Sundara Kandam - Hanuman Odyssey

Canto 39 - Doubts to the Fore

In her new found hope Seetha
Voiced then her feelings thus: 1
Once Rama sees this diadem
Warmth of my love fills his heart. 2
It's all left to thee Hanuman
How thou make it back to Ram. 3
Hope thou slip not on thy way
So that I could come out clean. 4
Having assured her Hanuman
Inclined was he to take leave. 5

Lost her nerve then Rama's wife
Leave would Hanuman all too soon. 6
In the choking tone of hers
Encored she her feelings thus:
Tell O Hanuman my concern
To my man and his sibling. 7
Protocol by thou deem it fit
Regards mine pay to thy folk
One by one to each of them. 8
Feel I thou art the right one
To goad my Lord to save me true. 9
Fetch thou Rama for my sake
Earn thee goodwill of us both. 10

Like a rock thou stand by Ram
Hurricane like stir his conscience. 11
Roused if Ram by thee Hanuman
Know he would turn typhoon then. 12
Having heard thus Seetha speak
Assured Hanuman Rama's spouse. 13
At the head of vanar force
In no time would land Lord Rama. 14
Declares as Ram war on him
Face would Ravan wrath his then. 15

Surely thy hurt would impart
Cutting edge to thy Lord's wrath. 16
Know thy Ram is all eager
To make thee empress of this world. 17
At those words of Hanuman then
Pleased was Rama's spouse no end. 18
Stood as he to bid adieu
Tried she thus to detain him. 19
Why not stay for one more day
Wish I now thou took some rest. 20

Presence thine in precincts these
Soothes my hard pressed mind as well. 21
Till thou come back with my man
Wonder whether my life would last? 22
Visit of thine as soared my spirits
Fear thy farewell doubles my grief. 23
Honest to be with thee now
Came to develop on second thought
Doubts on Sugreev's simian force. 24
How can vanars ever on earth
And for that matter Ram even
Cross the seas to reach this shore? 25

For all I know, other than thee
God Vayu and good Garuda
Can none ever cross Lankan seas. 26
Be that as it may pray tell
How thou could bring vanars all
With Ram 'n Lakshman to this land. 27
Find if ways 'n means to take
Me back to my anxious Lord
Brings that glory none to Ram . 28
Regain I but my glory
Go back as I to my folk
With the standard of my Lord. 29
If my man ever slays Ravan
Battle great in for his spouse,
Enhance that would his prestige
As the one to contend with. 30

Battle in that for his spouse
For my Ram to slay Ravan
Pray thee show me script thou have. 31
Felt then Hanuman Seetha's words
Worthy they all woman of note
So he addressed her nerves thus: 32
How thee fail to reckon Sugreev's
Resolve to win this war for Ram? 33
To take on Ravan and his men
Know brings Sugreev to Lanka
Tens and thousands of vanars. 34
Know our vanar force excels
Man to man all Ravan's men. 35

Creed it's that of us vanars
Not to show our backs to foes. 36
Bears in our force in numbers
None the less than our vanars. 37
Deem if thou me fit and strong
Know my folk score more than me. 38
Came as I here all the way
For the rest all it's child's play. 39
Thus O Seetha in no time
Land would vanars in Lanka. 40

On my shoulders take I Ram
As well Lakshman to fly them. 41
Once they set foot in Lanka
Know that would end Ravan's reign. 42
Perish as Ravan and his men
Take thee back would Rama home. 43
Lurks as Ravan's end in corner
Come to quick end thy sufferings. 44
As would Ravan bite thus dust
Reach thou thy Lord as free soul. 45

Bound as Ravan to exit
Bid all sorrows thee adieu. 46
Though he felt he said it all
Resumed Hanuman on second thought. 47
Mark my word O Rama's wife
Man thy would soon kill Ravan. 48
So to slay all Ravan's men
Vanars know need no more than
Mere their nails 'n teeth of theirs. 49
Won't the war cries of vanars
Make all Ravan's men stone-deaf? 50

