Sundara Kandam

Chapter: 65
Hanuman’s Choodamani Presentation

[Hanuman then tells about the state of Sita and the messages sent by her and gave the hair brooch which was the memento given by her.]

They reached the Prasravana Mountains with its very peculiar forests and again saluted with bowed head the very strong Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva and keeping their crown prince Angadha in front and waited for permission to tell about the current state of Sita in detail. 1-2

All those monkeys told in front of Rama the fact that Sita was imprisoned in the harem of Ravana, she is being terrorized by the Rakshasis, her special love towards Rama and also the fact that time period has been set for her life. 3

Hearing that no harm has come to the virtue of Sita, Rama afterwards spoke, "Hey monkeys, where is Sita now? What is her attitude towards me? Please tell me in detail all news about Vaidehi." 4

Hearing the words of Rama, the monkeys requested Hanuman, who only knew about all details about Sita in person, to go in front of Rama. 5

Then hearing their request, Hanuman, who had mastery over words, bowed and saluted Sita looking in the direction she is and told the following in detail about the news of his seeing Sita. 6

(In the Tamil Kambha Ramayana, even at the first meeting Hanuman salutes Sita turning the southern direction and tells, "I have seen Sita." This is supposed to give the good news quickly and also indicate to Rama that Sita is still virtuous.)

"I, with a desire to see Sita, who is the daughter of Janaka, searched for her and crossed the ocean which was one hundred yojanas broad." 7

"There in the southern shore of the southern ocean, the bad soul Ravana has a city called Lanka." 8

"Hey Rama, I saw Sita, who is virtuous and the store house all that is good in the harem of Ravana. She is just managing to keep her soul intact because of her love towards you." 9

"She was in front of my eyes in the garden of the harem, in between the Rakshasis, being terrorized often by those horrible Rakshasis, shaking with fear and was under their custody." 10

"That virtuous lady, who did not merit sorrow, was undergoing sorrow thus." 11

"I found out with difficulty that the holy lady, who had made her hair singly, sleeping on the bare floor was being prevented from entering Ravana's harem and well guarded by those Rakshasis, resembled the lotus of winter, was completely depressed, not able to see any way to escape from Ravana, having decided to give up her life and living in a pitiable state but in spite of all that having given her entire mind to you and always thinking about you." 12-13

"Hey innocent lion among men, having heard me praising the fame of the Ikshuvaku clan, confidence in me developed in her." 14

"After that I conversed with the great lady. All information was told to her. She became pleased to hear about the treaty between Sugreeva and Rama-Lakshmana. 15

"Since she is devoted to you, the only aim of that lady was protecting her virtue." 16

"Hey great man, I saw the daughter of Janaka, who is great, forever having devotion and thought about you." 17

"Hey very knowledgeable one, she entrusted me to remind you the story of crow near you in Chithrakoota which you know already." 18

"Janaki told me, "Hey son of wind god, you have to tell Rama the lion among men, all what I said without leaving any thing about this matter."" 19

"This hair brooch which would bring pleasure to my mind was carefully preserved by me. This should be carefully preserved by you, without the knowledge of others and has to be given carefully to Rama in presence of Sugreeva and he has to be told. "This born out of water and capable of creating happiness has been sent by me to you. Please remember the tilaka (dot) drawn by red stone on my forehead."" 20-22

(The story of Tilaka is a private story and should not be narrated in front of every one but should only be indicated.)

Sita who was having doe like eyes which are awake, who was prevented from entering the harem of Ravana, who was having a lean body, also told me, "Hey, son of Dasaratha, who is not subject to aging, when I was very sad, I used to take this and look at it and imagined that I was seeing you and console myself. I would keep my soul for one more month. After one month, I would get in to the custody of Rakshasas and would not be alive." 23-25

"Hey, Raghava, all these have been told by me as it is. It is necessary to order building one dam in the ocean." 26

(Note that Hanuman does not tell any news about his exploits while crossing the sea or in the city of Lanka because it is not proper to praise oneself before ones boss.)

The son of wind God seeing that those two princes were sufficiently consoled gave that memento to them and told all the messages of the holy lady from beginning to end. 27

Thus ends the sixty fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 66
Rama's Choodamani Narration

[Rama is upset to know about Sita and asks Hanuman to tell in detail what has been told by her. The pearl brooch brings to him memories of her, his father and father in law.]

Rama, the son of Dasaratha who was with Lakshmana after being thus spoken by Hanuman embraced the pearl brooch tightly to his chest and shed copious tears. 1

After seeing that great ornament Raghava with tear filled eyes and with a weeping heart addressed Sugreeva with the following words. 2

"My heart melts on seeing this great ornament, which is similar to the shedding of milk by the cow on seeing its calf." 3

"This pearl ornament was given to Vaidehi by my father in law and when worn by her during the wedding shined much more than now." 4

"This pearl which is born in water and considered very valuable by good people, was given to him by Indra during a fire sacrifice." 5

"Hey peaceful one, after seeing this great pearl ornament, my mind has attained the state of having the pleasure of seeing my father and my father in law." 6

"This would shine in my darling's hair prettily. By getting this, I feel I have already got her." 7

"Hey peaceful one, what words, similar to the wetting of the throat of the thirsty one with water has been sent by Sita, who is the daughter of King of Videha. Please tell me once more." 8

"Hey Lakshmana, what can be sadder than the fact that I have parted from the company of Vaidehi and am looking at this gem?" 9

"Hey peaceful one, if Vaidehi lives for one month, she will be living for a long time. I would not now live for one more second without her." 10

(What he means is that one-month is much more than sufficient to free Sita.)

