion,
They do not seem to worship your lotus like feet,
And fall in the blind dark well of domestic life like an animal

3. Mamaisha kalojitha nishphalo gatho,
Rajasreeyonnaddha madhasya bhoopathe,
Marthyathma budhe sutha dhara kosa bhooshu,
Asajjamanasya durantha chinthaya.

All my allotted life has been simply wasted by me,
By the royal wealth and the very great pride of being a king,
And getting worried about my mortal body,
Which was attached to my wife, my son, treasury and land,
Leading to unnecessary pessimistic worries.

4. Kalevaresmin ghata kudya sannibhe,
Niroodamaano nara deva ithyaham,
Vrutho radhebhaa aswapadathyanee kapai,
Gaam paryatasthwa ganayan sudhurmadha.

In the body of mine which is like a mud pot or wall,
I being proud that I am the God among kings,
Who was surrounded by chariots, elephant, cavalry and soldiers,
I went round the world but never thought of you.

5. Pramatha muchai rithi kruthya chinthaya,
Pravruddha lobham vishayesha lalasam,
Thwama pramatha sahasabhi padhyase,
Kshulleli hano ahiraavghu manthaka.

When I loose the intelligence due to the great pride,
And not take any actions but get entangled with,
Attractive sensual aspects of the life of the world,
You come and catch me like a serpent chasing a rat and licking its lips.

6. Puraa radhair hema parishkruthai scharan,
Matahanga jairvaa nara deva samgnitha,
Sa yeva kaalena durathyayayena they,
Kalevaro vit krumi bhasma samgnitha.

Me who in olden times was travelling on a golden chariot,
Or on a exuberant elephant thinking that I am a king,
In course of time became an excrement,
Like a dead body which becomes ash or be eaten by worms.

7. Nirjithya dikchakram abhootha vigraho,
Varsanastha sama raja vanditha,
Graheshu maidhunya sukheshu yoshithaam,
Kreeda mruga Purusha eesa neeyathe.

Though conquering places in all directions, with no possible conflict,
And sitting on the blessed throne, saluted by kings equal to him,
He gets drowned in the pleasure of the act of love making,
And becomes like a pet deer to the young ladies there.

8. Karothi karmani thapas sunishtitho,
Nivrutha bhoga sthadabekshaya dhadhath,
Punascha bhooyoyamaham swaradithi,
Pravrudha daksho na sukhaaya kalpathe.

Having done all the duties with a decided austerity,
And forsaken pleasures compared to them,
For the sake of getting the post of the king again,
He though blessed with a life of happiness,
Wants to get more than that and looses even that.

9. Bhavapavargo bramatho yadha bhaveth,
Janasya tharhayachyutha sath samagama,
Sath Sangamo yarhi thadaiva sath gathou,
Paravarese thwayi jayathe mathi.

When the mind is confused when confronted with death,
The companionship of good souls reduces his attachment to life,
And if the same companionship comes his way,
His mind travels and gets attached to you.

10. manya mamanugraha eesa they krutho,
Rajyanu bhandhapagamo yadhruchaya,
Ya prarthyathe sadhu bir ekacharyaya,
Vanam vivekshad biraganda bhoomi pai.

I consider that you have granted me a blessing,
When without expectation you removed me from kingship,
For this would be the prayer of all those good kings,
Who are wise who intend to go to forest and meditate on you.

11. Ya kamaye anyam thava pada sevanaad,
Akinchana prarthayathamad b varam vibho,
Aaradhya kasthwaam hyapavargadham hare,
Vruneetha aaryo vara mathma bandhanam.

Who will want to do anything except,
To perform service and worship to your feet,
And want to pray for any other thing, my Lord,
And Oh Hari, which wise man would ask,
Anything else which will tie and imprison his soul?

12. Thasmad visrujyasisha eesa sarvatho,
Rajasthama sathva gunanu bandhana,
Niranjanam nirgunam adhvayam param thwaam,
Jnapthimathram purusham vrujamyaham.

So forsaking for all time, Oh God,
The ties of the Sathva, Rajas and thamo gunas*,
I seek from you nothing except the to serve you,
Who is without taint, without properties and without a second one.
*Saintly regal and base qualities.

13. Chiramiha vrujinarthastha apyamano anuthapai,
Avithrusha shada mithro alabdha santhi kadanchith,
Saranadha samupetha sthava padabhjam parathman,
Abhaya amrutha asoka pahi maa aapannamisam.

For a long time, suffering the pitiable state of attachment,
Being tormented by the six enemies of five senses and the mind,
I could not get at any time,any peace whatsoever,
But on completely surrendering to your lotus feet,
Which is devoid of fear, sorrow and death,
Now I have crossed that very dangerous state.