Piqued as by pain in groin
Caused by longing for thee long
Heat thy man turns on Ravan
Caused who thus thy separation. 51
Thus O Seetha be certain
Bound is Ram to take thee back. 52
Man as thy hath his sibling
Face to Ravan's force in tow
What is there for thy worry? 53
With the end of Ravan thus
Turn thou new leaf in thy life. 54

Canto 40 - Repeats the Dose

Spurred as Seetha by pep talk
Spoke she then with fortitude. 1
Words thy no less drops of rain
Land on that so parched for long. 2
In the despaired heart of mine
Seed like words as sowed by thee
Seem they turned all sprouts of hope. 3
Ever I cherish the time I spent
With my beloved spouse Rama,
Keep in mind to remind my Lord
The tale of crow that lost its eye. 4
In that night-long lovemaking
Smudged as dot my vermillion
Remind my Ram that he fashioned
Dot on my cheek not forehead. 5

How a valorous man like Ram
Fails to wreck his vengeance on
Man who came to snare his wife? 6
Let him know that this diadem
Which I got at our wedding
Helps me think of him fondly. 7
Now that I have parted with
Let him know that have I none
Helps that to soothe my torment. 8
It's the hope of meeting him
With which I bear slights all these. 9
Live I thirty days in hope
Fails if my Lord me by then
Left I with but no option
Than to take my life on own. 10

Ram if fails to come in time
With no reason to live more,
Ogles at me as Ravan
Bear I won't his lustful look. 11
Sank as Seetha in sorrow
Spoke thus vanar to cheer her. 12
Swear I do now by thy man
Fond he is no less of thee. 13
Now that I traced thee at last
For the end of thy sorrows
Note the countdown hath started. 14
As and when I let him know
Though art confined by Ravan
To land in Lanka with vanars
Wastes not Ram a second even. 15

Battle Royal that follows
Ensures Ram would slay Ravan. 16
To spur on Rama even more
Why not give me something more? 17
Show if thou him my diadem
To spur him on to fight for me
Need there none for something else. 18
Enthused by her words Hanuman
Stirred his frame to fly back home. 19
Grew as he in size Hanuman
In awe Seetha gazed at him. 20

At the prospect of his loss
Spoke to him in tears Seetha. 21
Tell my man 'n his sibling
Suffering am in anxiety. 22
How to rescue me in time
Counsel Rama O Hanuman. 23
Fare thee well O dear vanar
Know I wish thee bon voyage. 24
To journey back to Kishkindha
All set Hanuman to leave her. 25

Canto 41 - Rampage in the Park

Bid as adieu Hanuman soon
Exuded warmth Seetha then. 1
As he left her felt Hanuman -
Were I to fail to probe Lanka
Won't my trip be incomplete? 2
How to test the guys all these
Than ride roughshod over them? 3
Were I to slay a few Generals
Won't that weaken Ravan's force? 4
Found as I now Rama's wife
What if I dent Ravan's pride? 5

Why not eyes 'n ears I keep
Wide open for task on hand? 6
Why fail assess relative strength
Of Ravan's men and us vanars? 7
Better I invite Ravan's wrath
That he lets loose kinkar force. 8
Battle as I palace guards
Chance it gives to test their strength. 9
Oh, this garden of gardens
Could be dear to evil Ravan. 10

Were I to arson this garden
Spits fire enraged Ravan then. 11
Won't he send his elite force
Alive or dead to take me soon? 12
Won't I take on all of them
On my own in their own land? 13
All those high and mighty trees
Hurricane like then Hanuman mowed. 14
Bulldozed as he his way through
Birds there perched all lost their nests. 15

Set he as the place on fire
Seemed that like huge funeral pyre. 16
Birds there flew to save their lives
Sounds they made then reached the skies. 17
Fire as raged there thick and fast
Cried wildlife there then thus trapped. 18
Soon the scene turned inferno
Came dwellings all crumbling down. 19
Turned in no time burning coal
Garden meant for queens to cool. 20

