Gayathri Ramayana

Gayathri Ramayana
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Unlike what is suggested by the title, this is not the full story of Rama. All the twenty four slokas of this stotra have been taken from Valmiki Ramayanam. They are not taken in an order but in such a way that the first letters of the 24 slokas form the Gayathri mantra. I could not find who did this great compilation. It signifies that Ramayana is the essence of the entire Vedas and Sri Rama is Narayana. Listening and chanting of Sri Gayathri Ramayanm bestows peace and bliss.]

1. Tapaswadhyaya niratham,
Thapaswee vag vidhamvaram,
Narada pariprucha,
Valmikir muni pungavam

The great sage Valimiki asked Narada,
Who does penance and reading of Vedas,
And who himself was a great sage,
As well as an expert over words.

2. Sa hathwaa Rakshasaan sarvaan,
Yagnagnaan Raghu nandana,
Rishibhi poojithasthathra,
Yadendro vijaye puraa.

That son of the clan of Raghu,
By killing all the Rakshasas,
And protecting the fire sacrifices,
Was worshipped by the sages,
Similar to Indra when he was victorious.

3. Viswamitharasthu dharmathma,
Sruthwa janaka bhashitham,
Vathsa Rama, dhanu pasya,
Ithi Raghabamabraveeth.

Viswamithra, the personification of Dharma,
After hearing the words spoken by Janaka told,
"Child Rama, please see this bow."

4. Thushtyavaasya thadhaa vamsam,
Pravisya sa visaampathe,
Sathaneeyam Narendrasya,
Thadasadhya vyathishtitha.

Then he* reached the bed room of the king,
Went near and standing outside and praised and,
Narrated the detailed pedigree of the king.
*Sumanthra the minister of Dasaratha

5. Vanavasam hi sankhyaya,
vasamsyabharanani cha,
Seethayai swasuro dhadhou.

Based on the years that Sita has to live in the forest,
When she would accompany her husband,
Her father in law gave her sufficient dresses and ornaments.

6. Raja sathyam cha dharmam cha,
Raja kulavatham kulam,
Raja Matha pitha chaiva,
Raja hithakaro nrunaam.

The king is the truth and Dharma,
He is the Lord of people of good families,
He is the father as well as mother,
And he is the one who does good to people.

7. Nireekshya sanmuhurtham thu,
Dadarsa bharatho Gurum,
Utaje Ramamaseenam,
Jata valkala dharinam.

After waiting for an auspicious time,
Bharatha saw his teacher Rama,
Who was having matted hair and was,
Wearing cloth made of wood,

8. Yadhi budhi krutha drushtum,
Magasthyam tham mahamunim,
Adviava gamane budhim,
Rochayaswa Mahasaya.

Oh great one, if you are desirous
Of seeing the great sage Agasthya,
Take decision soon to start to do that.

9. Bharathasya aaryaputhrasya,
Swasroonam mama cha prabho,
Mruga roopamidham vyaktham,
Vismayam janayishyathi.

Oh Lord, this deer which is very pretty,
Would create a great sense of wonder,
To Bharatha, you and my in laws.

10. Gacha seegramitho Rama,
Sugreevam tham Mahabalam,
Vayasyam tham kuru kshipra,
Mitho gathwadhya Raghava.

Oh Rama go immediately from here,
To the very strong Sugreeva,
And Oh Raghava make him,
Your very intimate friend.

11. Desa kalou Pratheekshaswa,
Kshama mana priyaa priye,
Sukha dukha saha kale,
Sugreeva vasago bhavam.

Understanding the time and place,
Being patient for likes and dislikes,
Treating joy and sorrow as equal,
Become obedient to Sugreeva.

12. Vandhyasthe Thapasa sidhaa,
Sthapasaa veethakalmasha,
Prashtavyachapi seethaaya,
Pravruthi vinayanvithou.

The Sidhas who do penance are fit to be saluted,
For thy are devoid of sins due to their penance,
You can enquire with them present position,
Of Sita along with great humility.

