Sundara Kandam - Hanuman Odyssey

Canto 16 - She is Seetha

Prayed then Hanuma in earnest
Lord Rama he revered most
And then thought of task on hand. 1
Seeing her in such distress
Felt as if his heart was seized. 2
Casts when shadow fate on man
Can he ever go beyond its reach? 3
But for being Rama's spouse
Wouldn't have fate ever crunched her more? 4
Whichever way one might see it
Made for each other couple they make. 5

Seeing Seetha in her plight
Recalled he then Ram's valour. 6
If not for her would have Ram
Cared to end ever Vali's reign? 7
If not for his exile Ram
Why should ever he kill Viradha? 8
Miss not targets Ram's arrows
Struck were demons in their thousands. 9
Khara neither nor Trisura
Could stand Rama in combat. 10

But for Seetha how Sugreev
Would have got great Vali's crown. 11
Why in search of her I came
To this land that Ravan rules. 12
Were Rama to lose patience
Won't he topsy-turvy world? 13
Not for Ram the crown of earth
Were Seetha not sharing throne. 14
But for being Janaka's darling
Can one decline Ravan's hand? 15

Daunting must be plight her now
Though she is Lord Rama's spouse. 16
Wonder how she puts up with
Fiends all those who pester her! 17
How sad Seetha had to miss
Folk back home all who love her. 18
It's her love for her man Ram
Makes which Seetha shun Ravan. 19
In her sorrow for her man
Lost she appetite once for all. 20

Ceases not she not to sigh
Once she never ceased to smile. 21
Seeks as oasis one in sands
Craves Rama to see his wife. 22
Gets Ram when his beloved back
Won't he feel like dethroned king
Gets when back his crown in time! 23
No doubt it's her will to meet
Her man that keeps her going. 24
Turned she to her captor blind
Ever she keeps her man in mind. 25

Seetha though is crown jewel
Sans Ram she's jewel-less crown. 26
It's no different with Lord Ram
Braves who though she's not on hand. 27
Sight of hers as shakes me thus
How would Ram ever take her plight? 28
Can he bear to see Seetha's
Plight now wretched as here captive? 29
In the forlorn state of hers
Shadow she's no more than
Of the former self of hers. 30

Seem in vain the rays of moon
Try to soothe her soul perturbed. 31
At the plight of his Lord's spouse
That's what mighty Hanuman felt. 32

Canto 17 - Guards all Hideous

Swans as swim in blue waters
So did moon in Lankan skies. 1
It's as if moon wanted him
Espy Seetha's distressed self. 2
For the eyes of Hanuman then
Seetha seemed a sinking boat. 3
Seen then Hanuman in moonlight
All those guarding Rama's spouse. 4
Saw he many a single eyed
With no ears he many there found. 5

Baldish there were some of them
Had hair others from head to foot. 6
Many had there such drooping lips
Brushed which with their sagging breasts. 7
Midgets ugly were there too
With weird sentries in their scores. 8
Coarse all were they in discourse
Wore all sheepskin for their dress. 9
On their well-built torsos some
Had there animal heads varied. 10

Had some of them camel feet
Moved while others on elephant legs. 11
On their beastly bodies some
Carried handsome human heads. 12
Noses had some there across
Had others vertical lips on them. 13
Tongues had many of carpet size
Hanged which on their wall like lips. 14
Ogresses such as kept an eye
On Rama's spouse in that garden. 15

Armed they were all to their teeth
With varied weapons of war carried. 16
Flesh they ate of every beast
Drank they blood from veins direct. 17
On guard was that hideous lot
Circled Seetha round the clock. 18
Bathed not Seetha in Lanka
Cared she not to comb her hair. 19
Pulled was Seetha thus forlorn
Weaned from Rama for so long. 20

Bereft though of she jewels
Love for her man lent aura. 21
Seemed she hapless deer no less
Strayed who into lions on prowl. 22
Looks she had of looking glass
Never once dusted for so long. 23
Failed that graceful Ravan's grove
To cheer despaired Rama's spouse. 24
Sans her smile did Seetha seem
Flowerless plant in midst of spring. 25

Moved was Hanuman by her sight
Thought he too of Rama's plight. 26
Won't she know in heart of hearts
That her man would come to her? 27
Doubt she had none in her mind
Life of hers was tied with Ram. 28
Heat of her sighs seemed to char
Nascent leaves of high branches. 29
Having perceived her nature
Poised Hanuman to praise her. 30

Felt he glad for his Lord too
Got who such a wife like her. 31
Having prayed to Lord Rama
Hanuman lay in wait for dawn. 32

Canto 18 - Ravan on Heat

In time it was time to dawn
Sprang up Lanka to last man. 1
Vedic chants that rent the air
Sounded music to Hanuman. 2
Surely Ravan would wake up
Then to sound of that music. 3
Thought as Hanuman so Ravan
Stirred in bed in Seetha's thought. 4
Lust of his for Rama's wife
Made him lose his peace of mind. 5

Got as he down from his bed
Lost he no time to reach her. 6
Entered Ravan that garden
Failed it charm his enamored heart. 7
Stride in his to reach Seetha
Left Ravan all deer stranded. 8
Heat of Ravan's lusting self
Made the drops of dew boil. 9
So to be at beck and call
Moved in tow his women folk too. 10

Heading he thus his harem
Headed Ravan to add one. 11
Fanned some then their man on move
Dames with swords some doubled for guards. 12
Held one pretty jug of gold
Filled with vintage wine for him. 13
Shade one leggy lass of grace
Gave him with a hood of gold. 14
Still in stupor some of them
Seemed to follow him by scent. 15

With no time to turn becoming
Followed him some as they woke. 16
Let loose was hair on their face
Had they none their bras on them. 17
Lusted they all for Ravan
Bestowed on them he favours. 18
Felt they proud of his valour
Fetched which riches of all worlds. 19
Wore they all those gold jewels
Made which Hanuman gasp for breath. 20

Sighted as he Ravan then
With the women he saw by night
Overawed Hanuman none the less. 21
Aiding nascent light at dawn
Led him some with candlelights. 22
With his libido thus evident
Looked Ravan like Cupid on earth. 23
In his stride his silk garment
Slid over his broad shoulders. 24
Overwhelmed by what he saw
Discreet distance kept Hanuman. 25

Hand in hand moved Ravan's wives
Seemed they strengthened his position. 26
Cooed then koels to caution
Seetha as he seemed nearing. 27
Strode yet Ravan in long strides
Towards Seetha whom he snared. 28
Wondered Hanuman why Ravan
Wanted Seetha who spurned him. 29
For she spurned a handsome king
Valued Hanuman Rama's spouse. 30

At the might of king Ravan
Felt he humble being strong. 31
At length Ravan reached Seetha
Turned who by then his heartthrob. 32

Canto 19 - Dame in Despair

Seetha whose head bowed so low
Sensed that Ravan neared her then. 1
Shook she like a paddy reed
Swept by stormy coastal winds. 2
Cried she no end in her fright
Black-eyed Seetha at the threat. 3
Like she was a forlorn boat
In the midst of sea that vast. 4
Severed as from a well-grown tree
Seemed so withered a branch Seetha. 5

In spite of her forlorn state
Gave her bright look innate charm. 6
Made though Ravan her captive
Mind of hers was with her man. 7
Bore she travails to love Ram
Than to triumphant Ravan turn. 8
Kept as captive by Ravan
End of tunnel she saw none. 9
Wondered Hanuman how her fate
Deemed it fit to languish her. 10

In her grief then looked Seetha
Like one caught in some scandal. 11
Looked she like a waning lamp
Amidst Ravan's women on guard. 12
For the loss of Rama's love
Wore she look of bankrupt then. 13
Made her grief then look her like
Lotus stem that plucked from bed. 14
Like the moon on eclipse night
Lost she spark of her charm then. 15

Looked she like a lotus pond
Trampled by score wild elephants. 16
River beds seemed cheeks her both
With lean streams in summer months. 17
Fair as lily though she was
Sunburns turned brown her fair skin. 18
Pined then Seetha as lioness
In some zoo for jungle mate. 19
With her thick plait Seetha looked
Like earth with its well-grown trees. 20

Fed by Rama's thoughts Seetha
Lived she just by breathing air. 21
That her man might slay Ravan
Prayed she gods all in reverence. 22
It was in that state Ravan
Found the one he craved no end. 23

