Sundara Kandam

Chapter: 36
Hanuman’s Ring Presentation

[To prove his bonafides, Hanuman presents the royal ring of Rama to Sita. She is convinced by this memento. She then realizes her mistake and praises Hanuman. She sounds hopeful about her being saved by Rama; She is also perplexed because Rama does not appear to save her. Hanuman tries to dispel her misunderstanding and tells how sad Rama is.]

The son of wind god and the greatly resplendent Hanuman with an intention of increasing Sita's faith in him told the following words with all humility. 1

"Hey holy lady, I am the monkey who is the emissary of the great Hero Rama. And so to dispel any misunderstanding that you may have and to increase your faith, please see here, the signet ring of Rama in which his name is inscribed, which was given to me by him and which was brought here by me. You would remain safe. You would soon see the end of your sorrow." 2-3

After telling like this he presented the ring to Sita. 4

Then Sita after receiving the ring examined it closely and became as happy as if she saw her husband in person. 5

Then that lady becoming a little shy and also becoming pleased by hearing the story of Rama, being mentally happy and understanding that the monkey chief has done her a great help started praising him. 6

(According to Tilaka, she became shy because she felt that her husband was near by and another commentator feels that she became shy because she suspected the great Hanuman instead of trusting him.)

"Hey great monkey, you are a great hero, you are greatly wise and you are greatly intelligent and only because of those qualities you were able to see this place of Rakshasas all alone and without any help." 7

"You, who can be described as a great hero, have crossed this ocean which is one hundred yojanas broad and which is the home of sharks, in one jump and made it equivalent to the hoof mark of the cow." 8

"Hey monkey chief, I do not think that you are an ordinary monkey for you do not have any fear for Ravana and you also are not nervous." 9

"Hey chief of monkeys, due to the fact that you have been sent by Rama, who knows the mind of others, you are definitely fit to hold conversation with me." 10

"That matchless Hero Rama would not send an emissary, without knowing his valor and without examining him especially to me." 11

"That very just votary of truth, Sri Rama is luckily all right and it is also lucky that the greatly resplendent Lakshmana who increases the happiness of Sumithra is also all right." 12

"Because the Kakustha is all right, possibly he would burn all the earth surrounded by the sea by his anger, which is similar to the fire that will engulf the world during deluge." 13

"I know that both of them are capable of even punishing the Devas but I think there is no end in sight for my sorrow." 14

"I think that Rama is not mentally upset and would do what remains to be done now without being affected by sorrow." 15

"I think that prince Rama is not broken down and is not committing mistakes because he is perplexed and also is doing the duties of a man." 16

"He who gives pain to his enemies, I hope is using two approaches (peaceful affectionate advice - Sama) and by bestowing help, riches etc (Dhana) with love towards his relatives and three approaches bribery (Dhana), creating rift and confusion (Bhedha) and punishment (Dhanda) towards enemies with a view to win over them." 17

"I believe that he is being visited by his friends, he is hospitable towards them and he is respected by them." 18

"I believe that Rama who is the son of an emperor is praying to Gods for blessing and has faith in the fact that physical effort is God's blessing." 19

"I believe that though he is far away from me, his love towards me has not diminished and Hey, Monkey, I also believe that he is taking appropriate action to free me from this sorrow." 20

"I believe that Rama who always deserves to be happy and who does not deserve to be sad is not becoming very feeble because of this intense sorrow." 21

"I believe that he gets news about Kausalya and Sumithra frequently and that he gets news about Bharatha also." 22

(Please note that she is not asking about news of Kaikeyi.)

"I believe that because of the sorrow caused by me, he has not lost his pride and is listless. I also believe that Rama would save me from this misery." 23

"I believe that Bharatha would send one great Akshouhini army protected by ministers for the sake of me." 24

(21, 870 chariots, 21870 elephants, 65, 610 horses and 1, 09, 350 infantry is termed as Akshouhini army.)

"I believe that the great monkey chief Sugreeva would come surrounded by monkeys, who have claws and teeth as weapons for my sake." 25

"I believe that the great hero and great archer Lakshmana, who increases the happiness of Sumithra, would exterminate all the Rakshasas by his rain of arrows." 26

"I believe that very soon, Rama using burning arrows would kill Ravana along with his friends and that I would be able to see him very soon." 27

"I believe that that golden face of Rama who has a perfume similar to the lotus flowers would not wilt because of my separation, similar to the lotus flower being wilted by torrid Sun light." 28

"I believe that courage permanently resides in his heart which neither had sorrow, fear or worries even when he forsook the Kingdom for the sake of just action or when he brought me by walk in to this forest." 29

"Hey emissary, for me, because of my love towards him, my great father is not equal to him, nor my mother nor any one else and so I wish to continue this life only till I hear about his actions." 30

That all knowing holy lady, after telling these very meaningful and pleasant to hear words halted with a view to hear the reply of Hanuman which were aimed at attaining Rama and which was about Rama. 31

That great hero Hanuman hearing the words of Sita, keeping his hands in salutations over his head told the following words. 32

(Salutations with hands opposite to the chest is done for persons of equal stature and over head to God and to persons who are much above your stature.)

"That lotus eyed Rama does not know that you are here and that is why he is not taking you back like Indra took back his queen Sachi Devi. 33

(Anuhlada abducted Sachi Devi, the queen of Indra. Indra after killing the Rakshasa took back his queen.)

"As soon as Raghava hears my words, he along with a great army consisting of only monkeys and bears is going to reach here soon." 34

(Hanuman's reply indicates that he would not ask for armed help from Bharatha as indicated by Sita.)

"That Kakustha is going to freeze the ocean which cannot be moved and going to make Lanka devoid of Rakshasas." 35

"If the god of death or Asuras along with Devas are going to block his way, he would kill them immediately." 36

"Hey, holy lady, that Rama because of his sorrow in not being able to see you, is suffering like an elephant attacked by a lion and does not know what is pleasure" 37

"Hey, holy lady, I am taking an oath with witnesses the Malaya mountain, the Vindhya mountain, the Meru mountain, the Mandhara mountain, the Durudhura mountain and on the vegetables and fruits, that you are going to see and enjoy the handsome face of Rama, which has very pretty eyes, which has lips like the red guava fruit, which has wonderful ear rings and which is like the rising full moon." 38-39

(Hanuman being a monkey is taking an oath on things, which he considers as important.)
"Hey, Vaidehi, you are going to see immediately Rama who is on Prasravana mountain and who resembles Indra on Naga Prashta* in heaven." 40
* A special place in Amaravathi, the city of Indra, literally "back of a serpent."

"Raghava is daily not taking either the edible portions of fruit or drinking honey and takes food in the fifth part of the day that too only cooked vegetables and roots as ordained for people who are about to forsake the world (Vana Prastha Ashrama)." 41

(It is believed by Hindus that after leading a complete family life, at a particular stage the husband and wife retire in to a forest and lead a life of partial renunciation called Vana Prastha Ashrama. It is believed that they should take only one-fifth portion of food that they had taken earlier.)

