Mere Man Ke Andha Thamas Mein

Mere Man Ke Andha Thamas Mein
[In the blind darkness of my mind]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is a famous Bhajan sung by Jagajit Singh. It is addressed to the Goddess.]

1. Mere Man Ke Andh Tamas Mein,
Jyotirmayi Utaro,

Oh Goddess who shines like a flame,
Please enter in to the blind darkness of my mind.

2. Kaha Yaha Devo Ka Nandan,
Malyachal Ka Abhinav Chandan,

Where has the darling baby of devas,
Who is the fresh sandal wood from the forest

3. Mere Rur Ke Udje Man Main,
Karunamayi Vicharo,

Oh mother drenched in mercy, come in to,
My mind which is dry as well as arid.

4. Nahi Kahi Kuch Mujh Mein Sundar,
Kajal Sa Kala Yeh Antar,

There is nothing which is pretty in me,
And my mind within is as black as colly

5. Parano Ke Gehre Gehwar Mein,
Mamtamayi Vicharo

Oh goddess who is full of care and concern,
Go deep inside in to my soul.