Canto 20 - Womanizer at Work

To fair Seetha he confined
Spoke then Ravan in disdain. 1
With thy pair of lovely hands
Why block sight of thy bosom
Hope it's not the fear of me
Prompts thee squat in like fashion. 2
Is a beauty like thine ever
And a lover than me better! 3
What to fear in this Lanka
Lost whose Lord his heart to thee. 4
Fair it's not for thee to blame
Granted when it's to our ilk
Force we might all women we fond
Never mind ever their state of mind. 5

Crave as I for thine embrace
Wait I though for thy consent. 6
Fill thy heart with love for me
Let not fear ever grip thy mind. 7
Having known my love for thee
Don't thou know that it's not fair
That thee should fail thy upkeep
And thus make me sad for thee. 8
From heaven I fetch garments such
To make thee best dressed dame on earth. 9
For thy wear I get jewels
Not even by angels worn. 10

Thou being the crown jewel
Of the feminine world at large
How come then thou shun jewels! 11
Knowing as well youth is like
River that courses to the seas
Why not grant me thy favour
And thus make the best of life. 12
Since there none to rival thee
Having set the hallmark thus
Looks like Brahma ceased His work. 13
Perchance He now espies thee
Finding thou so well-endowed
What with such rare sex appeal
Would He ever quit ogling thee? 14
Such is beauty of thy frame
Wherever I look I get stuck. 15

Dearth there none for mates for me
Brought them in scores from all lands
Yet I've taken to thy charms
Make I thee my Queen of Hearts. 16
Gods from I got such ransom
Made me that the richest man,
Not to speak of self as well
Won't I place all at thy feet. 17
Worlds I conquered all the three
Wealth of nations I plundered
Consent if thou to take me
Gift all that to thy father. 18
None is there in heaven 'n earth
Dares who ever to cross my path. 19
Dust I made to bite enemies
Burnt their standards in their sight. 20

Since no one can rescue thee
Better thee tie thy life with me. 21
Know I value thee no end
Turn thy mind to life at hand. 22
Spend thy days in royal ways
Make we love in nights for long. 23
Having enslaved my heart now
Might well treat me as thy slave. 24
Weigh if thee that Ram and me
In the scale of thy interest
Won't thou know the way it tilts? 25

Lost he crown when all too young
Could have died though not so old. 26
What if he still lives on earth
Gets he how a clue of thee? 27
Were he to get wind of thee
How doth he dare to face me? 28
O dear lady thou have won
The heart of mine the ladies man. 29
O femme fatale as I burn
For the possession of thy frame
Fail I women all who crave me. 30

See all these are queens no less
Make them willing maids to thee. 31
Served as thus by all of them
Won't thou look a goddess then? 32
In the Pushpak that I won
Come to live like favoured one. 33
If ever thy man regains crown
Would he make a patch on me? 34
So that I add honey as well
Know thy buttered side of bread. 35

Lovebirds like we all our life
Live ever making love no end. 36

Canto 21 - Steadfast in Love

Hurt by Ravan's words Seetha
Spoke to him thus in smooth tone. 1
How thou belittle my Lord Ram!
Doth it behove a learned man? 2
Blinded by thy lust Ravan
Fail thou see the God in Ram. 3
Having lovely wives in scores
Why eye me Ram's only wife? 4
How come thou think Rama's wife
Would ever bed with another man! 5

Pray thee divert from me lust
Engage all thy women in want. 6
Want as thou thy wives loyal
Let me be bound to my man. 7
Lust if thou for another's wife
Won't thou know that mars thy life? 8
That thee take the righteous path
Won't' thou have a right counsel? 9
Wonder how thee fail to see
Lanka by thine act would rue. 10

History all know bears witness
Ruined are kingdoms ruled by vile. 11
If thou wish thy Lanka well
Better bear that in mind O king. 12
Well O Ravan wicked as thee
Sure thou die like some street dog. 13
Hear as all those by thee hurt
Sure they feel good at thy death. 14
Sever as its rays never from sun
Never I would wean from my Ram. 15

Had I Rama's arm for rest
Is there better for thee to give? 16
Gain as wisdom read who Vedas
It's my Lord who gained my hand. 17
Help as might a gamekeeper
Beast on heat to find its mate
Let me lovelorn meet my man. 18
Why thou want to ruin thyself
Why not fences mend with Ram. 19
My Lord I tell is large hearted
Treats he kindly those penitent. 20

Take O Ravan my counsel
So thou could live for so long. 21
Plead I would thy case with Ram
Though thou hurt my cause no end. 22
Scare thou might the death even
Escape there none from his wrath. 23
Comes when Rama with war cry
Thou then shiver in thine own shoes. 24
Leave my Lord the king archer
Can thou stand up to Lakshman? 25

Come their arrows thick and fast
Where thee find some place to hide? 26
Know it won't be beyond my man
Lakshman being there with him
To hunt down thee all to last man. 27
It's no big deal for my man
To take me back by slaying thee. 28
Having known thy limitations
To confront my man in person
Don't I know that thou contrived
That golden deer to keep him out. 29
Shame on thee O low Ravan
With that golden deer as ruse
The way thou snared me to Lanka. 30

It's one thing to trick me then
When my man was not at home
As thou face Ram 'n Lakshman
Ball game it would be different. 31
Canst thou hold their little fingers
How can then thou fight them both? 32
Scorch as sun-rays ponds there all
Sharp their arrows sieve thy frame. 33
Earned as thee, wrath of Ram
Know thine end is so near end. 34

Canto 22 - Deadline to Death

Hurt as he by Seetha's taunts
Spoke thus Ravan in harsh tone. 1
Wonder the way women all tend
Tends as enamoured man of them,
As though his stock fell so low
Tend they all to belittle him. 2
If not for my love for thee
Rein in how could my anger! 3
It's but fondness for thee mine
Makes me spare the day for thee. 4
But for the fact thou won me
Head thine would have rolled by now. 5

Know the way thee rubbished me
Should've earned thee third degree. 6
Afflicted though by his lust
Couldn't take Ravan Seetha's snub. 7
Months two more is all I give
For thee to choose death or me. 8
Fail if thou to bed with me
Make thy flesh then my breakfast. 9
Feared all angels having heard
Threat that Ravan's to Seetha. 10

Concern theirs for Seetha then
Made them signal her welfare. 11
Assured thus of angelic grace
Spoketh Seetha thus assured: 12
To put the right into thy head
Sad O Ravan thee have none. 13
Knowing that I'm Rama's wife
Thinks fit none to day-dream me. 14
For the sin of snaring me
Escape there none thee from death. 15

Bid in thine to kidnap me
If not for thy fear of Ram
Why thee contrived his absence? 16
What to make of thy valour
Boast thou as from safe distance
From my Lord thou fear to face? 17
Ogle as thee Rama's wife
Wonder how thou turned not blind ? 18
Abused as thou my Lord Ram
How come thou not turned yet dumb! 19
Given if Rama me the nod
Power I have to burn thee now. 20

It's no joke to dupe my man
Ruse it's but of thine own fate
Helped thee thus to hijack me
So that my Lord sees thy end. 21
For that cowardly act of thine
Boasts of thine all sound hollow. 22
Enraged by her words Ravan
Stared at her in seething rage. 23
Shook he as in burning wrath
Stilted sideways his gold crown. 24
Turned as his, eyes blood red
Peeled off sandal paste on him. 25

Turned to lumps of coal at once
Diamonds of his waist-band then. 26
On his arms with gold epaulets
Hair his stood all in straight lines. 27
Ear-rings his of bright corals
Matched they both the rising sun. 28
In his rage did Ravan seem
Like the funeral pyre on fire. 29
Hissed then Ravan in anger
Spoke to her thus in despair. 30

But for lack of common sense
How can someone fall for Ram!
Looks like I have lost patience
Time I end thy rein on life. 31
Having spoken to Ram's wife
Addressed Ravan his own folk. 32
Know I lost my heart to her
Kept I whom as thy captive. 33
For the possession of this lass
Passion mine is ever on raise. 34
Until she takes me in arms
I can't have the peace of mind. 35

If she were to turn my queen
Make her see the life in store. 36
Pander her to my embrace
Pamper would I her in bed. 37
Fails if she to fall in line
Torture all the way to hell. 38
Came at that an ardent dame
Spoke she then in passion thus: 39
Make me thine in heat Ravan
What thou get from this cold fish? 40