"Because he has already given his heart to you, Raghava is not driving away the flies which sit on him, nor mosquitoes nor worms and nor insects that crawl." 42

(Here the lovelorn Rama is described in the state of "Arathi" i. e. loosing of the senses due to parting from the beloved.)

"That Rama due to extreme love is always drowned in sorrow and is always thoughtful and does not know any other thing." 43

"That great man, Rama is always without sleep and even if he is asleep wakes up immediately muttering sweetly Hey Sita". 44

"If he happens to see either fruits or flowers or any other thing dear to ladies, with very great sorrow, he remembers you as "My darling"". 45

"Hey holy lady, that great soul and prince Rama who believes firmly in just action, is always unhappy and always keeps on muttering "Hey Sita" and keeps on trying to find you." 46

That Sita who is the daughter of King Videha got rid of her sorrow due to hearing the praise of Rama and became equally sad when she came to know that Rama is drowned in sorrow and looked similar to the night lit by early autumn moon hid by dark clouds. 47

Thus ends the thirty sixth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 37
Hanuman’s Mega Form

[When Hanuman sees that Sita is miserable, he offers to carry her on his back immediately to the presence of Rama. Sita refuses to believe him because he is too small and would not be capable of doing it. Hanuman then shows her very big form. She is wonder struck by his strength but tells him that as a woman she many not be able to undertake such a risky journey. She also tells him of her will that she would never touch any other male except Rama. She concludes by saying that unless Rama himself frees her, a bad name would come to him.]

That princess Sita, who had a full moon face after hearing the news, told the following meaningful words containing essence of justice. 1

"The words told by you that "Rama is not paying attention to any thing", is like nectar and the words that "He is drowned in sorrow", is like poison." 2

"Though full of complete riches or very horrible sorrow, man is tied and dragged by the effects of his previous birth, similar to be being tied and dragged by a rope." 3

"Hey chief of the monkeys, it is indeed true that the effects of fate cannot be prevented by all living beings. This is aptly illustrated by the example of the son of Sumithra, myself and Rama." 4

"When is Rama going to swim to the other shore of sorrow, similar to the one who after breaking of the ship in the ocean, swims with difficulty to the other shore." 5

"When is my lord going to kill Rakshasas, kill Ravana, destroy Lanka and see me? 6

"I can be alive only that number of days when the year of my captivity lasts, and so he has to be told that. He has to complete the job with care and speed." 7

"This is the tenth month in the period set for me to be alive by Ravana and the remaining period is only two months." 8

"Ravana has been told about returning me back to Rama to the best of his ability, by his brother Vibishana in good and sweet words; but his brain does not accept it as proper." 9

"Ravana does not like to return me back because he is caught in the web of time and is being searched by death." 10

"Hey monkey, this has been told to me on great detail personally by Anala, the eldest daughter of Vibishana, who was sent by her own mother here. 11

"Hey chief of monkeys, I am definitely sure that my lord would get me back soon, for my mind is pure and he has several good qualities." 12

"Hey monkey, in Rama there is a great combination of enthusiasm, masculinity, strength, mercy, gratefulness, chivalry and fame." 13

"Which enemy will not shiver in fear of him, who alone, without the help of his brother, killed fourteen thousand rakshasas in Janasthana?" 14
"That great man is one who cannot be shaken by sorrow and I know him like Indra's wife knows Indra well." 15

"Hey, monkey, Rama who is the sun with net of arrows as his rays would soon dry the water which is full of Rakshasas." 16

Seeing Sita who was afflicted by sorrow because of Rama and who was telling like this with eyes full of tears, Hanuman told the following words: 17

"Sri Rama is going to reach here along with the army of monkeys and bears as soon as he hears my words." 18

"Hey lady without any blemishes, if this is not agreeable, you climb on my back and I would definitely free you from the clutches of insufferable Ravana." 19

"I would safely cross the ocean along with you, if you climb on my back for I definitely have the strength to carry the entire Lanka along with Ravana." 20

"Hey princess of Mithila, I would immediately present you to Raghava, who is atop the Prasravana mountains like the God of fire delivers the sacred offerings to Indra" 21

(God of fire acts as an agent to deliver offerings made by human beings to Devas and Pithrus.)

"You would be able to immediately see Raghava, who is similar to Vishnu in killing of Rakshasa, who is similar to Indra, who sits on a seat called "Naga Rajam", who lives in a hermitage doing all possible efforts to see you soon, who is very strong and who is with Lakshmana." 22-23

"Hey Lady, who does only good, climb on my back. Do not hesitate. You would be able to attain and live with Rama like Lady Rohini with Moon God, Lady Suvarchala with Sun God. You sit firmly on my back and cross the ocean." 24-25

"No body, who lives in Lanka, have the strength to follow my speed, when I take you and travel fast. Oh holy lady." 26

"Hey Vaidehi, I would go high up in the sky carrying you without any difficulty similar to the fashion by which I came here, be pleased to see." 27

Maithili hearing these wonderful words of the monkey chief became extremely happy because of this and became wonderfully alert and told Hanuman the following words in a different way. 28

"Hey monkey, who is the army-commander in chief of the monkeys, the fact of your desire to carry me through this very long route makes me feel that it is your monkey like conduct." 29

"Hey Chief of monkeys, how do you propose to take me from here to the presence of my husband with the frail body of yours?" 30

That wonderful hero and son of wind God Hanuman, after knowing the opinion of Sita thought about her apprehension as follows. 31

"This black eyed damsel Vaidehi does not know about my inborn strength or fame. Let her see that aspect of mine with which I can assume any form at will that will impress her." 32

After thinking thus that monkey Chief Hanuman, who has won over enemies like passion anger etc., assumed his natural aspect and made Vaidehi see it. 33

That great hero and monkey chief, to show Sita his real form, jumped far away from the tree and assumed his mega form. 34

That monkey chief standing before Sita became equal to Meru and Mandhara mountains and shined like the raging fire. 35

Then that monkey, who was having a red face, who was extremely strong, who had nails and teeth like Vajrayudha and who was like a mountain told the following to Vaidehi: 36

"I have sufficient strength to carry this city of Lanka along with its mountains, forests, buildings, spires, towers and also its chief." 37

"So, Hey Vaidehi, make your brain stable, leave out all doubts. Hey lady, make Rama along with Lakshmana devoid of all sorrows." 38

That daughter of Janaka, who was having broad eyes like the lotus leaf, looking at Hanuman, who was adopted son of God of Wind and who was like the mountain, spoke as follows: 39

"Hey great monkey, I am seeing your great qualities, strength of your body, your speed which is equal to that of Wind God and the power which is equal to that of Fire God." 40

"Hey chief of monkeys, how can an ordinary being have the strength to reach this unthinkable beach and this city?" 41

"I can visualize your great strength by which you can carry me back; but we have to also consider the certain and speedy completion of duty of the great one." 42

"Hey chief of monkeys, it is not possible for me to accompany you for I may faint by the great speed by which you go." 43