13. Sa nirjithya purim sreshtaam,
Lankaam tham Kamaroopinim,
Vikramena maha thejo,
Hanuman maruthathmaja.

Hanuman the son of wind God,
Who is valorous and shining,
Won over Lanka, the town's goddess,
Who can assume any firm she wishes.

14. Dhanyodhayaa sa gandharwa,
Sidhascha paramarshya,
Mama pasyanthi ye nadham,
Ramam rajeeva lochanam.

I see Rama who is my lord,
Who has eyes as pretty as lotus,
Is seen by Gandharwas, Sidhas and saints,
As if it is the rise of their luck.

15. Mangalabhimukhi thasya,
Saa thadassn maha kape,
Upathasthe Visalakshi.
Prayathaa havya vahanam.

That lady with an auspicious face,
Deciding to bless the great monkey,
Saluted and prayed to God of fire,
After making herself pure.

16. Hitham mahartham mruduhethu sammitham,
Vyatheetha kalayutha samrathikshamam,
Nisamya thadvakya mupasthitha jwara,
Prasanga vanuthara methad abhraveeth.

After hearing those words which were meant for good,
Which would give great results, which were sweet,
Which were logical and suitable for past, present and future,
With very great anger that Ravana replied thus.

17. Dharmathma Rakshasa sreshta,
Samprapthoyam Vibheeshana,
Langaiswaryam dhruvam sreema-,
Nayam prapthothya gandakam.

That great Rakshasa who was personification of Dharma,
Called Vibheeshana has come and joined me,
And without any doubt with certainty,
He would attain the wealth of Lanka.

18. Yo vajrapathaasani sannipatha-
N na chukshubhe napi chachala Raja,
Sa Ramabhanabhi hatho brusatha,
Schchala chapancha mumocha veeraa.

That king who never bothered by the hit of Vajrayudha,
And that of thunder is now hit by Rama's arrow,
And that hero has become sad by the shock, and became very nervous,
And started trembling and his bow slipped from his hands.

19. Yasya Vikrama masadhya,
Rakshasa nidhanam gathaa,
Tham manye Raghavam veeram,
Narayanamana matam.

Caught by his fame,
Many Rakshasas died,
And I consider that valorous Rama,
As the real God Narayana.

20. Na ye dhadru sire Rama,
Chindanda mari vahineem,
Mohithaa paramasthrena,
Gandharvena mahathmana.

Those Rakshasas were not able to see,
Sri Rama who was burning the army of enemies,
For they had lost their senses by the great arrow,
Called Gandharwa sent by the great Rama,

21. Pranamya devadhabyascha,
Brahmanebhascha Mythili,
Badanjali putaa chedha-
Muvachagni sameepatha.

After offering her salutations,
To Brahmans and Devas,
Mythili with saluting hands,
Went near the fire and told.

22. Chalanath parvathendrasya,
Ganam devascha kambitha,
Chachala Parvathi chapi,
Thadaslishta Maheswaram.

When the king of mountains moved
The Ganas of Shiva and the devas trembled.
And even Goddess Parvathi trembled,
And rushed and embraced the great God.

23. Daraa puthra puram Rashtram,
Bhogachadana bhajanam,
Sarva mevapi bhakthanno,
Bhavishyati Hareaswara.

Oh Lord of the monkeys from today,
Let the fields, children, towns, countries,
Luxuries, meals and the fields,
Become our common property,
and be shared equally among us.

24. Yameva rathrimn Shathrugna,
Parna salaam samavisad,
Thameva rathrim Seethapi,
Prasoothaa darakadwayam.

On the night when Shatrugna,
Stayed in the hermitage,
And on that same night, Sita,
Gave birth to two sons.

Phala Sruthi

Idam Ramayanam Kruthsnam,
Gayathri bheeja samyutham,
Trisandhyam, ya paden nithyam,
Sarva paapai pramuchyathe.

The narration of the effect

If this Ramayana is recited,
Along with the root chant of Gayathri,
At dawn, noon and dusk daily,
One would get rid of all committed sins.

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