Hanuman in all eagerness
Waited to take Ravan's men
Expected to confront him. 21

Canto 42 - Panic in the Town

To the sound of falling trees
Woke up Lanka from siesta. 1
Cried as flying birds all then
Cuddled all Lankans in panic. 2
Reached as tongues of flame to skies
Rushed out Lankans from their homes. 3
So to put the fear of death
In them into giant he turned. 4
Ran to Seetha women in fright
Hoping that she throws some light. 5

Tell us Seetha what thee know
Why this fiend did came to us? 6
Fear thee have none to tell us
What was that he spoke to thee? 7
Playing her cards close to chest
Countered Seetha them all thus:
How can thee ever expect me
Privy to thy demonic tricks? 8
Find as serpents their kindred
Thou should know him from his ways? 9
If thou let me I surmise
Demon some could be on roll now. 10

Ran as some to Ravan then
Went round some to see debris. 11
Appraised Lankans then Ravan
About the fiend that came to town. 12
O Lord Ravan came vanar
With whom Seetha spoke for long. 13
Pressed as we her long 'n hard
Preferred she not to divulge things. 14
It's quite likely that vanar
Is one sent by her own man. 15

Garden that is Lanka's pride
That is after thine own heart
Razed that vanar to the ground. 16
In spite of the fire he set
Sits as Seetha though unfazed,
What else it's but his miracle
Touch her none those tongues of fire? 17
Clearly it was his intent
To see that Seetha was not hurt. 18
Sits still Seetha in cool shade
Right under the tree thus spared. 19
That he conferred with Seetha
And caused arson in thy land
Feel that fiend hath doubly sinned. 20
Thus we feel O Lankan king
Spare thou must not that simian. 21
Words those uttered by his folk
Made then Ravan fume in rage. 22
Scorch as if to all three worlds
Burned he like the mid-day sun. 23
To restrain vanar on rampage
Committed Ravan his panzers. 24
Eighty thousand strong it was
Force he sent to take Hanuman. 25

On their way to pin him down
Armed they all were to the teeth. 26
Went they all to have a go
As if to keep date with death. 27
Came as he in striking range
Spears they threw all at him sharp. 28
Closed in they all soon on him
With their swords 'n clubs as well. 29
Itching for a fight with them
Hit the ground with tail Hanuman. 30

Grew then Hanuman all the more
Slapped he arms his to scare them. 31
Sound that traversed to high skies
Made birds drop dead in their scores. 32
Invoking Ram 'n Lakshman
As well vanar Lord Sugreev,
Laid who store on Lord Rama
Thundered Hanuman at them thus: 33
Hanuman I'm Vayu's son
Privileged to serve mighty Ram
Lord of Koshal land there yore,
None him in this world equals
Sent by him an errand boy
Smash I would now all thy heads. 34
Ravans in their scores even
Match me not in battle skills,
Slabs 'n trees are all I need
For razing Lanka to the ground. 35

Watch as thou in wonderment
Find I Seetha unhindered
Leave then Lanka blessed by her.* 36
In the face of Hanuman then
Saw there Ravan's men nadir. 37
Being loyal to their Lord
Battle yet they gave Hanuman. 38

Unarmed as he flew in there
For use as his makeshift club
Pulled he latch of Lanka's gates. 39
With that latch so thick and strong
Amuck he ran then amidst his foes. 40

In times yore as Indra did
Slew then Hanuman them in scores. 41
Scanned he then the battleground
To take on them who stood the ground. 42
Managed who then to escape
Ran to Ravan with that news. 43
Slighting that as storm in teacup
So to throw the book at Hanuman
Sent then Ravan Prahastha's son. 44
* these verses are revered the most by the devout.