"I may perhaps fall down because of trembling induced by fear from your back when you are travelling in the sky far above the ocean." 44

"I would then perhaps fall and die in the ocean and become good food for beings like whales and crocodiles living in the sea." 45

"Hey destroyer of foes not only that it is not possible for me to go with you for danger may without doubt happen to you who is carrying me." 46

"For once the bad soul Ravana comes to know that I have escaped, those great valorous asuras ordered by him would catch up with us." 47

"Hey valorous one, you would be surrounded by those heroes armed with iron rods and spears and you carrying me, who has to be saved, would attain lot of danger." 48

"Those Rakshasas would be too many and well armed you would not be armed and how can you fight with them in the sky and that too how is it possible for you to save me?" 49

"Hey chief of monkeys, while you are fighting with those Rakshasa, who are capable of cruel deeds, I may tremble because of fear and fall down." 50

"Hey chief of monkeys, there would be too many Rakshasas who are all very powerful and they somehow will attain victory over you in war." 51

"Otherwise also when you are fighting with lot of difficulty, I may fall down and those sinner Rakshasas would take me away." 52

"Perhaps they may snatch me from your hands or even perhaps kill me for in war victory or defeat is never certain." 53

"Or it is possible that insulted by those Rakshasas I may give up my life and even that way, Hey monkey chief, all your efforts will culminate in getting no result." 54

"I realize that you are quite capable of killing all of them but in spite of that Rama's fame will decrease when it is known that all Rakshasas were killed by you." 55

(She implies that People will talk that Rama was not able to kill his enemies without depending on others.)

"Otherwise also, once the Rakshasas recover me they would hide me in a place from where no one can locate me and because of that monkeys will not be able to find me out nor would Rama and Lakshmana be able to find me out. Even like this all the efforts put by you would be wasted." 56

"Would it not be better if Lord Rama also comes with you?" 57

"Hey great hero, is it not true that the soul of Rama, his brothers, you and all members of the princely dynasty lies in me." 58

"Those two, once they realize that I cannot be saved, would become weak with sorrow and would sacrifice their lives along with all monkeys and bears." 59

"Hey greatest of all monkeys, having observed chastity as my ideal, I never had at any time, any desire to even touch another male." 60

"But in case of the touch of Ravana, it was done in spite of my chastity because I was not free, I did not have any other go, I was completely enfeebled and was done by force because I fell in to his hands." 61

"It would be proper for Rama, if he kills the ten headed Rakshasa along with his relatives and takes me along with him." 62

"I have heard and seen the great valour of that great man in killing his enemies in war and I know that neither devas nor Rakshasas nor Pannagas are equal to Rama in war."63

"Who will think of fighting with that Raghava who holds the great bow called Kodanda, who is very strong, who is equal to Indra in valor, who is like the fire kindled by wind in war and who is with Lakshmana, after knowing him." 64

"Hey chief of monkeys, who would think of opposing that Raghava, who is like the elephants guarding the directions, who kills enemies in war, who is with Lakshmana and who stands unperturbed like the Sun at the time of deluge with arrows as his rays." 65

"Hey great monkey, please make my lord surrounded by Lakshmana and the several army chieftains arrive here. Hey valorous monkey, make me, who is drowned in sorrow because of thinking about Rama, happy." 66

Thus ends the thirty seventh chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 38
Sita’s Choodamani Giving

[Hanuman appreciates Sita for her noble words. She then tells him about the story of a crow attacking her and how Rama sent a Dhurba grass with manthra of Brahmasthra to kill him. She wonders why he is not doing it now. She gives her Choodamani [Golden brooch worn in the head by ladies] as a memento to Hanuman so that Rama will have faith that Hanuman has indeed seen her.]

That chief of monkeys hearing this and being one who can analyze and understand words, became happy on hearing these words and told the following to Sita. 1

"Hey holy lady who tells that which is good, whatever you have told is extremely suitable to your character and also suitable to the humility and womanly character of virtuous ladies." 2

"Because the character of ladies is not capable to cross the ocean of one hundred yojanas broad, making me as a vehicle." 3

"Hey lady who wears humility as an ornament, your words that, "you would not allow the touch any other male except Rama", which you told as your second reason is very suitable to you who is the wife of that great man. Hey holy lady, who else except you can tell such a sentence?" 4-5

("Inspite of the pitiful sorrow state without bothering about her release from the clutches of Ravana, thinking only of just duty, only you can tell "I would not come with you".)

"Hey holy lady, whatever you have told and did in front of me, all those things would be informed immediately to Rama." 6

"Hey holy lady, I told you like this with a loving and merciful mind, with a intense desire to do good to Rama in various ways." 7

"I told you like this because of the difficulty in crossing the wide ocean, because of the difficulty in entering the city of Lanka and because of the faith in my strength." 8

"I wanted you to be rejoined with Rama immediately and because of intense devotion and love I told you like this and not with any other intention." 9

"Hey holy one, because you do not have an intention of accompanying me, please give a memento so that Rama would understand the truth without any doubt." 10

Thus told by Hanuman that Sita who was like a divine lady started slowly telling the following with words mingled with tears. 11

"Please inform whatever I tell, which is true and which is known to him, using the same words to my lord: "In the Chitra Koota mountains, in the north west valley, in the shore of river Mandakini, in the hermitage blessed with fruits, roots and water, after spending time with different flowers and the aroma filled gardens and thus getting tired you were lying down with your head on my lap."" 12-14

"At that time one crow which was attracted by flesh attacked me with his sharp beak and I drove it away using a piece of mud." 15

"But that flesh eating crow desiring for food did not leave the meat and went on attacking me and remained around there." 16

"I got angry with the bird; when I removed my dress belt, my dress got unloosened and in that state I was seen by you." 17

"I who was tired due to anger because I was pecked by the crow which was desirous of food was teased by you. Because of this I was very shy but in spite of that I came nearer to you and sat on your lap as you were sitting. You became happy and I was slowly consoled of my anger by you." 18-19

"Oh, Lord I who was slowly wiping away the tears which made all my face wet, was understood by you as having been made very angry by the crow." 20

"Due to tiresomeness I slept on the lap of Raghava and the brother of Bharatha in turn sleep on my lap. Again the same crow reached there." 21

"That crow seeing me completely recovered due to my sleep on the lap of Rama suddenly came near me and wounded my chest." 22

"Like this that crow came near me several times and inflicted severe wounds and Lord Rama was made wet by the flowing drops of blood." 23

"That lord who was deep asleep, terror to his enemies and very pretty even then was woken up by me who was severely attacked by the crow." 24

"That great one, seeing that my chest was wounded, became very angry and hissing like a serpent asked as follows." 25

"Hey lady who has thighs like the trunk of an elephant, who inflicted that wound on your chest and who is playing with the very angry five headed snake?" 26

"Seeing all round he saw just opposite to me that crow whose sharp nails are coated with blood." 27

"That crow was the son of Indra, foremost among birds and in speed was equal to the God of wind and due to this he disappeared in to the earth immediately." 28

"That great one who was foremost among the intelligent with rotating angry eyes due to the crow, took a very cruel decision." 29

"He took one Durbha from the Durbha mat on which he was sitting chanted the manthra for Brahmasthra and that which was aimed at the bird lighted like the fire of hell. : 30

(Brahmasthra was the ultimate weapon during those times. It was got as a blessing from Lord Brahma. It was believed that once it is sent, no other weapon will work. Also it was believed that without inflicting an wound, it cannot be recalled. Rama was blessed with Brahmasthra by Viswamithra.)