"Please take me to that place where my darling is there. Having understood the present circumstances, I cannot even waste one minute more." 11

"To what extent, should my virtuous wife, who is pretty, suffer, as she is being terrorized by those horrible Rakshasis?" 12

"Her face surrounded by the rakshasas would be without glamour like the autumn moon surrounded, hid and released by clouds." 13

"Hanuman, what did Sita tell? Tell everything in detail without leaving any thing. Like a patient keeping his life by medicines, only through these (words) I can continue to live." 14

"What did my darling, who is very pretty, who is sweet, who tells honeyed words and who is away from me, tell you? Hanuman, please tell me in detail." 15

Thus ends the sixty sixth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 67
Hanuman’s Narration of Sita’s Message

[Hanuman again details the pitiable state of affairs of Sita. He also indicates the several doubts arising in her mind due to her not seeing any action from the part of Rama and Lakshmana.]

Having been told by Rama like this, Hanuman informed him the full message of Sita to Raghava, the great Soul. 1

"Hey great man, Janaki told me in detail the happenings in Chithra Koota to rekindle your memory." 2

"Once when she was in your company, the well slept Janaki woke up first. Then one crow came and cruelly wounded her on her chest." 3

"Hey, elder brother of Bharatha, then you slept on her lap and again that bird caused pain to the holy lady." 4

"Again and again it fell on her and wounded her. Then you were made wet because of her flowing blood and due to that you were woken up." 5

"Hey, killer of the enemies, you who were in deep sleep were woken by repeated attacks of the bird on the holy lady, which caused you discomfort." 6

"Hey great warrior, seeing that she has been wounded on her chest, you became very angry and hissed like a snake and asked the holy lady thus." 7

"Hey lady, who is afraid, who has caused wounds on your chest by his nails? Who dares to play with the angry five headed snake?" 8

"Then you searched on all the four sides and saw the crow with blood coated nails in front of you." 9

"That crow was the son of Indra. Among the birds, he was equal in speed to the wind god and so he disappeared in to the earth immediately." 10

"Hey greatest among the wise, hey great warrior, having decided to punish him you took a cruel decision in case of the crow because of the great anger." 11

"You took one grass from your grass (Durbha grass) seat and chanted the manthras of Brahmasthra and sent it at him. That which was meant for the bird burnt like the fire of hell." 12

"You sent that burning and shining durbha against the crow. What to say, from that time that burning grass started chasing and following the crow." 13

"It wandered all over the three worlds and was forsaken by sages, devas and even its father Indra and did not find anybody to protect him." 14

"Hey, Kakustha, hey killer of enemies, the crow again came to your presence shivering with fear. You, who are very kind, saved the crow which beseeched for your mercy and fell at your feet though he deserved being killed." 15

"Hey Raghava, you who are like that, understanding that the arrow cannot be sent in vain, destroyed the right eye of the crow." 16

"Hey Rama, that crow after saluting you and the King Dasaratha and having been given leave went to his abode." 17

"In spite of being the greatest of archers, being a great warrior, being a person of good conduct, why is he not sending those arrows in case of these Rakshasas?" 18

"Neither the Nagas, nor the Gandharwas, nor Asuras, nor the Maruth Ganas and nor even all of them joining together are capable of facing Rama in war." 19

"If he, who is a warrior, has an iota of love towards me, he should have killed Ravana with his sharp arrows." 20

"Why is it that Lakshmana, who gives pain to his enemies, who has been born in the Raghu clan, not taking his brother's permission and save me." 21

"Why are they, who are lion among men, having power similar to the wind and fire God, who have the strength and are capable of creating fear even among devas, not bothering about me? " 22

They, who are capable, who are always victorious and always living together, do not remember me. Because of this I feel that I should have done some very bad deed. There is no doubt about it." 23

"Hearing these pitiable words said with tearful eyes, I told her again the following consoling words." 24

"Hey holy lady, I take a truthful oath. Rama because of the sorrow caused because of parting with you has forsaken everything. Because Rama is drowned in sorrow Lakshmana is also sad." 25

"Hey great lady, you have been found out by the grace of God. This is not the time for sorrow. You would be seeing the end of your sorrow immediately." 26

"Those two princes, who are blameless lion among men, with a desire to see you are going to turn Lanka in to ashes." 27

"Hey lady who is the result of boons, it is very definite that Raghava is going to kill Ravana and his relations and going to take you to his city." 28