Canto 43 - Itching for Fight

None there left to give battle
Prahastha's son as not yet reached
Thought of future course Hanuman. 1
Thought he fit to despoil
Hill like palace found therein
Used for funeral pyres to lay. 2
Up the golden roof of it
Hop step and jump he went. 3
Perched on top of that terrace
Seemed he rivalled sun in skies. 4
Saw all those him stand up there
Wondered how he reached those heights. 5

Grew he so tall that he touched
Skyscape that was filled with clouds. 6
Slapped afresh he arms his strong
Sound that made the guards all there
Lose their consciousness en masse. 7
Prayed he Ram 'n Lakshman too
Invoked he Lord Sugreev's grace. 8
Gaped as all those guards at him
Addressed Hanuman them all thus: 9
Come may Ravans in thousands
Won't I mincemeat make them all. 10

Over thy dead bodies now
Go and I see Rama's spouse. 11
So to unnerve them further
Roared he like thunderbolt. 12
Provoked by the daring of
Intruder who challenged them
Rose to one man guards all there
So to subdue who snubbed them. 13
Arrayed Ravan's guards well-built
Aimed they allied weapons at him. 14
Around the vanar thus they trapped
Whirlpool like look had those guards. 15

Enraged by their act Hanuman
Pulled he pillar of huge girth
Of that structure of sky high. 16
Like a rod he twirled it long
To ward off weapons they threw at him. 17
Sparks of friction emanated then
Burnt that place all far and wide. 18
Spoke thus Hanuman to those few
Survived then his great onslaught. 19
Force ours realize hath thousands
Match who would me bone to bone. 20
Know they all to smash thy heads
Land would soon on Lankan shores. 21
Know a weakling of vanar
Equals elephants ten no less. 22
Prowess elite force ours hath
Such is that thou can't figure out. 23
Witness how all vanars would
Come to kill thee with their nails. 24
It's thy ill fate that thy Lord
Snaring Seetha to thy land
Invited Ram's wrath on thee
Hapless subjects of his State. 25

Canto 44 - Takes on Prahastha's Son

Sent as he was by Ravan
In time garden gate Prahastha's
Son had reached to slay Hanuman
Who by then came back to post. 1
Came thus Hanuman face to face
With Jambumali that Prahastha's son
Savage fiend that slain all dared
Feared thus most the world over. 2
Bow his rivalled Indra's own
Sent shivers it down enemies spines. 3
Strung as he the string to test
Of his bow to serve his cause
Echoed its sound in high skies. 4
Driven in cart of four donkeys
Came as Prahastha's son near him
Greeted Hanuman him in scorn
Slapping hard his own thighs then. 5

Jambumali then lost no time
Aimed he arrows sharp at him. 6
Missed no arrow its target
Tip to toe was hurt Hanuman. 7
Bloodied face of Hanuman then
Looked like flowering rose at dawn. 8
Hurt by arrows in their scores
Mouth of Hanuman's coral red
Looked like lotus in full bloom. 9
So to launch a blitzkrieg on
Prahastha's son by Ravan sent
Picked up some slab then Hanuman. 10

What he hurled at Prahastha's son
Turned that then to pebbles latter. 11
Enraged Hanuman plucked a tree
And javelined hard at Jambumali. 12
Aimed his arrows Prahastha's son
Tree that just left Hanuman's hands. 13
Prowess such was Jambumali's
Shot he arrows in their scores
Missed none of them its target
Chipped to firewood tree all that. 14
With the shield of tree thus lost
To body blows of Prahastha's son
Laid bare then all Hanuman frame. 15

Hanuman pulled a door latch then
Leapt he thus at Prahastha's son. 16
Hit then Hanuman with that latch
Chest of Prahastha's son that strong. 17
Blow that Hanuman dealt was such
Broke all bones of fiend that strong. 18
Battered as by Hanuman then
Lay dead Ravan's chosen one. 19
Heard as breaking news Ravan
Of the death of Prahastha's son
Went he into rare frenzy. 20

So to bring to book Hanuman
Sent Ravan for seven Marshals
Heirs apparent of secretaries
Seven of his who served him right. 21

Canto 45 - Marshals in the Mire

Like the balls of fearsome fire
Forthwith set out seven Marshals. 1
Famous for their fighting skills
Went thy all for Hanuman's scalp. 2
Drawn by horses that were swift
Chariots theirs were made of gold. 3
Bows theirs were all gold plated
Quivers of theirs were made of gems. 4
Enraged they all at the thought
Scores of Lankans lost their lives
In their own land at alien hands. 5