"He then sent the burning Durbha towards the crow. What to say, from that time that Durbha started chasing the crow in the sky." 31
"At that time that crow which was chased went in search of protectors all over the world and what to say visited several places." 32

"In spite of wandering and searching in all the three worlds and being forsaken by sages, devas and its own father, it again came back to Rama." 33

"That Kakustha who is a protector seeing the bird lying on the earth seeking his protection, though it was fit to be killed, with mercy gave protection to it." 34

"Seeing that shamed one who was lying there without any other option, he said "Brahmasthra cannot go waste and so tell me what to do?"" 35

"It said, "If it is so, let it take away my right eye." And that arrow took away the right eye of the crow." 36

"It saved itself by sacrificing its right eye and from that time the fact that crows have only one eye became well known." 37

"It offered salutations to Rama and the King Dasaratha and being permitted to depart by that hero, it went to its home." 38

"Hey Lord of the earth, for my sake, in case of the crow, you used Brahmasthra and why have you tolerated him who has stolen me from your custody?" 39

"Hey great man, you who are greatly enthusiastic like that, take mercy on me. Hey Lord I, who have taken as my Lord (protector), can be seen by you as an orphan (i. e. without protector)" 40

"I have heard only from you that the greatest Dharma (just action) is to remove the sorrow of others." 41

"Being my Lord, I have understood him as as a great hero, great enthusiast, very strong man, man capable of limitless action, one who cannot be rattled by others, one who is similar to sea in looks, one who is like Indra to this earth surrounded by the sea." 42

"In spite of being like this and being greatest among archers, truthful and very strong, what is the reason for his not sending his arrows against the Rakshasas." 43

"There are no Nagas nor Gandarwas nor Asuras nor Marutganas who have sufficient strength to face a war with Rama." 44

"If that great hero has at least slightest belief in me why is he not destroying the Rakshasas with his arrows." 45

"Why is it Lakshmana who is very strong, who gives pain to his enemies and who is a hero not take me back after seeking permission from his brother." 46

"Why are both these who are like lion among men, who are as powerful as Vayu (Wind God) and Agni (Fire God) and who cannot be faced by even the Devas disregarding me?" 47

"Since both these two capable and victorious ones are not even bothered about me, there is no doubt that a great sin which is not known to me should have been committed by me." 48

Hearing these words which were told by Vaidehi with tearful eyes and which were capable of melting the mind, the great Hanuman who was the son of God of wind told the following words. 49

"Hey holy lady, I am telling you after taking oath on truth that Rama is not interested in any thing because of the sorrow about you. Because Rama is drowned in sorrow Lakshmana also is sorrowful." 50

"Hey lady without blemish, you who are a great lady was seen by me due to blessings of God and this is not the time for sorrow for just now you are going to see the end of your sorrows." 51

"Those two princes who are both very strong and who both are lion among men in the great wish for seeing you are going to make the city of Lanka in to ash." 52

"Hey broad eyed lady, Raghava is going to kill the cruel Ravana along with his relatives and take you back to his own city." 53

"Please tell me those words which should be told to Raghava, the indomitable Lakshmana, the great hero Sugreeva and the assembled monkeys." 54

Thus told by Hanuman that goddess like Sita who has wilted by sorrow thus replied to Hanuman, the monkey. 55

"Please give my salutations to that great one who was given birth by the great minded Kausalya for the good of the world and enquire about his welfare." 56

(Sita implies that since Kausalya gave birth to Rama for the good of the world he would not disregard her and save her)

"That great holy one who was born as a good son of Sumithra sacrificed because of his devotion to Rama all his garlands, his jewels, ladies who used to love him, that wealth which cannot be earned in spite of great effort in this earth and incomparable pleasures and followed Rama after worshipping his father and mother and taking their permission and accompanied the great Kakustha in the forest protecting him." 57-59

"That great minded, handsome great warrior who was like a lion was doing service to me like his mother and to Rama like his father." 60

"When I was being abducted the great hero Lakshmana was not near me Lakshmana serves the elders well and he is Very lucky and intelligent, a prince who is similar to my father in law and one who serves Rama constantly more than me." 61-62

(Sita, without telling plainly, expresses her anguish for sending Lakshmana to help Rama in spite of his unwillingness. She also acknowledges the fact that he worships Rama and constantly serves him.)

"That hero seeing whom Rama did not even remember his father is fully capable of completing any job entrusted to him." 63
"That Lakshmana who is always dear to Rama, who obeys him always who is very careful and who is a relation without any guile is one to whom enquiries of welfare should be made on my behalf." 64

"Hey chief of monkeys, similar to the fact that Rama would be the cause of ending my sorrows, you are responsible for me to complete this job." 65

"Raghava because of your effort should take all necessary steps in my case and so please tell again and again my Lord who is a hero, the following." 66

"I am telling on oath, hey son of Dasaratha, I would be alive for one more moth and afterwards I would not be alive." 67

"Be merciful to save me from the clutches of Ravana who is a bad person and who is a base soul similar to how Kousiki was saved from Patala." 68

(Kausiki was abduced by God Varuna when she was taking bath and kept in Patala, Uchathya, her husband went to Patala and brought her back.)

Then she removed her hair brooch (Jata Valli or Chooda mani) tied in her cloth and gave it to Hanuman saying, "Give this to Rama." 69

That hero Hanuman received that Jewel made of pearls from Sita and put it on his fingers and that ornament fitted to his fingers. 70

After wearing that pearl jewel he saluted Sita and circumbulated her and stood near silently with folded hands. 71

Being present there only bodily, that Hanuman because of the great joy in seeing Sita mentally travelled to the place of Rama. 72

He understood that the very precious jewel was got by super human efforts and of inestimable value and started thinking of returning back with full of joy like a mountain after shaken by a tempest. 73

Thus ends the thirty eighth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 39
Hanuman’s Consolation of Sita

[Sita tells him about her complete faith in him. She is also heart broken and Hanuman consoles her. She wonders how other monkeys and Rama would cross the ocean. Hanuman consoles her.]