Brahma seems to have deprived
Her the chance to bed with thee. 41
Requites not if lass his love
Won't she turn a pain in neck? 42
Mounts if man a dame in want
Takes she would him to his cum,
Having said that lass on heat
Forced then Ravan fence across. 43
Turned as ground their makeshift bed
Seemed as though the earth had quaked. 44
Came as he back from that jaunt
Led Ravan his women all home. 45

Went as he thus to Pushpak
Left was Seetha in panic. 46

Canto 23 - Guards that Pander

To see Ravan off the grove
Followed suit then guards all there. 1
At the bidding of their king
Trooped they all back to Seetha. 2
Felt they disgust for Seetha
That she rubbished Ravan thus. 3
Sang they praises of Ravan
Sense they tried to put in her. 4
In time lost a guard temper
And then spoke to Seetha thus: 5

Great grandad of king Ravan
Is none other than Lord Brahma. 6
Ravan's father Visravas
Was the son of Pulasthyu. 7
Looks thy wits have gone astray
To snub Brahma's great grandson. 8
To give Seetha more of lead
Harijata took the baton then. 9
Don't thee know that Ravan's might
Made all demigods turn their backs? 10

To make Ravan thine own man
Wonder how thou take so long? 11
To entice Seetha for their Lord
Praised then Praghasa thus Ravan: 12
Loves no less his queen Ravan
Looks whose make thee pale even
That's why it's all seem so strange
That our king should take to thee. 13
Harem his filled to the brim
With beauties of rarest kind
Who would rival thee no less. 14
Taunting Seetha as her wont
Took-off then an amorous one. 15

Dames all die to climb his bed
Craves he but to bed with thee
Seem thou fail to well perceive
What's it like his lovemaking? 16
Sun said another in same vein
Looks so pale at Ravan's glow. 17
Why thou fail to bask thyself
In the embrace of such man? 18
At thy feet is king of kings
Wonder how thee shun him thus. 19
Well be thou in Ravan's bed
Why thee opt for then deathbed. 20

Canto 24 - Carrot and Stick

Finding Seetha still unmoved
Thought the better of guards all then
Brought they dreamland close to her. 1
Said they all in one tone then
None there ever a Pushpak like
In which Ravan keeps his queens. 2
For thy man the Lankan gates
Out of bounds by Ravan made
Stop thy lament for lost cause
Make the best as Lankan queen. 3
Know Ravan is Fortune One
Takes thee as his beloved one
Grant he would thine every wish. 4
Even one-night stand with him
Make thee forget thy man's want
Lost who throne 'n failed thee too. 5

For all they said to pander her
Hurt was Seetha's aggrieved soul
Take she could no more of that. 6
Stop thy tirade of my man
Know it's sin to belittle him
And to pander his spouse thus. 7
Prefer I die as Rama's wife
Than to live as Ravan's queen. 8
Though he lost the crown of his
Sits he yet on my heart's throne. 9
What if he lacks worldly wealth
Makes me rich his manly worth. 10

Apart though are our bodies
Milk and water make our souls. 11
It's thy foolishness to think
My man can't ever make it here,
In the palanquin of my heart
Didn't I bring him so long back? 12
Raged as were they by her sneer
Enraged they mobbed all her then. 13
Saw as he the scene Hanuman
Feared he then for Seetha's life. 14
Frightful as all made themselves
Shivered then Seetha in her shoes. 15

Picked up they all pick-axes
Poked they Seetha with stick's end. 16
At that Hanuman saw Seetha
Run for cover to where he was. 17
Chased all Seetha all the way
Nail they could her in the end. 18
Worked all single minded then
To make Seetha change her mind. 19
To floor Seetha for their Lord
Took then fiendish Vinatha floor. 20

It's as well thee stood by Ram
It's time that thee shift thy base. 21
For thy steadfastness to Ram
Looks like gods all granted thee
Fortune that's rare for fair sex
That of becoming Ravan's queen. 22
Why to speak in equal terms
Can Ram match his little finger? 23
Block thy past as Rama's wife
Gloat thyself as Ravan's queen. 24
Why not take thee Ravan's hand
And turn toast of all three worlds? 25

In time thy man in despair
Wander would he to deathbed. 26
Were thou fail to heed our words
Won't we make a meal of thee? 27
With her sagging breasts that swing
Venomous Vikata came forward. 28
Spoketh as thee words such rash
It's our goodness that spared thee. 29
Brought thee Ravan to this shore
Forget that Ram comes this far. 30

Dares none ever to eye Lanka
Scope there none for thy escape. 31
Invoke and see Lord Indra
How he fears our king Ravan. 32
What's the sense in thy crying
It's time that thee jump for joy. 33
Surely thou pass prime in time
What would be then left of thee?
As the favoured of Ravan
Why not make the best of prime? 34
In the garden of thy bloom
It's all joy rides with Ravan. 35

At the beck and call we all
Come to serve thee all the time. 36
Fail if thee take Ravan's hand
Fail we not to sever thy head. 37
Chandodari then put her mace
On breasts daunting of Seetha. 38
Is it not to enjoy these
Assets ample of snow white
Brought thee Ravan all the way? 39
As thou let not Ravan lay
Hands his eager on thy breasts
Make I would them food for me. 40

At that Praghasa spoken thus: 41
Why to waste our breath on her
Why not stuff out breath of hers. 42
As she failed to lay with him
Learns as Ravan of her death
Won't he let us feast her flesh? 43
Set the pyre to roast her well
And fetch I arrack in barrels. 44
Surpanakha thus spoketh then. 45

Find I tiring all this grind
Guarding Seetha round the clock
High time it's all brought to end
In grand orgy with her flesh. 46
Put they thus the fear of death
In Seetha who then liked to live
For the sake of Ram she loved. 47

Canto 25 - Hapless Soul

Guards as gave her no respite
Broke down Seetha in despair. 1
Seetha in time pulled herself
And thus explained her position. 2
It's no custom for humans
To get wed to the demonic folk.
Stick I would to our tradition
Leave the rest to thy decision. 3
Having stated her position
Sulked then Seetha in distress. 4
Cornered as would deer hunted
Crouched there Seetha in dismay. 5

Like a withered leaf on floor
Lovelorn Seetha thus there lay. 6
Tears those profuse as she shed
Passed her valley in thick streams. 7
In her fright then her frail frame
Looked like banana plant in storm. 8
In her fear as shivered Seetha
Snake like shrivelled then her black plait. 9
Ceased as Seetha not to sigh
Blouse her wet then turned all dry. 10

In her pain then Seetha wailed
'Oh my Rama where art thou'! 11
Why not thou me give consent
Now to die though love to live
To spend the rest of life with thee. 12
Won't it prove the words of wise
One can't time his death himself? 13
Takes as leaking boat its time
To sink down to the ocean bed
What if my grief kills me slow? 14
Seems my sorrow cuts my heart
Erode as floods the banks there all. 15

What else it's but misfortune
To lose such a good husband. 16
Suffer I like the one who took
Arsenic on one's way to death. 17
Looks like I am paying price
For the misdeeds of last birth. 18
See none escape route to Ram
Better I draw the curtains now
On the accursed life of mine. 19
How I forgot as his wife
Until he doth give his nod
Right none have I to take life! 20

Canto 26 - Wandering Thoughts

Sense of respect for her man
Made her position all the worse. 1
Having lost her nerve in time
Cried she like a hapless child. 2
With the intent to snare me
Cruel Ravan lured my man
With that golden deer I craved. 3
That thy canny Ravan made
Me the captive of thee folk
Taunt as thou by sadist pranks
Intent have I none to live. 4
Of what avail is my life now
Useless since it's to my Lord. 5

Seems my heart is made of steel
Or else grief mine sundered same. 6
Sans Ram life is leper like
Since I nurse it nonetheless
What a worthless woman am I? 7
What a man is my Lord Ram
Sans him what doth life portend? 8
How I wish thou kill me now
Bear I can this pain no more. 9
Not even with mile long pole
Touch I would that wretched Ravan. 10

Scorned by me as all the way
What a shameless man is he
So to crave for hand of mine? 11
No way I would turn to him
Why thou waste thy time on me? 12
Wonder how my wondrous man
Came to spare this beastly man! 13
On his own did slay my Lord
Demons fourteen thousand once. 14
What threat Ravan would then pose
To my Lord who killed those fiends? 15

