Subrahmanya Shodasa Nama

Subrahmanya Shodasa Nama Stotram
[The Prayer of 16 Names of Lord Subrahmanya]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[When the Devas requested Shiva for some one to kill Tharakasura, he opened his third eye and six sparks of fire came out. These were received by Ganges river and the six babies who came out of this fire was put in charge of the six Krithiga maidens. Goddess Parvathy took all the babies together. The god with six heads and twelve arms was then formed. This is Lord Subrahmnaya. He then assumed the post of commander in chief of Indra's army and killed Tharakasura.]

Asya Sri Subramanya ShodasaNama Stotra maha Mantrasya
Agastyo Bhagavan Rishi Anushtup Chandaha_ha
Subramanyo Devatha Mama ishtartha Sidhdhyarthe Jape Viniyoga_ha

For the manthra of 16 names of Lord Subrahmanya,
The sage is Agasthya, the meter is Anushtup, God addressed is Lord Subrahmanya
And chanting of this Manthra is done for fulfilling my wishes

ShadVakthram SikhiVaahanam TriNayanam Chitraambaraalankrutham
Sakthim VajraMasim TrisoolaMabhayam Khetam DhanusChakrakam
Paasam KukkutaMankusam cha HasthairdaDhaanam Sadaa
Dhyaayeed Deephsitaa Sidhidam SivaSutham Skandam Suraaraadhitham

I meditate on the light of occult powers, the son of Shiva,
Skanda and the god who is worshipped by devas,
Who has six mouths, who rides on a peacock,
Who has three eyes, who wears ornamental silk cloth,
Who holds in his hands Shakthi, Vajrayudha, trident, sword, protecting symbol,
Shield, Bow, holy wheel, rope, cock, goad and symbol of boon.

Prathamo GnaanaSaktyatma Dwiteeya-ha SkandaEva cha
Agni Garbha_sthruteeyastu Baahuleya_schaturdhaka-ha
Gaangeya-ha panchamaha proktaha shashta_Saravanodbhava-ha
Saptama-ha Kaartikeyascha Kumaara_schaatama sthatha
Navamaha Shanmukha-ha prokthaha Taarakari-hi smrutho dasa
Ekadasascha Senaanee-hi Guho dwaadasa eva cha
Trayodaso Brahmachari Sivateja_schaturdasa-ha
Krounchadaari panchadasaha shodasa_sSikihivahana-ha

First as the soul of the strength of truth, second as Skanda*,
Third as one born from fire, fourth as one with strong arms,
Fifth as one told as the one born out of ganga,
Sixth as one who rose out of the stream of Sarvana,
Seventh as one who was looked after by Kruthika maidens,
Eighth as a lad, ninth as one with six faces,
Tenth as one who killed Tharakasura,
Eleventh as the commander in chief,
Twelfth as the one who is in the cave of mind,
Thirteenth as one who searches for Brahmam,
Fourteenth as the innate power of Lord Shiva,
Fifteenth as the one who holds Krouncha mountain,
And sixteenth as the God who rides the peacock.
* That which is beyond the mind


Shodasaithani Namani Yo Japeth Bhakti Samyutha-ha
Bruhaspati Samo budhdhyaa Tejasaa Bramhanassama-ha
Kanyarthi Labhate Kanyam Gnanathi Gnanamapnuyath
Vidyarthi Labhate Vidyam Dhanarthi Dhana Masnuthe
Yadyad Prathayathe Marthya-ha Tatsarvam Labhate Dhruvam

He who chants these twelve names with great devotion,
Would become as wise as Brahaspathi, the teacher of devas,
Would have the great luminescence of Brahma,
And he who seeks a bride will get a bride,
He who seeks wisdom will be blessed with wisdom,
He who seeks knowledge would be blessed with knowledge,
He who searches for wealth would get great wealth,
And the man who prays would sepeedily get all that he wants..

Iti Sri Subramanya Shodasa Nama Stotram.

Thus ends the sixteen names of Lord Subrahmanya.

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