After giving the ornament to Hanuman, Sita told the following, "This is a proof which is well known to Rama." 1

"As soon as that hero Rama sees this hair brooch, he would remember the three people viz. me, my mother and King Dasaratha." 2

"Hey chief of monkeys, you, who have been specially ordered in the beginning of this effort, should think about what is to be done in the future." 3

"Hey great monkey, even in completion of this effort you are the chief. Your capacity to carry out well thought out action would become the end of sorrows. Hey Hanuman do the job carefully and become one who ends all sorrows." 4

That great hero, who is the son of wind God, told Vaidehi "So be it" and after saluting her by the nod of his head waited for hearing the permission to go. 5

Sita understanding that the monkey has started his journey back, told the following with wet eye lids and shaking voice. 6

"Hey Hanuman, inform about my welfare to Rama and Lakshmana who are non separable." 7

"Hey, chief of monkeys please inform about my news to Sugreeva along with his ministers and the other great monkey chiefs in a way which is suitable to them." 8

"You, please try to do everything so that the great Hero Rama would pull me out of this lake of sorrow." 9

"Inform the famous Rama in such a way that he would see me alive and hey Hanuman, by spending only one sentence, get lot of blessings." 10

"After hearing the happy tidings that you will inform, the son of Dasaratha's effort in attaining me would become permanent and intense." 11

"The great hero Raghava immediately after hearing the message that you deliver would think of all aspects of using his valor and would order." 12

After hearing the above words of Sita, that monkey chief Hanuman with folded hands over his head replied as follows. 13

"That Rama (Kakustha) who is going to win over his enemies and remove your sorrows from you would arrive here immediately surrounded by monkey chiefs and bear chiefs." 14

"I do not see anybody who is capable of staying alive in front of him, who would be sending arrows like rain among men or among Asuras." 15

"Especially for your sake, he is capable of defeating in war the Sun, the Fie God and the God of death all alone." 16

Hey daughter of Janaka, it is well known that victory for Rama is due to you and that is why he is considered fit to rule the entire earth surrounded by water." 17

("Sradhaya devo devathwam asnuthe" meaning the Gods get their godliness through their consorts is a well known saying, which is being referred by hanuman.)

Janaki after hearing the timely, wise and firm words of Hanuman respect him and told him the following words. 18

Sita clearly understanding the words of Hanuman, because of his intense devotion to his master and due to the liking she got because of that, told the following words to Hanuman, who was about to leave. 19

"Hey hero who is capable of winning over his enemies, if you like, please take rest in a secluded place for one day and start your journey tomorrow." 20

"Hey monkey, by your being near to me, the great sorrow of the ill fated me would get consolation for at least some time." 21

"Hey chief of monkeys, even though you are going with an intention of returning back, I do not have any doubt that by that time some danger will happen to my life." 22

"Hey monkey, the sorrow in not seeing you would increase a lot and would make me, who has been slightly consoled, more sorrowful." 23

"Hey hero, who is the lord of monkeys, there is one doubt in me about the monkeys and bears who are going to help you, which should have arisen first and which is important." 24

"How will that army of monkeys and bears cross this great ocean? How will the two sons of Dasaratha do it?" 25

"The power to cross this ocean is only available to the three of you who are equal viz. the God of Wind, you and Garuda." 26

"Hey hero, you are the foremost among those who plan to complete a work and what trick are you going to use in this case?" 27

"Hey killer of the enemies, you are the only one who can achieve this job and the fame of avenging over the enemies would only become yours." 28

"Coming with sufficient army, winning in war with Ravana and taking me back to my Kingdom after being victorious would bring laurels to me and him." 29

"If the great killer of enemies Kakustha can tear to pieces Lanka by using his arrows and take me back, that would be suitable to him." 30

"So please try do all actions which are matching to the valour and as per the wishes of that great soul who is a hero." 31
Hanuman after hearing these words, which are meaningful, suitable and which are as per the norms of justice, as a reply told what remains to be told. 32

"Hey holy lady, Sugreeva, who is the chief of armies of monkeys and bears, who is the best among monkeys and who has a stable mind, has already decided what is to be done in your case." 33

"Hey Vaidehi, he is going to come immediately surrounded by crores of monkeys with an intention of destroying Rakshasas." 34

"Those monkeys who are under his order are valorous, truthful, very strong and achieve what is in their mind." 35

"Their travel cannot be stopped either above or below or by the side ways. They who are very strong will not wilt doing difficult tasks." 36

‘They who are very powerful and capable of travelling as per the wind currents have gone round the world with its mountains and oceans several times." 37

(Hanuman is exaggerating to please Sita. All the monkeys with him expressed their inability to cross the ocean. He himself before entering the city had told that only three monkeys are capable of entering it.)

"In the court of Sugreeva there are many more monkeys greater or equal to me. There are none who are inferior to me." 38

(Again an exaggeration to console Sita.)

"Ordinary people are normally sent as emissaries. Great ones are not sent. If I have reached this place what to say about the others who are much stronger." 39

"So do not be sad. Let your sorrow be removed. The monkey soldiers would reach Lanka in one jump." 40

"Those two lion among men who are like the risen Sun and Moon and are very strong, would climb on my back and would be reaching near you." 41

"Rama and Lakshmana, who are great heroes, who are great among men and who never separate from each other will come here and are going to make this city fly using their arrows." 42

"Hey pretty one who is blessed, that Raghava who is of the clan of Raghu, would kill Ravana along with his crowd and is going to return to his city along with you." 43

"So be consoled. Good would happen to you. Wait for the proper time. Within a short time you would be able to see Sri Rama wo is like a burning fire." 44

"When this chief of Rakshasa is killed along with his sons, ministers and relatives, you would join Rama like Rohini joins Chandra." 45

"Hey, Maithili, Hey holy lady, you would soon reach the other shore of this ocean of sorrows and soon Ravana would be killed by Rama himself." 46

That Hanuman who is the son of Wind God thus consoled Vaidehi and with an intention of the journey spoke further to Vaidehi. 47

"You are going to see soon, Raghava who is very courageous and who kills his enemies and Lakshmana who stands at the gates of Lanka along with his bows." 48

"Hey, holy lady, you would soon see several companies of monkeys, who roar in the valley of Malaya mountain in Lanka and who are themselves equal to mountains and clouds. And also see here assembled many monkeys who are as valorous as tiger and lion, who are like the King of elephants, who would fight using their claws and teeth and who are very numerous." 49-50

"That Rama pained by the very strong arrow called love does not know any pleasures like the elephant attacked by lions." 51

"Hey holy lady, please do not cry. Let your mind be not troubled by sorrow. Like Indrani who is with Indra, you would be with your lord and loved by him." 52

"Who is there greater than Rama and equal to Lakshmana? Those two brothers who are like fire and wind are your protectors." 53

"Hey, holy lady you need not live for a long time in this horrible country which has crowds of Rakshasas. There is not much time left for your Lord's arrival. Please be patient till I reach back." 54

Thus ends the thirty ninth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 40
Sita’s Giving Leave to Hanuman

[As Hanuman prepares to go, Sita becomes further sad, tells him about one more incident which happened between her and Rama and breaks down. Hanuman further consoles her and is given leave to go by Sita.]