He who slain Viradha then
Would he fail to save me now? 16
True it's no mean task to come
To Ravan's land in midst of seas
But can one ever stop my man? 17
Still I wonder why Rama
Fails to come to my rescue! 18
Looks like my Lord is clueless
Where his beloved wife is held,
If not for that wouldn't he chase
Ravan all the way to hell? 19
When he took him in mid-air
Clipped as Jataayu's wings Ravan
Who then Rama makes privy
It was Ravan that snared me! 20

How I owe my gratitude
To that noble bird so old
Who fought Ravan for my sake. 21
Should Rama get wind of me
Won't he descend on this land
Whirlwind like to suck Ravan? 22
Won't he turn on his wrath then
On the demonic Ravan's force? 23
Won't thus Lankan women all get
Measure for measure of my pain then? 24
One and all of Ravan's men
Would find too hot to handle
Ram in battle with Lakshman. 25

Won't all funeral pyres redden
Skies of Lanka for days on? 26
It's all Ravan's mindlessness
Brings which Lanka to the brink. 27
Won't I see omens portend
Lanka's fall in near future? 28
Bites as Ravan battle dust
Brings that Lanka to nadir. 29
As thy men all go to hell
Won't thee then all pine for them? 30

With no male to caress thee
Wail all thee in every hearth. 31
Comes all this true when Rama
Learns here Ravan confines me. 32
Lands as Ram in hot pursuit
Ravan would have no respite. 33
Naïve is Ravan for he gloats
That he kept me on death row. 34
Won't he shortly come to know
That he himself dug his grave? 35

Deserve demons no more now
Graves than mass in barren lands. 36
Having put a brave face thus
Gripped was Seetha yet by doubts! 37
Can I come to see my Ram
Should vile Ravan keeps his word
And gets served me for breakfast? 38
Might my Lord have thought I died
Or else wouldn't he scan all earth? 39
Taking me for dead and gone
Man mine would have given up life. 40

Won't he gladden gods all there
Stay with his in heaven of theirs? 41
Would a godly man like Ram
Need to keep his woman in mind? 42
Out of sight is out of mind
Maybe norm with all humans,
With his sense of fairness Ram
Won't he cherish his life with me? 43
Wonder how I met this fate
Being wife of such great soul! 44
Turned as void for his loss
Why hanker for life I now? 45

Having lost the will to fight
What if Ram 'n Lakshman too
Penance to taken in despair! 46
Who knows wily Ravan didn't
Contrive death of Ram and him. 47
See I no end of misery
Carry why now more of it? 48
Come I nowhere near yogis
For whom joys and sorrows
Meaning have none of their own. 49
But the rest all gloat fortune
And get shaken by hard times. 50

Ram as is not there to guide
Why not I take my own life? 51

Canto 27 - Dream of a Nightmare

Seetha's intent to end life
Made some scurry to Ravan. 1
Stayed some back to turn their ire
On Rama's spouse in despair then. 2
That thou would be put to death
No need for thee to end life. 3
Rose then Trijata one learned
Appraised thus the risks involved. 4
She's Janaka's daughter fair
Married young to Dasarath's son
Reveres whom world as Lord Rama. 5

Slept off as I dream I had
Trouble that portends to us all. 6
Trijata's prophesy of doomsday
Shell-shocked those on Seetha's guard. 7
Detail now thou dream thy had
Makes thee speak thus so frightened. 8
Averred well Trijata that she saw
Heavenly palanquin in her dream. 9
Reclined therein Ram in white
Stood by Lakshman in blood red. 10

Found I Seetha in my dream
Sit on sky-high white mountain. 11
Mounted then Ram 'n Lakshman
Huge white elephant with four tusks. 12
Oh that elephant that unique
Made they to that mountain peak. 13
Taken as if cue from Ram
Lowered its back that white giant. 14
For her to climb up to him
Gave Ram his hand to Seetha. 15

Having sat thus in Ram's lap
Rose as Seetha so to probe
Saw I touch her sun 'n moon. 16
Took they chariot swift all then
Drawn by bulls all eight snow white. 17
Drove it Lakshman to us straight
Ram and Seetha came our midst. 18
In our land as they landed
Reached out Pushpak in welcome. 19
Having took them on its board
Flew off Pushpak then northwards. 20

It's as if gods beckon Rama
Makes that risky for Ravan. 21
Saw I Ravan in my dream
Drunkard like lay on the floor. 22
In his flight to save his skin
Seems he slipped from thus Pushpak. 23
Saw I Ravan's tonsured head
Peeping from that donkey cart. 24
Looked he like one out of mind
Madman like he played then pranks. 25

In all fear then fell Ravan
On all fours in front of Ram. 26
Tore he all his garments then
Lost he coherence as he raved. 27
Went he then to hole so foul
Filled with filth and night soil. 28
Pushed as was he by some lass
Fouled he was from head to foot. 29
All the way to that quagmire
Dragged was Kumbhakarna too
As though to share Ravan's fate. 30

Saw I naked Ravan's sons
Riding southward on wild beasts. 31
In that pell-mell in Lanka
Found I Vibhishan stand his ground
Waving that white flag at Ram. 32
All in white with his aura
Wore Vibhishan then Lankan crown. 33
Held as Vibhishan Court Royal
Played then music Band Royal. 34
Climbed he up a white elephant
With his men wise four in tow. 35

Heard I demon folk of Lanka
Playing drums to funeral tunes. 36
To the brim of its gables
Saw I Lanka sink in seas. 37
With his burning tail I saw
Came down Rama's aid on us,
Torched as he thus one by one
Went up in flames homes of all. 38
Lanka as was thus burning
Wailing I saw women in streets. 39
Saw I men folk of Lanka
Apply cow dung on their wives. 40

So to escape Rama's wrath
Better we into woods retreat. 41
No man ever spares tormentors
Of the woman he comes to love. 42
Stop thy tirade at Seetha
Seek her pardon for thy life. 43
Portend but well such dreams all
For those hapless women forlorn. 44
Count thou on her good nature
Though all thee had abused her. 45

Nothing but her forgiveness
Can save us from Rama's ire. 46
Take this all as just bad patch
In her glorious reign on earth. 47
In the regal mien of queen
Seen I Seetha with Rama
Flying back to her native. 48
Portends trouble to our Ravan
At the hands of Seetha's man. 49
See that eyelid left her twitch
Fetches it news her all good. 50

Shoulder as her left spasms
It's but signal troubles exit. 51
See I quivering her left thigh
Know it portends no different. 52
Heard I some bird tell Seetha
Expect she could her man soon. 53
Having heard what Trijata said
In her goodness Rama's wife
Promised them all safe passage
As and when Ram comes chasing. 54

Canto 28 - On the Verge

Stunned as guards all kept silent
Had then Seetha yet second thought. 1
Recalled as she Ravan's threat
Thought she fit to end her life. 2
Wonder didn't I drop dead now
Ravan though scared me to death! 3
If it were not made of stone
Why wouldn't sorrow break my heart? 4
Better on my own end my life
Fiends all here sure skin me live. 5

Fails to turn up if my Lord
Bound to cruel Ravan then
Like a surgeon at his work
Turn his scalpel on my frame. 6
Since the outer limit he gave
Me to lean my mind on him
Would be at hand in two months
Feel I like one on death row
To be led for her hanging
One fine morning to gallows. 7
How can ever I tell my folk
Fate mine is like boat that caught
In the storm of high seas now. 8
It's by craving golden deer
Brought I ruin on all of us. 9
Looks like ill-fate was at work
To make me lose my common sense. 10

Thou all-knowing O my Lord
How thou fail to come to know
Me that Ravan vowed to kill? 11
My heart though is set on thee
It's as though thou forsook me. 12
O my Lord, how come thou
Thought it fit to ignore me! 13
When thou regain crown thine soon
Won't thou regale with new queens? 14
But thy Seetha likes to end
Life hers as thy faithful one. 15

Loyal here all to Ravan
Who would poison me procure? 16
Wavered as her hapless mind
So she wandered for low branch. 17
In her bid to hang herself
Coiled she her hair that long. 18
Thought she dearly of her man
And her beloved brother-in-law. 19
As she was to take the plunge
Paused she finding omens some good. 20

Canto 29 - Good Tidings

Courtiers as would flock to kings
Omens good came in thick and fast. 1
Twitched her left eye unceasing
Turned as bright her dark eyes then. 2
Shoulder splendid of hers left
Wont to shoulder Rama's head
Seized by spasm to usher good. 3
As if her man was on hand
Shivered the left one in welcome
Wondrous thigh of hers so round 4
As if Rama sought them both
Slid down pallu from her breasts. 5

