Nama Rasam

Nama Rasam
[Taste of Name]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a collection of prayers found in other stotras that have been given the name of Nama Rasam. I came across this collection in a tamil Magazine called Kumudam Bhakthi.]

1. Krishnaya Vasudevaaya, Devaki Nandanaya,
Nanda gopa kumaraya, Govindaya namo nama.

I salute and salute that Govinda who is Krishna,
Who is son of Vasudeva, who is the darling of Devaki,
And who is also the son of King Nandagopa.

2. Nama Pankaja nabhaya, nama pankaja maline,
Nama Pankaja nethraya. Namsthe Pankajangraye.

Salutation to one having lotus on belly and one who wears lotus garland,
Salutation yo one who has lotus like eyes and lotus like feet.

3. Mookam karothi vachalam, pangam langayathe girim,
Yath krupa paramam aham vande, Paramananda madhavam

I salute that divine mercy who is Madhava the ultimate joy,
Who makes even dumb ones speak and lame ones cross the mountain.

4. Sanka chakra Gadhapane dwaraka nilayachyuthe,
Govinda pundareekaksha, Raksha maam saranagatham.

Please protect me who has surrendered to you, oh lotus eyed Govinda,
Who holds conch, wheel and mace and lives in Dwaraka.

5. Thwam aadhi andho bhoothamnam, thwameva cha para gathi,
Viswathman, viswa janaka, viswa Kartha, prabhovyaya.

Oh lord who is without end, you are the beginning and end of all beings,
The soul of the universe, the father of the universe and the power which makes universe act.

6. Yathra yogeeswara Krishno, Yathra partho dhanurdhara,
Thathra sri vijayo bhoothir, druthwa neethir mathir mama.

Where Krishna the God of Yoga lives,
Where the great archer Arjuna lives,
There wealth and victory would be there,
And also justice and wisdom.

7. Devaki Sutha Govinda, Vasudeva jagat pathe,
Dehime thanayam Krishna, Thwam aham saranam gatha,

I surrender completely to you, Govinda the son of Devaki,
Who is Vasudeva the lord of the world, with a request to give me a son.

8. Bhagawan Uvacha
Naham vasami Vaikunte, na yogi hrudaye,
Thathra thishtami Yathra gayanthi mad bhakthya, Narada

God said
I do not live in Vaikunta, nor in the heart of Yogis
But I live in that place where my devotees sing about me, Narada.

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