That Sita who is like a divine maiden, after hearing that great ones words, told the following words which were good for her. 1

"Hey monkey, after hearing your dear words, I am as happy as the dry land with half germinated seeds when it receives a rain." 2

"Please take mercy on me and do suitable steps so that I, who is terribly tired because of sorrow can fulfil my wish and be able to touch the greatest among men." 3

"Hey best among the group of monkeys, after informing as a sign the fact that due to anger he sent a arrow to remove one eye of the crow, please also tell Rama the following." 4

"When my Tilaka (dot applied in the forehead by married woman) was erased, you playfully put on my forehead a Tilaka with a laterite stone. Please remember this." 5

(Unlike the story told earlier, this is a fact known only to Rama and Sita and has romantic overtones. So Sita gives only indication so that Rama will understand that the message comes from Sita.)

"How are you. who is equal to Devendra and Varuna able to bear the fact that I have been abducted and am living amidst Rakshasis?" 6

"Hey holy one, this Choodamani has always been protected with love by me and whenever I am sad, I use to look at it and get consoled as if I saw you." 7

"This Choodamani which had its origin in water and which gives happiness is being sent to you by me and I cannot live now with sorrow." 8-9

"I was tolerating sorrow which cannot be borne and heart breaking words of cruel Rakshasis for your sake." 10

"Hey, killer of enemies, with great deal of pain, I would hold on to my life for one more month. After one month I would not live without you." 11-12

"This King of Rakshasa is a cruel one and his intentions towards me are not good. If I see that you are making delay, I would not live for one more second." 13

After hearing these words of Vaidehi narrated with tears flowing from her eyes and full of self pity, the resplendent Hanuman, who was the son of Wind God, told as follows. 14

"Hey holy lady, I am truly telling on oath to you that Rama because of the sorrow caused by your separation, has forsaken everything. Due to the fact that Rama is plunged in sorrow, Lakshmana also is sad." 15

"Hey queen among ladies, I have been fortunate in seeing you and so this is not the time of sorrow for you as you would be seeing the end of sorrow immediately." 16

"Those two blessed princes, who are lion among men, with the anxiety to see you are going to turn Lanka in to ashes." 17

"Hey broad eyed lady, those two belonging to the clan of Raghu, are going to kill Ravana and his relatives in war and are going to take you back to their city." 18

"Hey lady without blemishes. Suppose you have some more memento which would make Rama remember his love, please give it to me." 19

Sita addressing Hanuman told: "Hey valorous one, the memento given by me is the best among what I can give. Hey, Hanuman, immediately on seeing this ornament of hair, Rama would consider your words as believable." 20

That monkey chief Hanuman understanding that it is a great ornament, after saluting her by his head, waited for his time to depart. 21

That daughter of Janaka with face wet with tears and who was in a sorrowful state seeing the monkey chief, who was interested in jumping up and consequently increasing the size of his body told the following words with tears and a stuttering voice. 22

"Hey, Hanuman, please inform my welfare to those two brothers who are similar to lion, to Sugreeva and his ministers and all others without fail." 23

"Hey chief of monkeys, as soon you reach in front of Rama inform him of my very great sorrow and my being troubled by Rakshasas. Let your path be without any problems." 24

That monkey having been recognized as an emissary by the princess, having completed the job that he was ordained, very happy because of that and understanding that very little is left to be done, reached the northern direction mentally. 25

Thus ends the fortieth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 41
Asoka Forest Destruction

[Hanuman decides that having come to Lanka, he should gather about the strength and weaknesses of the enemy before going from there. This would mean attracting Ravana to send his powerful troops at him. With this end in view, he destroys the Asoka forest.]

Thus praised by Sita and worshipped and respected by her that monkey started to depart but moving away from that place started thinking. 1

"This black eyed lady has been visited and very little is left for the things to be done. It is time now to leave out the first three methods and I feel that the fourth method is the best." 2

[The four methods are Sama (peaceful), Bhedha (creating differences), Dhana (trying to bribe) and Dhanda (violent physical fight).]

"In case of Rakshasa, Sama (peace) will not work and Dhana (bribe) will not work against people who are very rich and these strong people would not fall prey to Bheda (splitting) and I feel at this stage only my heroism is the better option." 3

"In this case, there is no other option apart from fight, if by war some of the Rakshasa die other Rakshasas would become soft." 4

"If one is ordered to do a job necessary to be completed, if he does many other jobs without conflict to the job ordered to do, then he is the person who is to be employed." 5

"In this world just one method would not work in simplest of jobs and so he who knows several methods to complete a job is the one who is expert in doing it." 6

"When I am here, if I gain knowledge about the strength of the enemy and the tricks that they employ in war and return pleased with myself to the place of the King of monkeys then only I would have been deemed to have completed the job thoroughly." 7

"I should think, how I should easily engage myself in war with the Rakshasas for then only the ten headed one would make me fight with his army." 8

"If that happens then I would be able to meet Ravana along with his ministers and chieftains and judge about his strength and understand his wishes and return back happily." 9

"This garden resembling divine garden which is attracting the mind and the eye, which has several trees and climbers and which is a great forest belongs to that sinner." 10

"Like the fire destroying dried wood, I should destroy this and once it is destroyed the ten headed one would become very angry." 11

"Then only the chief of Rakshasas would send an army consisting of horses, chariots and elephants armed with three headed spears, long spears and deadly chains and this would turn in to a big war." 12

"I who has intolerable (by the enemies) prowess would engage myself in war with the very powerful Rakshasas, destroy that army and would return back happily to the place of the monkey King." 13

That son of Wind God exuding with great power then became agitated like wind and by the speed of his great thighs started breaking the trees. 14

That heroic Hanuman then destroyed that private ladies garden, which was full of several exuberant birds and several trees. 15

That garden with the broken trees, filled up fountains and powdered peaks became a place one would not like to see. 16

That forest filled with cries of several types of birds, lakes made out of shape and faded red leaf buds became filled with dried trees and climbers as if it was attacked by forest fire. 17

Those climbing plants with the broken fences looked like women trembling out of fear. 18

With destroyed houses made of climbers, broken art museums, with crushed big snakes, with many violent animals and with broken granite stone houses that great forest looked as it had lost its normal appearance. 19

That very special enclosure of the garden made by the climbing Asoka plants meant for the enjoyment of women of the ten faced one was full of broken and weeping plants. 20

After doing an intolerable act, to the mind of heroic and rich Ravana, that monkey, full of valor sat on the main gate expecting to fight a war alone with several very strong Rakshasas. 21

Thus ends the forty first chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 42
Hanuman’s Destruction of Kinkaras

[Rakshasis enquire with Sita about Hanuman but she refuses to tell anything about him. They then inform Ravana, who sends the eighty thousand strong army of Kinkaras. Hanuman kills them all with an iron rod. Ravana then sends the son of Prahastha to catch Hanuman.]