Having read the signals right
Seed she seemed at onset sown
Of that monsoon which was full. 6
In the phase of post eclipse
Moon like looked then Rama's wife. 7
Felt at all ease Seetha then
Hoping better days would come soon. 8

Canto 30 - Hanuman's Dilemma

Picture perfect of Seetha
From his hiding got Hanuman. 1
Divined having Seetha thus
Gloated Hanuman his fortune. 2
Hoping to see Rama's wife
Roam as my peers world over
Blessed am I that gods all willed
It's me but who finds her now. 3
Having come to Ravan's land
Won't my spying aid Rama? 4
Privy if to ins and outs
Of the fortress of Lanka
Won't that come all so handy
For Lord Ram to win this war? 5

Isn't lament pulling her
How to infuse hope in her! 6
Worry she had none of yore
Neck deep now she in sorrow
Won't I owe it to my Lord
Console should I his beloved. 7
Were I to fail to infuse hope
In the hapless Rama's spouse
Of what avail this trip mine? 8
Fail if I to inform her
Rama's intent to reach her
In her state of helplessness
Won't I leave her high and dry? 9
Truly it's my chance of life
Make I could Ram feel at ease
With the news of her welfare. 10

How to make it to Seetha
Encircled by Ravan's guards? 11
Fail if I to sound her now
In her hapless state of mind
Might end her life as it dawns. 12
Fail if I to speak to her
What am I to tell her man? 13
Were I to go back to Rama
Without a word from his beloved
Won't that make him frustrated? 14
Fail if I were to lift her
Before we close in on Ravan
Won't she bring her life to close? 15

Why rush back to Kishkindha
Why not find I ways 'n means
To appraise her of Rama's plans. 16
Speak I might as well to her
To make her know there all to know. 17
Were I to converse in Sanskrit
Might she take me for Ravan
In the guise of Rama's friend. 18
Let me talk in native slang
That she takes me for vanar. 19
In her state of shock Seetha
See might in me weird creature. 20

Fearing Ravan came in disguise
What if Seetha starts shouting? 21
With the knives all drawn out now
Won't guards all those gherao me? 22
Might they as well try to kill
Me to serve as mid-day meal. 23
Well, would they find me sitting duck
Won't I jump from branch to branch. 24
As I go on gaining size
Won't they shiver all down their spines? 25

Forces to fetch to rein me
Won't they all to Ravan run? 26
Won't then Ravan send his force
Chance that gives me to take them. 27
But in that sea of his army
How to find an escape route? 28
If I were to get captured
Fail I would to contact her,
So she fails to get the wind
Of the state of Rama's mind? 29
Seetha as would stay perturbed
Won't that make my trip wasted? 30

Keeps that Rama in darkness
Place where Ravan confined her. 31
Were I to get killed or captured
Leaves that Rama in square one. 32
Can one Rama find to cross
Sea this vast to reach Seetha? 33
Take I can all Ravan's men
But that drags on for so long
Thus I can't go back in time. 34
How can one ever zero on
One who wins the war on hand
Gauge I till width of the gulf
Wise it not to go for jump. 35
If I were to turn my tail
How would Seetha get my trial,
Were I to try to talk to her
Won't I have a war on hand? 36
Won't the success of errands
Come to depend on the one
Vested who is with the same? 37
Won't the best of well-laid plans
Go awry in hands of those
That lack tact to tackle them? 38
Better I fail not Rama's cause
With some thoughtless act of mine. 39
How to make her take it cool
That me her man sent for her! 40

In the hearing of her now
Mutter if I would Rama's tale
Might it as well dawn on her
It was her Lord that sent me. 41
Won't my words in praise of Ram
Bring back memories of their time? 42
So to sing then Rama's tale
In the hearing of his spouse
Perched then Hanuman on low branch. 43

Canto 31 - Rama's Ballad

For Seetha's ears then Rama's tale
Sang in sonorous tone Hanuman. 1
In lineage old of Ikshvaakus
Known to all for his valour
Dasarath was the reigning king. 2
Noble as he was the king
Valued was he like a saint
Power he had to rival gods. 3
Generous was he by nature
Took he care of his subjects
Ruled he like a god on earth. 4
For his righteous reign Dasarath
Earned he fame the world over. 5

Esteemed he his eldest son
Known to all as Lord Rama,
Prowess his to target well
Arrows at his enemies awe. 6
Wavers not he from dharma
Adheres he to human rights
Keeps his word at every turn
Gives no quarter to enemies. 7
Stepmother of Ram, Kaikeyi
Wanted who crown for her son
Coerced as she Dasarath then
Gave up Ram thus his birthright
So led Seetha with Lakshman
To the thick woods of Dandak. 8
Demons that ruled roost in Dandak
Menaced they folk lived all there
Killed them all Ram at one go
Restored he thus righteous reign. 9
At the news of kindred's death
Thought of settling scores Ravan,
So he summoned Maareecha
Turned who into golden deer
Tempting Seetha to seek him,
Sent then Seetha Ram to fetch
Magic deer that stole her heart,
Arrow when Ram's hit Maareech
Rent he cries then mimicking him
Made which Seetha fear for Ram,
Goaded Rama's wife Lakshman
To go in search of his sibling,
With none there to stand by her
Kidnapped Ravan Seetha then. 10

Set as he on search for spouse
Came Ram in touch with Sugreev
Stole whose wife his own sibling. 11
To uphold dharma then Rama
Slew he Vali that mighty
Helping Sugreev ascend throne. 12
In time as per pact he made
Sent Sugreev his vanar force
In search of Seetha thus missing. 13
It's my fortune that I came
Place to this in search of her. 14
Picture have I of Seetha
Painted for me by Rama. 15

Won't this lady well tally
Picture with that Ram gave me? 16
Spake as he with all his warmth
Looked up Rama's wife in hope. 17
Found though she no soul in sight
What she heard then made her glad. 18
Sensing Seetha's upbeat mood
From hideout then came out Hanuman. 19

Canto 32 - Is it True?

Aura Hanuman's made Seetha
Think in terms of sun at dawn
Peeping out of branching trees. 1
Stared then Seetha in wonder
Hanuman sighted in splendour. 2
Wondered in awe then Seetha
Who that wondrous vanar was. 3
As she was at loss to know
What to make of that visitor
Prayed she then Ram for guidance. 4
Stared as Hanuman at her long
In her awe then swooned Seetha. 5

Seetha at length pulled herself
Wondered whether she had a dream. 6
Looked then Seetha all over
Waking up though from her sleep. 7
Finding Hanuman staring her
Lost she consciousness at once. 8
Regained sense as she in time
Recalled she then that proverb
Portend simians ill in dreams. 9
Felt then Seetha to start with
Wink with none in lovelorn state
How she could have had a dream! 10

Since I tend to think of Ram
All the time with never a pause
What I heard that simian sing
Product could be of my mind. 11
Song as it's that my heart sings
Seems my ears have probed inside. 12
But then it's no illusion
Him I see in flesh and blood. 13
May god bless that what he said
Would come true to bring me cheer. 14

Canto 33 - Genesis of Exile

Seeing Seetha's demeanour change
Gladdened Hanuman's heart no end. 1
Folding his hands in reverence
Approached he then Rama's wife. 2
Find thee grieving for some time
What doth make thee feel so sad? 3
Thy eyes that are all welled up
Make they clear that thou are hurt. 4
From thy bearing one can see
Come that thou from noble stock. 5

Tend I think that thou are none
But an angel strayed to earth. 6
Wonder thou could be North Star
Came down here from those high skies. 7
Pray thee tell me who art thou
Have thee left thy man in huff? 8
Seen thee grieving for some time
Have thee lost some dear soul then? 9
The more I see thee lovely one
All the more I hold thee high. 10

O thy bearing 'n demeanour
No less empress make thee look. 11
Are thee hapless Seetha then
Snared by Ravan from thy man? 12
Making two plus two as four
Take I thee for Rama's wife. 13
Spoke as Hanuman to her thus
Seetha thought it fit to speak. 14
Dasarath was the king of kings
Daughter in-law am his near
Treated me he daughter like. 15