"Rama has to understand the truth in this matter and so blameless one, please give a memento which would increase his love." 29

"Hey very strong one, then that a holy lady saw in all directions and took this ornament out of the hair, after untying it from her dress and gave it to me." 30

"Hey chief of Raghu clan, after getting this holy jewel for your sake, I saluted her and was in a hurry to return back." 31

"That daughter of Janaka, who was in a pitiable state, seeing me increasing my size of the body with an intention to return became upset and drowned in sorrow as also with flowing tears all over her face told thus with stuttering due to tears." 32-33

"Hey Hanuman, tell my welfare to Rama and Lakshmana, who are like lions and King Sugreeva along with his ministers and others." 34

"Raghava alone should help me to come out of the misery of this bondage from this ocean of sorrow and take suitable actions." 35

"Hey chief among monkeys, please tell Rama as soon as you see him about my great sorrow and my being terrorized by these Rakshasis. Let your path for going back be without any problems." 36

"Hey lion among Kings, the lady Sita sends this message which I have told you and which indicates her great sorrow. Please do whatever is necessary having known her complete state of affairs." 37

Thus ends the sixty seventh chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Chapter: 68
Hanuman’s Further Narration

[Hanuman further relates about doubts in Sita's mind and how he gave a pep talk and encouraged her.]

"Hey lion among men, I, who was in a haste to return because of the love and nearness that I had with you, was praised by the holy lady and ordered thus about the future steps to be taken." 1

"You have to tell Rama in several ways so that Rama, the son of Dasaratha would kill Ravana in war and speedily get me back." 2

"Hey warrior, who is the killer of his enemies, possibly, if you like, take rest in a solitary place for one day and start back tomorrow." 3

"Hey warrior, if you are near me, the present time would be a time of solace, from the sorrow caused by sin to this unlucky me." 4

"Though you, who are heroic and is going back to come again, during that time definitely danger would happen to my soul." 5

"For me who is unlucky, who is undergoing sorrow upon sorrow and drowned in sorrow, the sorrow caused by not seeing you, would further increase my already existing sorrow." 6

"Hey monkey chief, hey hero, there is one matter which is very important and which has to be first solved, which is causing doubt in me regarding your helpers, who are all monkeys and bears." 7

"How would that army of monkeys and bears cross the ocean which cannot be crossed? How would those two sons of the emperor do it?" 8

"The strength to cross this ocean exists only to three of you, who are equals, viz, you, Wind God and Garuda." 9

"Hey hero, who is greatest among those who achieve, what methods are you going to find out to solve this aspect which is very difficult to solve? " 10

"Hey killer of enemies, you are the only one who can find solution to this problem and you would definitely get fame for doing that." 11

"If Rama kills Ravana in war and victoriously takes me along to his city, that only would be proper." 12

"I was abducted by the Rakshasa, because of the fear that he had for Rama by using deceit. Suppose Raghava also does a similar thing, it would not be proper to that great warrior." 13

"That Kakustha, who can win the enemy, should destroy Lanka along with its army and take me along with him. This only would be suitable to him." 14

"So you please do the needful and do that in a fashion which is suitable to prowess of the great soul and great warrior." 15

Hearing the words, full of meaning, which were according to the tenets of Dharma (just action) and which were logical, I told whatever was remaining to be told. 16

"Hey holy lady, Sugreeva the lord of the army of monkeys and bears, who is the greatest among monkeys and who has a very stable mind has taken an oath to help in your case." 17

"The monkeys under him are very heroic, stable minded, very strong and are capable of carrying out their intentions." 18

"There is no question of their path being stopped either down or up or at an angle. Those very strong valorous ones will not fade in the toughest assignments." 19

"Those monkeys who travel in the path of the wind, who are proud of their strength and who are really great have travelled round the world several times." 20

"In the court of Sugreeva, there are many who are equal or above me, but there are none who are lower than me." 21

"Ordinary people are sent as emissaries and the very best are never sent as emissaries. If even I have reached here, is it necessary to tell about others who are greater than me." 22

"Holy lady do not be sad. Let your sorrow move away. The monkey chieftains will reach here in one jump." 23

"Hey very lucky lady, those two who are like the sun and the moon will reach here climbing on my back." 24

"You are going to see soon Raghava, who is the killer of enemies and who is similar to a lion, along with his Kodanda at the gate of the city of Lanka along with Lakshmana." 25

"You would soon see crowd of monkey heroes, who use their nails and teeth as arms and who have valour similar to lions and tigers." 26

"You are going to soon hear the war cry of the war chieftains of monkeys, who are similar to mountains and clouds in the mountains and valleys of Lanka." 27

"You are going to soon see that Raghava, who kills all his enemies, completes his stay in forest and along with you celebrate the crowning ceremony in Ayodhya." 28

That princess of Mithila, who was suffering due to the sorrow for you, hearing my words which were definitely believable and which were, that time about the future welfare, was consoled by me, who was talking seriously and became little peaceful. 29

Thus ends the sixty eighth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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