Then because of the loud shrieking of birds and sound of breaking of trees all those who were in Lanka were fear struck. 1

The animals and birds, which were running, made horrible noise and because of that bad omens happened to the Rakshasas. 2

That time those bad looking Rakshasis lost their sleep and saw the garden which was destroyed as well as the great monkey hero. 3

Hanuman, who was very courageous, who was very strong, assumed a very big form so that the Rakshasis were afraid. 4

Then those Rakshasis seeing that the monkey was very strong and having a very big body asked the daughter of Janaka as follows. 5

"Who is this? Whose is this? Where from is it coming? For what purpose has it come here? It would be nice if we know. Not only that how did you converse with, like we converse with you?" 6

"Hey broad eyed one. Hey lady with black tipped eye, is it not true that this talked to you? Hey lucky one, please tell us truthfully. You would not get in to any problems." 7

Then Sita, who is of good character and who is pretty all over replied as follows: "Why should I enter in to the affairs of Rakshasas, who can assume any form they like?" 8

"You yourself should understand as to what action this one is going to do. It is no doubt that only thief can without mistake find out the intentions of a way farer." 9

"I understand that this one who has come here has the ability to assume any form which is the character of Rakshasas. I do not know about his ability. I am also afraid in his case." 10

(The stanzas 8-10 above are one of the controversial parts of Ramayana. All the commentators agree that Sita told a lie to protect Hanuman. By one of the very famous saying of Sanskrit, it is all right to tell a lie to save one's life. Some others have commented that she has done this out of fear. But stanzas in other parts of Ramayana clearly indicate that she is fearless. Then why did she do it, is another question which is very difficult to answer.)

Hearing the words of Vaidehi the Rakshasis were aghast and some ran hurriedly and some went to meet Ravana to inform him. 11

Those ugly faced Rakshasis started describing about the monkey, who can take different forms, in front of Ravana. 12

"Hey King, in the middle of Asoka forest, there is a monkey which is greatly valorous and which has a great form, which is talking to Sita." 13

"Sita, who is the daughter of Janaka, did not like to tell us about him, in spite of our enquiring in various ways." 14

"Is he an emissary of Indra? Is he an emissary of Kubhera? Is it possible that he has been sent by Rama to search Sita?" 15

"Your forest of the harem, which is surprisingly pretty and thus a stealer of hearts and which is filled with many animals has been completely destroyed by it." 16

"There is no place in that forest which has not been destroyed by it. But it has not even touched the place where Sita, the daughter of Janaka, is sitting." 17

"Has it been done to protect Janaki or has it been done because he became tired, we do not know. Where is tiresomeness to that monkey; the fact is she has been saved by the monkey." 18

"That luxuriously growing Simshuba tree alone below which she sits of her own accord has been left without touching by that monkey." 19

"Kindly be pleased to accord a severe punishment to that terrible one which talked with Sita and which destroyed the forest." 20

"Hey lord of Rakshasas, who would dare to talk with that Sita who has been brought by you out of desire? Can the life stay for long with such a one?" 21

Hearing the words of the Rakshasis, Ravana the King of Rakshasas, rolled his eyes in anger and burnt like the sacrificial fire. 22

From the two eyes of the angry one, tears dropped as if oil drops mixed with flames dropped from two lit lamps. 23

That shining one gave order to destroy the pride of Hanuman to Rakshasa called Kinkara who are similar to him and are valorous. 24

("Kinkara" means lowly servants.)

Those valorous Kinkaras who had very big belly, who had very big teeth and who were horrible looking were eighty thousand in number. All of them with a desire for war and with a desire to catch the monkey left the house armed with thorny sticks and an arm called "Kotta". 25-26

They moved very fast and reached the monkey, who was sitting on the tower and waiting and opposed him like insects oppose the fire. 27

They hit the monkey chief with strange maces, gold bordered pestles and arrows similar to the sun. 28

They holding spears and Thomara stood strongly surrounding Hanuman armed with thorn sticks, long spears and tridents. 29
The Mountain like Hanuman with immeasurable power beat his tail on the floor and made war like sound. 30

Hanuman, the son of wind-god, made his body to a very big size and made Lanka shake by his voice and clapped his hands with enthusiasm. 31

In the resounding echo of the sound of clapping of Hanuman, birds fell on the floor out of fear and Hanuman announced loudly as follows: 32

"Victory to the very strong Rama and similarly victory to the very strong Lakshmana and victory to the King Sugreeva, who is protected by Raghava. 33

"I am Hanuman, the son of Wind God, exterminator of enemies and the servant of Rama, who is the King of Kosala and who can carry out any job without effort." 34

"Even thousands of Ravana cannot face me, who fights wars with stones and trees and hits in thousand ways." 35

"Even when all the Rakshasas are staring, I can shake the city of Lanka, salute the princess of Mithila and return back after achieving my wish." 36

Because of his loud announcement, those Rakshasas became fear struck and saw Hanuman high above like the dark clouds in the sky. 37

Those Rakshasa became bold by thinking about the order of their lord and beat Hanuman using different type of weapons from different directions. 38

That very valorous Hanuman was surrounded by those heros in all the four directions. He took huge iron rod from the tower and using the same iron rod killed those Rakshasas. 39

That valorous son of wind-god taking that rod circled the sky and like Garuda, the son of Vinutha holding the snake and rising in the sky. 40

(Garuda on whom Lord Vishnu rides is the son of sage Kashyapa and his wife Vinutha.)

That hero, who was the son of wind-god, after killing Kinkaras, who are Rakshasa heroes, desiring for more war again went near the tower. 41

Then some of the Rakshasas who were far away from the danger informed Ravana about the killing of all Kinkaras. 42

That Ravana, who was the King of Rakshasas, hearing that his great army has been destroyed, blinked rolling his eyes and sent the son of Prahastha, who was valorous, who cannot be faced by any one and who cannot be won over in war. 43

(Prahastha is one of the great ministers of Ravana.)

Thus ends the forty second chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 43
Hanuman Heralds Sugreeva Arrival

[Having destroyed the Asoka Forest, Hanuman decided to destroy a very huge stage nearby. The hundred guards of the stage wage a war against him and are killed. He then heralds the arrival of Sugreeva along with his monkey army who are going to destroy the city of Lanka and the Rakshasas living there.]

After killing the kinkaras Hanuman started thinking. 1

"I have destroyed this forest. But I have not destroyed this stage which is like a tower. So I will destroy this stage also." Deciding like this in his mind, Hanuman, who was the son of wind-god and a monkey chieftain, showing his strength jumped and climbed on the great stage which was as tall as the peaks of Meru Mountain. 2-3

That monkey chief Hanuman in spite of having climbed on the mountain like stage was as lustrous like another rising sun. 4

Having reached the great stage which cannot be even neared by others, Hanuman became lustrous like Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) and appeared like the Pari Yathra Mountain. 5

That son of Wind God assumed a huge body because of his power and beat the floor with his tail as if he was filling Lanka by his sound. 6

Because of Hanuman's great sound of enthusiasm which was ear splitting, birds became afraid and fell down and the guards of the stage became dumb struck. 7

"Victory to the great archers Rama and Lakshmana, who are very strong. Also victory to the King Sugreeva, who is protected by Raghava." 8

I, Hanuman, the son of wind-god, who is the destroyer of enemy soldiers, has the job of taking away problems and am the servant of Rama, who is the King of Kosala." 9

"Fighting with stones and trees in the battle field, for me even thousands of Ravana are not equivalent enemies." 10