Seetha am king Janaka's dear
Given in marriage to Rama
Son of Kausalya the Queen 16
In that palace of Koshal
What a life I led with Ram
For the best of twelve summers. 17
Heavenly rule to bring on earth
Came then time to crown Rama. 18
Thought it fit then Kaikeyi
Dasarath's favoured number three
To see her son then ascend throne. 19
Made she clear then to Dasarath
Surely she would starve to death
Were he to crown Ram instead. 20
Pressed as she her suit to hilt
Cited she then that caveat
Cater would the king to her
Wishes three all when expressed. 21
Pulled as by his love for Ram
Stressed as Dasarath to the core
Wanted she that Ram may spend
From then fourteen years in woods. 22
Bound as Dasarath to his word
Sounded he then his first-born. 23
Gladly my man gave up then
Birthright his to rule his land. 24
Ordained thus by Kaikeyi
Set to Dandak woods then Ram. 25

Wanting hassles none for me
Wanted Ram that I stayed back. 26
What was there for me to cling
On to Dasarath's palace then
When my man was not at home? 27
Not the one to forego Ram
Lakshman too then joined us. 28
That's how three of us entered
Those thick jungles of Dandak. 29
Neared as end of our exile
Snared me Ravan from my man. 30

Intends Ravan to kill me
Were I to fail to take his hand
No more than in two more months,
Who is there to tell my man
Made up my mind to die now
For none I would have of Ravan. 31

Canto 34 - Swings in Mood

Moved as Hanuman to the core
Made he move to soothe Seetha. 1
Know am Hanuman Rama's man
Came in search of thee his spouse. 2
Rama is so scholarly
Well versed he with four Vedas
Possesses as well Brahmastra
Spares that none in combat zone. 3
Know Lakshman is no less sad
That he made thee hapless then. 4
Having heard all what he said
Joyous turned then Rama's wife. 5

Hoping for the best in life
How well said that one should live. 6
Felt all at ease then Seetha
With the simian her man sent. 7
Seeing change in Seetha thus
Moved he then to reach her close. 8
What if Ravan came disguised
Developed Seetha thus second thought. 9
Opened my mind to Ravan
What a fool all I made myself! 10

Taking Hanuman for Ravan
Sank in sorrow then Seetha. 11
Saddened as her change of stance
Bent then Hanuman in reverence. 12
Sighed then Seetha at her fate
She at length thus addressed him. 13
In thy disguise as vanar
Won't I know thee vile Ravan? 14
How come thou think I forgot
Saintly garb donned by thee then? 15

What a shame on thee Ravan
Stalk thou dame so unwilling? 16
Sensing Hanuman in distress
Looked she into his eyes then,
Feelings what she saw in him
Made her sing a different tune:
Make as thou me feel easy
And that Ravan puts me off
Think my fears are but liars
Seems thou art but Rama's man. 17
If thou are by Rama sent
Won't thee tell me his welfare? 18
Flood waters as wear river-banks
Rama's name so weans sorrows. 19
Is it true and not a dream
That Rama's Hanuman is with me? 20

Making nights for me wink-less
That Ram can't sooth me in dreams
Seems dream-god is jealous of me! 21
Sights as 'n when man vanar
Said to bring all good tidings,
Came I face-to-face with thee
Won't it then all portend well? 22
How come at the drop of hat
Changing am I my thinking? 23
Time I kept my doubts at bay
Lest Ravan should gain leeway. 24
In spite of her averments thus
Failed Seetha to trust Hanuman. 25

Having into shell withdrawn
Kept she then her own counsel. 26
Having gauged her state of mind
Addressed Hanuman her sweetly. 27
It's but sun-like shines thy Ram
Nears him when moon turns all pale. 28
Him none equals in learning
Rivals gods in kindness Ram. 29
Sight at his all vile turn pale
Next to him looks Cupid but plain. 30

Using his man Maareecha
Turned who into golden deer
Contrived Ravan to make Ram
Chase it leaving thee his spouse. 31
Ram in time would let Ravan
Pay the price for snaring thee. 32
To make thee privy his intent
Sent I was by thine own Lord. 33
Lovelorn Ram is crestfallen
Lakshman too is ever eager
To set thee free from evil Ravan. 34
Pledged his force all Lord Sugreev
That Lord Ram could fight Ravan. 35

Back home all but think of thee
Know they sent me to trace thee. 36
Take it won't thee long to meet
Ram and Lakshman in this spot. 37
Treats me equal as Sugreev
Servant like I serve thy Ram. 38
Crossed I know the sea this vast
Bade by Ram to reach thee now. 39
Know it none of Ravan's tricks
But am Hanuman Rama's man. 40

Canto 35 - Winning the Trust

Spoke as Hanuman in that vein
Developed Seetha trust in him. 1
She then said in sonorous tone -
How come Rama came in touch
With thee and thy Lord Sugreev? 2
How can thou be so certain
Ram 'n Lakshman that thou met. 3
Tell O Hanuman for my sake
Facial features of those two. 4
Gladdened as she opened up
Spoke thus Hanuman to Seetha: 5

Talking no end of thy man
It's a pleasure of its own kind. 6
Recall as I his features
Solace it would thy sad heart. 7
Whether it's godly frame of his
Or his kindly heart therein
None can ever know which scores more. 8
While frame his is mid-sun like
Hath he patience of mother earth. 9
Gives he shelter who might seek
Blemish he hath none in conduct. 10

Lays he store on noble thoughts
Goads his folk to think likewise. 11
Leads he life of celibate now
Fate as thee thus weaned from him. 12
None he slights as come to seek
Given not Ram to spare who dare. 13
Hath he Vedas all by heart
Excels he ever in warfare. 14
Second to none he in valour
None there equals him in grace. 15

Whoso submit tone his soothes
Terse it turns to those oppose. 16
While at ease he seems vigorous
Looks he strong from head to foot. 17
Frame his seven-foot is well built
Face his oblong ever looks good. 18
Lips his rosy slip like glove
Rows teeth over of snow white. 19
Eyes his wide both compelling
Strike so dark and deep as well. 20

Manner as well demeanour his
Holds good adage of old thus
Handsome is as handsome doth. 21
Worthy no less than thy man
Lakshman the brother-in-law thine. 22
If thy Ram is blue diamond
Lakshman is all golden-hued. 23
It's the search for thee Seetha
Brought them both to Kishkindha. 24
Banished as by his sibling
Met them Sugreev in hiding. 25

Sugreev as was good to us
Followed we his loyal band. 26
It was thus we came to meet
Ram 'n Lakshman dressed all coarse. 27
But Ram had that bow on him
Make which would all bow to him. 28
Sighted as he them in arms
Shivered but Sugreev in his pants. 29
Sent me my Lord on errand
So that I could befriend them. 30

Made I thus thy man privy
Plight of our own Lord so good. 31
Having heard that story Ram
Thought it fit to meet Sugreev. 32
Realized as they both of them
Sail they thus in same boat then
Lords those both came ever so close. 33
Consoled Rama vanar Lord
Lost who wife to his sibling. 34
Said then Lakshman to Sugreev
Seems Ram's spouse was snared by some. 35

That Ram had to lose his wife
Made Sugreev grieve all the more. 36
Flew as Ravan thee by force
Recall how thee threw jewels
From the skies of Kishkindha. 37
Showed we them all to thy man
Told we know not who snared thee. 38
How the sound of that landing
Still rings fresh in Kishkindha? 39
Sighted as he thy jewels
Fainted Ram in Lakshman's lap. 40

Compelled as if by thy thought
Woke up Ram and tapped them all. 41
As if to dust them all then
Shed Ram tears on all of them. 42
Left with no more drop to drop
Seemed he drained his heart for thee. 43
For safe keeping of them all
Gave them Ram to Sugreeva. 44
Having thus lost thee consort
There none is to console Ram. 45

Had he no wink all these days
Pines he ever to sleep with thee. 46
Having lost the trace of thee
Know thy man is truly lost. 47
Lost as he his lovely spouse
Pleases him none spring even. 48
It's for certain that Rama
Would kill Ravan in Lanka. 49
Know vanars all bound by oath
Take thee back soon to thy Lord. 50

For he slew the vile Vali
Oath we took to help thy Lord. 51
Having crowned our Sugreeva
As the king of Kishkindha
Won't we all owe to thy man? 52
Grateful Sugreev vow then took
To help thy man to get thee back. 53
It's in thy search Sugreeva
Sent all simians to scan earth. 54
Bade us Sugreev not to leave
Stone unturned to search Seetha. 55

Vanars are on global hunt
To nail the vile who snared thee thus. 56
Angad son of slain Vali
Marched with some of us southward. 57
Lost we way in vast Vindhyas
Groped in dark for several weeks. 58
Not to go sans breaking news
To our Lord who owed thy man
Thought we all to end our lives. 59
If ever it came to the crunch
Felt we should die exhausted
In search of Rama's dear Seetha. 60

