Krishna Kavacham

Sri Krishna Kavacham
From Garga Samhitha
[Armour of Krishna]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This rare armour occurs in Garga Samhitha. This is supposed to have been recited by the Gopis when the baby Krishna killed the ogress called Puthana. It is mentioned that Sage Durvasa taught it to queen Yasoda, who might have taught it to the Gopis. For the information of people who are not familiar: Goloka is heaven which is the eternal abode of Lord Krishna.]

Gopya Oochu:
The Gopis said:

1. Sri Krishnasthe sira pathu, Vaikunta kanta may va hi,
Swetha dhweepa pathi karnou, nasikaam yajna roopa druk

Let Krishna protect the head, and let Vaikunta protect the neck,
Let the lord of the white island protect the ears and he who has a form of Yajna protect the nose.

2. Nrusimho nethra yugmam, cha Jihwaam Dasarathathmaja,
Adharavabvathaam they thu nara narayana rishi.

Let Nrusimha protect the pair of your eyes,
Let the son of Dasaratha protect the tongue,
Let both your lips be protected by sages Nara and Narayana

3. Kapolou pathu they sakshaan sanakadhyaa kala hare,
Bhalam they swetha varaho, narado brullathevathu.

Let the real sages Sanaka and others protect your cheeks,
Let the white boar protect your hair and let sage Narada protect the eye brows.

4, Chibukam Kapila pathu, dathathreyo uro vathu,
Skandhow dwavrushabha pathu karou mathsya prabhathu they

Let Kapila protect the chins and Dattatreya protect the chest,
Let both shoulders br protected by the bull and let the hands be protected by the fish.

5. Dordhandam sathatham raksheth pruthi pradhula Vikrama,
Udharam kamada pathu nabhim dhanvantharischa they.

Let my arms be always be protected by the hero of big battles,
Let the stomach be protected by tortoise and let navel be protected by Dhanvanthri.

6. Mohini guhya desam cha Katim they vamanovathu,
Prushtam parauramascha thavoru Bhadanarayana

Let Mohini protect the private parts and waist be protected by Vamana,
Let the back be protected by Parasurama and thighs by Badanarayana (Vyasa)

7. Balo Janu dhwayam pathu, Janghe budha prapathu they,
Padau pthu cha gulphou cha kalkir dharmapathi Prabhu.

Let both knees be protected by Balarama, and thighs be protected by Budha,
Let the feel and calves br protected by Kalki, the lord of Dharma.

Phala Sruthi

Sarva rakshakaram divyam Sri Krishna kavacham param,
Idham bhagwathaa datham Brahmane nabhi pankaje

This divine armour of Krishna which protects everything,
Was given by Lord Vishnu to Brahma sitting on the lotus of the belly.

Brahmana shambhave datham, Shambur Durvasase dhadhou,
Durvasa Sri Yasomathyai pradhach Chrinandhi mandhire

Lord Brahma gave it to Shiva, and Shiva gave it to sage Durvasa,
Sage Durvasa gave it to Yasodha in the house of Nandagopa.

Ithi sri garga samhithaayaam golokha kande poothana mokshe nama
Tryodasoadyhyaye Sri Krishna kavacham sampoornam.

Thus ends the armour of Krishna occurring in the thirteenth chapter called,
"Salvation of Poothana" which occurs in the Goloka section of Garga Samhitha.

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