"Even while all the Rakshasa are staring, I would create turmoil in Lanka, salute Mythili and return back after fulfilling my desire." 11

The chief of monkeys who was on the top of the stage heralded like this to the guards of the stage and roared with horrible noise so that the Rakshasa are fear struck. 12

Hearing this great declaration, one hundred powerful guards of the stage came out. They surrounded Maruthi and they rotated and threw at him several arrows, spears, swords and axes. 13

They beat the monkey chief with several types of maces, gold edged pestles and thunder like arrows. 14

That crowd of Rakshasa surrounding the monkey chief appeared as if they are a whirlpool in the river Ganges. Angry because of this that son of wind-god assumed a very horrible form. 15-16

That Hanuman, who is the son of Wind God and who is very strong, suddenly broke away a golden sculpted pillar of that stage. He rotated that pillar in several ways and because of this fire was produced and the stage caught fire. 17-18

Seeing the stage which has caught fire that monkey chief rotated that pillar still faster in several ways. 19

Similar to Indra killing Asuras by his Vajrayudha, he killed several Rakshasas and becoming very pleased he heralded victory as follows: 20

"We, several monkeys, who are similar to me and some who are stronger than me and thousands powerful monkey soldiers who are working under Sugreeva have been sent and they are searching throughout the world." 21-22

"Some of them are as strong as ten elephants, some ten times more powerful than that and some as powerful as thousand elephants." 23

"Some of them are as strong as the flooding tide and some ten times more powerful. Some of them are as strong as Garuda and some of them as strong as wind." 24

"There are also some monkey chiefs among them whose strength is immeasurable." 25

"These people, who use their teeth and nails as weapons, are followed by lakhs and crores of monkeys, who surround the King Sugreeva who is the killer of all of you and are going to arrive here." 26

"Having sought the enmity of the great one belonging to the Ikshuvaku clan, this city of Lanka will not be there, either you will be there nor Ravana." 27

Thus ends the forty third chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 44
Jambu Mali’s Death

[The valorous and powerful Jambumali (son of Prahastha) who could wound Hanuman in several places was killed with lot of effort by Hanuman.]

The very strong Jambu Mali who was the son of Prahastha who has very big teeth having been sent by the King of Rakshasas started armed with bows and arrows. 1

He, who wore a red cloth in which flowers were drawn, who wore garlands, who had round rolling eyes, who was difficult to defeat in war, who was burning like the Trikoota mountains, who was like a very big cloud, who had huge hands, head and shoulders, who had very big teeth, who had very big face, who was very fast, who had lot of enthusiasm, who was very strong, who was greatly heroic, who had sound similar to thunder and Vajrayudha and who had pretty arrows similar to the arrows of Indra, came very fast holding and twinkling a bow which made sound like Vajarayudha and thunder. 2-5

The royal twang made by his bow suddenly filled all sides and the sky. 6

He, who was like mars by his luster, who was like the rising sun and who was protected by a chain coat made of copper, shouted, "Stop, stop". 7

Hanuman seeing him in his front, coming forward riding in a chariot drawn by Zebras, Hanuman became happy and roared like a lion. 8

That Jambumali, who had very long arms, wounded that great monkey, who was sitting on the top of the entry gate, with his sharp arrows. 9

He pierced that Monkey chieftain in the hand by ten arrows, in the head by one burning arrow and in the face by crescent like arrows. 10

That red face of Hanuman pierced by the arrows looked like a red hibiscus flower opened by the rays of the autumn sun. 11

That red face of hanuman became more red by the blood and shined like a big red hibiscus flower existing in the sky and made wet by the drops of red sandal wood drops. 12

That great monkey being wounded by the arrows of Rakshasa became very angry. 13

Then the great soldier Hanuman saw a very broad and big stone near by and he uprooted it and threw it with great force. 14

The Rakshasa became angry and destroyed it using ten arrows. 15

That very powerful and great hero Hanuman seeing that his effort was wasted uprooted a huge sala tree and started rotating it. 16

Seeing that the monkey rotating the sala tree as a strong one, that very strong Jambumali send several arrows at him. 17

He pierced the sala tree with four arrows, wounded the hands of the monkey with five arrows, his chest by one arrow and middle of his chest by ten arrows. 18

Wounded all over the body by those arrows, Hanuman became very angry and took the same pestle and started rotating it. 19

That very fast and very strong Hanuman rotated the pestle with great speed and beat at the broad chest of Jambumali. 20

Because of this, his head disappeared and so did his arms, knees, bows, chariot and horses. His arrows also disappeared. 21

Beat strongly by Hanuman, that great warrior Jambumali, after loosing his limbs and ornaments, fell dead on the earth. 22

Ravana hearing about the death of Jambumali and similarly about the killing of the very strong Kinkaras became very angry with blood shot eyes. 23

That King of Rakshasas, after the death of the very strong Jambumali, rotated his eyes due to anger and immediately ordered the very valorous ministers sons to go. 24

Thus ends the forty fourth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 45
Minister's Sons Death

[Hanuman killed the seven sons of ministers who waged a war against him along with a huge army. Rivers of blood was seen all over Lanka and citizens of Lanka became very sad.]

Those seven sons of ministers, who shined like the seven tongue of fire, who were very strong, who has learned the art of archery properly, who were great among archers and who were greatly valorous started from their homes because they were ordered to, surrounded by a very large army in chariots, which had golden windows, which had flag poles full of flags and which made sounds like the cloud. Each of them wanted the victory to be theirs and was holding bows made of molten gold which appeared as if they were lightning and made sounds from them. 1-4

Their mothers, relations and friends, knowing that Kinkaras have been killed, were terribly upset because of sorrow. 5

Each of them competing with each other to be in the front and wearing ornaments made of gold prepared themselves for war and neared Hanuman sitting near the gate. 6

Those cloud like Rakshasas coming with the thundering sound of chariots send rain of arrows like thick clouds. 7

At that time, Hanuman covered by the raining arrows looked like a mountain hidden by rain. 8

The fast moving monkey rose and travelled in the clear sky and wasted the arrows as well as the speeding chariots. 9

That hero playing in the sky with those great archers appeared as if he was god of wind in the cloud filled sky. 10

That heroic Hanuman by making horror stricken sound made that great army shiver and soon showed his valor against that army. 11

Hanuman, the winner of enemies, killed some by beating with his hand, some by legs, some by fists, some by tearing with nails, some by crushing with his chest and legs and some died by simply hearing the roar of Hanuman. 12-13

When they fell on the earth, after they were killed, the entire army, full of fear, ran in ten different directions. 14

Elephants trumpeted making ugly sound, horses fell down on the earth, and the platform of chariots, flags and umbrellas of broken chariots covered the entire earth. 15

Then by the blood shed every where on the way, rivers of blood were noticed and the entire Lanka cried heart broken with several sounds. 16

That monkey who was a great hero and a great warrior after killing the roaring Rakshasas went and sat on the tower with a wish to fight with more Rakshasas. 17

Thus ends the forty fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.