Haunted by our own failure
Lost we hope of finding thee. 61
Low then we all felt to core
Lay we flat on mountain peak 62
Flew in then Sampaathi
Sibling of slain Jataayu. 63
Having heard his sibling's death
Spaketh thus the agonized bird. 64
Pray thee tell me O vanars
Who did kill my good sibling? 65

Angad then told Sampaathi
Trying to save Rama's spouse
Lost his sibling his own life. 66
Having heard the story thus
Sampaathi then told Angad
With the bird's-eye view of his
Sensed he Ram's spouse in Lanka. 67
Having got the clue from him
Led us southward then Angad. 68
At the prospect of success
Enthused were then all of us. 69
Sea vast in time as we reached
Poured that water on our hopes. 70

In that Angad and the rest
Saw the mission as ending there. 71
But the urge to find out thee
Made me lunge that sea across. 72
Chance I had to see Ravan
Glad I met my Rama's wife. 73
It's me Rama's own Hanuman
Treat me as thine own servant. 74
Know am none but Vayu's son
Trust that Rama yearns for thee. 75

Lakshman as is wont of his
Is at Rama's beck and call. 76
Sent me Sugreev to Lanka
In the service of thy Lord. 77
At the news of thy kidnap
Sunk our vanar folk in grief. 78
Break I when the news to them
Know they all would jump for joy. 79
Hears as Rama thou are sad
Won't he itch to take thee soon? 80

Know am but the son born to
Anjana Devi queen of queens. 81
Married though she king Kesar
Womb hers was by Vayu blessed. 82
Valour of mine 'n conduct
Spread far 'n wide fame of mine. 83
Brought I thee as good tidings
Time thee look for happy times. 84
Ardour that she found in him
Made then Seetha trust Hanuman. 85

With the change of her mind thus
Rolled on her cheeks tears of joy. 86
With that bright look on her face
Shone she like a full moon then
Freshly out of grand eclipse. 87
Knowing that he won her trust
Spoke then Hanuman to her thus: 88
It's time that I now start moving
Pray tell whatever in thy mind
Treat I would as Rama's word. 89
Being none but Wind God's son
Strength I have to fly all worlds. 90

Canto 36 - More of the Same

Went on Hanuman in same vein
So that Seetha trusts him more. 1
O Lord Rama's revered wife
Gave thy man this ring of his
Me to pass on to thee now. 2
Guessed thy man thy state of mind
Felt his ring would make thee trust
Me he sent in search of thee. 3
Grabbed then Seetha Rama's ring
Fondled it forever so long
As she would her husband's hand. 4
Aided by that bright diamond
Face her glowed like moon in bloom. 5

Reminisced as she Rama's love
Turned then coyer her demeanour. 6
For the valour he had shown
Seetha in time praised Hanuman. 7
One as would a small canal
Wonder how thou crossed the sea! 8
It's but bravado O Hanuman
For thou came to face Ravan. 9
That thou enjoy my man's trust
Know thee have my trust as well. 10

Came it when to judging men
Know my man is none to err. 11
That Rama is keeping fit
Take that as my good fortune. 12
Having lost his loving wife
Wonder why it takes so long
For him to scorch all this earth! 13
Looks like I am ill-fated
That Ravan could confine me
Wife of whom all gods give way. 14
Hope not my loss made Rama
Lose his nerve to face Ravan. 15

Despair in his at my loss
Hath it made him lose focus? 16
Hath he in his forlorn state
Lost all interest in his mates?
Came it when to foes of his
Hath he softened in his stance? 17
Bid in his to rescue me
Can he count on his allies? 18

Doth he draw his plans with care?
And yet to make it good in life
Need as men all gods' blessings
Won't he pray for his success? 19
Hope not yearlong separation
Made him lose his love for me. 20

Knew he not what hardship is
Wonder how he bears all this! 21
Hope they are all doing fine
Won't he get to hear from home? 22
Beset by grief of my absence
What if Rama got bogged down
And goes he slow on my rescue? 23
Dutiful sibling that he is
To join battle with Ravan
Did Bharata send his army? 24
Would thy good Lord Sugreeva
Force his bring to fight my cause? 25

Know I Lakshman on his own
Can take Ravan and his men. 26
Hope the day is not far off
Ravan when is felled by Ram. 27
Doth the heat of his passion
Stoked thus by my separation
Wont to wither his handsomeness? 28
Word to keep of his father
Left he crown with no regret,
With no bother in the world
Led me with him to the woods,
Now that I am not with him
Hath he lost the track of life? 29
Loves as he me dear than self
Loves his people nonetheless. 30

Having reminisced her man thus
Hoping Hanuman picks up threads
Kept then silent Rama's spouse. 31
Having read her mind Hanuman
Made the position clear then thus: 32
In the know is not thy Lord
Ravan it was who snared thee. 33
Report as I back to Ram
Ravan it's thee made captive
Won't he descend on Lanka
With our vanar force to boot? 34
To help us land in Ravan's land
Won't he with his arrows make
Bridges across sea though vast? 35
Were the god of death to try
Stop to Rama in his tracks
Won't he slain that god even? 36
Sans his consort to comfort
Stirs Ram in bed restlessly. 37
To espy thy man in Lanka
Takes it not long for thee now. 38
On my word O Rama's dear
Day that now is not far off. 39
Sees as Rama demeanour thine
Won't his visage turn so bright? 40

Touches he not drink or meat
Partakes but a meagre meal. 41
Fails he feel the flies on him
Lives as he lost in thy thought. 42
Engrossed as ever in thy thought
Thought he hath none for the rest. 43
Forlorn in his eyes so deep
Barring eyelids from closing
Fills thy picture to the brim. 44
Sees as he a flower or fruit
Wont it his to sigh for thee. 45

Sad though he in separation
None he slacks in preparation
To take thee back for reparation. 46
That her man would rescue her
Made the hapless Seetha glad,
But the plight of her beloved
Made the spouse of Rama sad. 47

Canto 37 - Aborted Move

In time Seetha gave Hanuman
The key to state of mind of hers. 1
That my man is so constant
Lifts my spirits all well to skies
But the news of his despair
Pulls me down back to square one. 2
Vices if were to drag down
Man on road of his misery
In the plenty of riches
Forever loses man his course 3
Can one really overcome
What is ordained by his fate?
Won't my story underscore
Aspect this of life on earth. 4
In the high seas of sorrows
Boat of my life as capsized
Can my man ever carry me
To the joyous shores of life? 5

When Rama would bring nadir
Closer to the Lankan shores? 6
Tell Rama to beat deadline
Set by Ravan for my death. 7
For Ravan to snuff my life
Left are just but two more months. 8
Plead did my case Vibhishan
But paid deaf ear his sibling. 9
Won't make my man Ravan pay
The price for treating me badly? 10

Told me Anala in person
Daughter dear of Vibhishan. 11
Aid de Ravan Avindhya
Advised his Lord in public
'Better give Seetha to her man'. 12
Averred Ravan's ablest aide
Lands when Rama in Lanka
That would be the end of it. 13
Sixth sense of mine seems to tell
That my man would come for sure. 14
It's not in Ram to leave his wife
High and dry in enemies' hands. 15

Know I know that he did kill
Demons in thousands at one go. 16
Know I my man can tackle
Ticklish things as one trivia 17
Strike his arrows his enemies
As would lightning its targets. 18
Felt glad Hanuman he induced
Hope in Rama's distressed spouse. 19
To cheer Seetha all the more
Assured he then Ram would come. 20

Or else why not escape now
Carry thee would on my back
And land thee in thy man's lap. 21
Permit if thou I would pluck
Lanka from its roots in earth
And place it at the feet of Ram. 22
Either way it helps thee meet
Man thine who is in thy wait. 23
Be that as it may thy man
Is all set to rescue thee. 24
Choose if thou to come with me
Cuts that short thy separation. 25

Make up thy mind Rama's wife
Leave thus thou this Ravan's den. 26
Rest as thou on my strong back
Fly I would at Mach two speed. 27
Thee as I fly back to Ram
None of Ravan's could catch up. 28
Came as I here in flicker
Won't we slip back in whisker? 29
Amused at what Hanuman said
Spoke then Seetha to him thus: 30