At the head of their force then
Attack they led all from the front. 6
Like the darts of pouring rain
Sent they arrows in their scores. 7
In the midst of that downpour
Stood then Hanuman like a rock. 8
Rose as Hanuman to high skies
Made he null and void those
Arrows thus they aimed at him. 9
Battled as he them from skies
Seemed he rainbow well therein. 10

Thundered as he from high skies
Shivered demons all there gathered. 11
So to make all those Marshals
Bite the dust in battle dress
Needed Hanuman just bare fist. 12
By the scare thus caused by him
Demons all in scores then and there
Died of stroke by awe they felt. 13
Those all at the fringes then
Retreated to save their skin. 14
Looked the battlefield in time
Like the burial ground to brim. 15

Formed as canals blood by then
Flowed with force to hinterland. 16
Seeing backs of fleeing ranks
Stood well Hanuman to take on
Fresh forays of Lankan force
Ordained by king Ravan next. 17

Canto 46 - Generals in the Dumps

Pondered Ravan death over
Chosen ones all in their scores. 1
Thought he then it fit to send
Four star Generals to take on
Vanar that was hard to beat. 2
Chose he Durdhar and his ilk
Wage who war with lightning speed. 3
Said Ravan to his Generals
Wise it's not to take chances
With that vanar on rampage. 4
Use all thy wile to ensnare
Him to bring thus to me live. 5

That he could slay best of us
Makes him mighty foe no less. 6
For the havoc he had wrought
Reckon I not him mere vanar. 7
Seems Indra with all his guile
Shaped this simian our equal. 8
Subdued as we for him long
Sense it makes to expect that
Try he might to hurt us thus. 9
Need thou tackle this vanar
With but joint move by thee. 10

Seems he ghost by Indra sent
Doubt have I none in my mind. 11
Know I Vali and his tribe
Give who can a hearty fight. 12
Yet they make no patch on this
Simian shaped by Indra's wile. 13
Looks he like a superman
Out to test our demonic strength. 14
All of thee though severally
Could win over this simian
Wisdom lies to take on him
With the combined strength of thine. 15

Pays regardless though to press
One shouldn't fail to guard his flanks. 16
Spurred on thus by king Ravan
Pressed his Generals to the front. 17
Seemed it as an exodus
Led as they their force varied. 18
Came they face to face in time
To face thus Hanuman lay in wait. 19
So that they could surprise him
Pounced they all at once on him. 20
With no let the five all fought
With their lightning arms to boot. 21
First to hit him was Durdhar
With his arrows five so sharp
Managed which all but to scratch
Frame that giant of Hanuman then. 22
Took that Hanuman as affront
Turned he skyward to confront. 23
So to engage in dogfight
Made chariot his then Durdhar
Airborne like a fighter jet 24
Wind as toys with clouds all
Arrows all those of Durdhar
Managed Hanuman to scatter. 25

Durdhar's job to make difficult
Grew then Hanuman further more. 26
In time from high skies Hanuman
Landed straight on Durdhar's cart. 27
Crushed as Durdhar therein lay
Saucer turned his chariot huge. 28
With the fall of Durdhar thus
Crushed he couple of more Generals. 29
Not to give up Ravan's men
Hit all Hanuman in tandem
With their maces on his chest. 30

Withstood he then their assault
With no more than his bare first. 31
Enraged in the end Hanuman
Plucked a tree large lay thereby
With which he felled Ravan's men. 32
With the death of his peers thus
Took on Hanuman Praghana then. 33
Bhasakarna too joined hands
So to aid then Praghana's cause. 34
Threw as Praghana at Hanuman
Sword his sharp with all his strength
Bhasakarna sent lance his long. 35