With due respect to thyself
To take me over sea this wide
More it takes than simian jumps. 31
Tell me how with tiny frame
Thou me carry on thy back? 32
Words those Seetha's naïve uttered
Made great Hanuman feel slighted. 33
Why to fault good Rama's wife
For she knows not my true worth. 34
So thought it fit then Vayu's son
To show her all his innate strength. 35

For that he then chose a spot
Which wouldn't restrict his full growth. 36
Tried as she to keep up pace
Glimpse to have of his face then
Seetha at length found herself
Staring at the stars themselves. 37
Having shown her his prowess
Assumed normal form Hanuman. 38
Told he then her that he could
Fetch her forthwith to her man. 39
Won't that let her cut short all
Suffering of her beloved Ram? 40

Splendorous Seetha then in awe
Spoke to wondrous Hanuman thus. 41
Seen O Hanuman with my eyes
What a mighty frame thou have! 42
If not for thy skill Hanuman
Know I it's no joke to reach
Lanka across sea this vast. 43
Sure I feel thou fly me back
For me to reach Rama's feet. 44
But on second thought I wonder
Whether I lose my self in flight. 45

Once in mid-air nerve I might
Lose and fall down from that height. 46
Then the hungry whales in seas
Won't they make a meal of me? 47
Slow down if thou for my sake
Won't that make us sitting ducks? 48
Gives that Ravan's loyal men
Time to spare in catching us. 49
Gherao as they us mid-air
Contrive how thou to escape? 50

Won't that put thy life at risk
And mine as well in mid-flight? 51
Fight as thee all Ravan's men
Won't in fright I lose balance? 52
Dares not one to ever engage
Thee in dogfight in high skies
But then Ravan's men in hoards
Prevail might by hook or crook. 53
Engage as thou all of them
Won't that leave me unguarded? 54
For vile Ravan's men to kill
Won't that make me easy prey? 55

Comes it if to such a pass
Won't thy toil go in vain? 56
In spite of the odds so great
Should thou take me to my man
Won't that leave him feel slighted? 57
In case Ravan gets me back
Holds me tight in no man's land
How on earth my man gets there? 58
Whichever way might one may look
Seems it sound that thou might fetch
Man mine here than other way round. 59
Turns it if our mission failure
Won't that put the life of Ram
As well the rest all at risk? 60

Hear if they soon none of me
Ram 'n Lakshman both of them
For sure embrace death in time. 61
Credo it's but of my soul
Touch I never another man
Than my Rama whom I love. 62
Held me Ravan in kidnap
Disgust it caused all the way. 63
Know I well my man doth hit
Bull's-eye every time he aims. 64
Enters he once battle zone
Know his arrows like sun-rays
Cease they never from his bow. 65

To join battle with Ravan
It's my request O Hanuman
Fetch thou my man with Lakshman. 66

Canto 38 - Story to Tell

Respect with all due to her
Addressed Hanuman thus Seetha. 1
Surmise I can from thy words
What a woman of virtue makes. 2
It was not a fair offer
For the fair sex on my part
Help I them as piggyback. 3
Intent that thine not to touch
Someone other than thy husband
Made I know thee stay thus put. 4
One so chastely as Seetha
Is there ever in all three worlds! 5

Won't I tell Ram in detail
Spoke thee what and all I saw. 6
Urge it's mine to bring an end
To the suffering of thee both
That was at the back of mind
Offered when I thee my back. 7
Thought I fit to offer help
Takes as it some time for Ram
Reach to Lanka with his force. 8
Owing to my love for Ram
Without further loss of time
Thought I would fetch his beloved. 9
Canst if thou come back with me
Bestow something that soothes him. 10

Moved to core as Rama's wife
Spoke with ardour to Hanuman. 11
Dost thou remind my man then
The story of that amorous crow. 12
It was during our outing
On the banks of Mandakin
Happened that in broad daylight. 13
Stayed we then at Siddhashram
Laid which was in thick garden. 14
Lay as I in Rama's lap
Having lapped up garden path,
Got a crow at my bosom
Dropped I pallu chasing it. 15

Pushed as that I in dismay
Back it came to try its luck. 16
Lord mine witnessed that tussle
In which my breasts got exposed. 17
Amused by its eagerness
Teased as Ram with innuendos
Kept I blushing all the while. 18
Scolded him as I roundly
Me he took then in embrace
Smiled he sweetly to soothe me. 19
Tears that gushed then from my eyes
Streams as they made on my cheeks
Wiped them he to comfort me. 20

Sapped as I lay in his lap
Slumbered I for so long thus. 21
Woke up as I my man took
Turn his to rest on my thigh. 22
Finding my man in deep sleep
Back came that crow to resume
Beaked it flesh from my bosom. 23
Bore all as I fearing that
Gets disturbed my man in sleep
Blood in streams from my valley
Made its way to Rama's chest. 24
Having woke up by its warmth
Saw my Lord then my torment. 25

Hurt as I was by that crow
Pearl like breasts mine turned corals. 26
Saw as Ram that eager crow
With its blood stained beak 'n all
Gripped was my Lord with anger. 27
Oh, that crow was Kakasur
Happened to be Indra's son
Known to cover the earth and all
With the matching speed of sound. 28
Seeing Rama's blood red eyes
Saw the danger Kakasur
Flew thus swiftly in panic. 29
Upset by the hurt it caused
To me beloved of his heart
Lost no time Ram to punish it. 30

Took he some reed lay nearby
Which with power of his mantra
Turned then into Brahmastra. 31
Chased that missile Kakasur
All the way to Indra's place. 32
Even Lord of heavenly gods
Felt he could not help his son. 33
Back came that crow to save life
Sought he pardon from my Lord. 34
Though Ram came to forgive him
The weapon in use was sure to hurt. 35

As a way to save his life
Pleaded Kakasur with Ram
Let the damage be limited
To the right eye that he bore. 36
Having owed his life to Ram
Left then one-eyed Indra's son. 37
Wonder how the one who used
Brahmastra on Kakasur
Fails to put the same to use
To punish the man who confines me? 38
Is it that Ram fails to know
Bitter would be his better half! 39
Having taken vow to help
All and sundry in distress
Is it fair for Ram to leave
His own one thus in the lurch? 40

Not the one to act in haste
Hath he patience of oceans. 41
Hath my suffering not tested
Patience his with vile Ravan? 42
Aims as he and shoots arrows
Escape none there for his foes. 43
If my Lord has some concern
For me forlorn spouse of his
Won't he come to my rescue? 44
What of Lakshman his sibling
Moves not one inch in spite of
The loss of sister-in-law his? 45

Surely my Lord and Lakshman
On their own can bring to knees
Gods all there in heaven at once. 46
Looks like it's my misfortune
That my Lord and his sibling
Should make no move to rescue
Me from clutches of this man. 47
Moved as Hanuman by lament
Of the hapless Rama's wife
Tried he thus to cheer her up. 48
Swear I to the fact that Ram
Swallowed was by thy sorrow. 49
Now that I would head to Ram
With the tidings of our meet
Know its beginning of the end
Of thy sorrows of all hues. 50

For these demons to rue in time
Count on Ram to bring curtains
Down on Ravan's Lankan stage. 51
It's no big deal for Rama
To make cruel Ravan meet
His nadir with all his men. 52
Let me hasten to thy man
So to convey news of thine. 53
In spite of the hope it gave
Spoketh in teras thus Seetha. 54
Tell my man that I live by
Hope of making life with him. 55

What else can I wish for him
Rama's dearest brother Lakshman
That he joins his wife soon
Whom he left to serve us both. 56
Sad it was that he gave up
Conjugal his life for long
So to take care of us both. 57
He is such a pet of Ram
For he is a handsome man. 58
Though he is my brother-in-law
Me he treats as mother no less. 59
If not for his loving care
In our exile in those woods
Life would have been hell for us. 60

Know that Rama loves Lakshman
Much more than me his own spouse. 61
Sees Ram their dad in Lakshman
And that helps him soothe himself. 62
To do the needful for my sake
Trust I would thou spur Lakshman. 63
Entrust I would thee the task
To goad my man to take me back. 64
Let my man know I wouldn't live
Day one longer than one month. 65

Surely Rama can save me
From the sin of my suicide. 66
As a token of her love
To be passed on to her man
Gave him Seetha her diadem. 67
Took that Hanuman in reverence
Matched which well with ring finger. 68
Felt then Hanuman truly blessed
For the trust that Seetha placed. 69
Being in front of Seetha
Bore he Rama in his mind. 70

At length he came out of trance
Made he move to take her leave. 71