Bled his body head to foot
Hurt as Hanuman by them both. 36
Plucked then Hanuman some hillock
With which he crushed them to bones. 37
Having killed all five Generals
Slain he then the entire force. 38
In his fury then Hanuman
Looked like Indra on rampage. 39

Littered by the corpses then
Graveyard looked the battlefield. 40
Amidst the ruins of Ravan's hopes
Stood like colossus Hanuman then. 41

Canto 47 - Akshay's Life on Line

Heard as all of Durdhar's fall
Akshay truly itched for fight. 1
Fell as Ravan's eyes on him
Bowed his son with golden bow. 2
In his chariot made of gold
Rode as Akshay to Hanuman
Seemed he like the sun on move. 3
Wind God it beats at his game
Akshay's chariot drawn by eight. 4
Custom built in heaven itself
Outmaneuvers it all on earth. 5

Battles as he from that frame
None can ever face Akshay then. 6
With such battle guard Akshay
Went to confront Hanuman then. 7
Like the lion on hunt Akshay
Looked at Hanuman as his prey. 8
Having met his match Akshay
Felt eager to fight Hanuman. 9
To tease the vanar to fight him
Shot Akshay then three arrows. 10

Failed as they to hurt his foe
Saw the fight on hand Akshay. 11
Hanuman too then came to see
Makes Akshay hard nut to crack. 12
Raged as battle between them
Stopped all worlds to witness that. 13
Bull's eye hit those arrows three
Aimed by Akshay at Hanuman's
Head that he held ever so high. 14
Blood as spilled on his frame thus
Made him seem the morning sun. 15

Enthused by the fight on hand
Enhanced his frame then Hanuman. 16
So to account his foe's affront
Destroyed vanar Akshay's force. 17
Angered at that Akshay then
Aimed arrows in scores at him,
Akin that was to downpour
Of monsoon on mountain then. 18
Prowess at such of Akshay
Shouted Hanuman his salute. 19
Went as the praise to his head
Taunted Akshay Hanuman then
To fight the one whom angels dread. 20
Hurt though he was by arrows
Sent in rows by Akshay's bow
To take then on the daring youth
Jumped up Hanuman high in skies. 21
With no respite to Hanuman
Aiming arrows thick and fast
As would hailstorm hill terrain
Chased him all the way Akshay. 22
With his lightning reflexes
Escaped arrows all Hanuman. 23
Taking Akshay's tender youth
Though he was no babe at arms
Felt like sparing him Hanuman. 24
But then Akshay was intent
To take the vanar his captive. 25

Matchless prowess of Akshay
Made the son of Vayu think
Youth he was not meant to die. 26
Lad this Ravan's on his own
Could bring gods 'n angels too
Knees on to theirs in battles. 27
Battle that's on hand I now
Looks he's gaining upper hand. 28
Fail if I now to confine him
Shame me he would in no time. 29
No way out for me but now
Than slay Akshay Ravan's son. 30

Killed as prelude then Hanuman
Stallions eight of Akshay's cart. 31
Broke as Hanuman his vehicle
Hors de combat turned Akshay. 32
Not the one to get daunted
Kept up tempo still Akshay. 33
Eagle as an would have its prey
Took hold Akshay's legs Hanuman. 34
Handled Hanuman then Akshay
Washerwoman would as garments
On some stone by waterside. 35

With the impact that it took
Akshay's frame there lay tattered. 36
With the fall of Akshay thus
Even Indra felt surprised. 37
To slay more of Ravan's men
Lay then Hanuman there in wait. 38

Canto 48 - It takes Indrajit

Aggrieved as by Akshay's death
Thought then Ravan of sending
Son his eldest who subdued
Indra himself in battle. 1
Addressed Ravan his eldest
Who could invoke that mantra
To make his arrow Brahmastra
And thus stun foes formidable. 2
With thy prowess at battle
Beat thou all in battlefield. 3
With thy mystic powers and all
None can harm thee in combat. 4
Is there any in all three worlds
Hath who not heard of thy fame. 5

In the art of waging war
Thou I know are my equal. 6
At the hands of this vanar
Dared who challenge Lanka's might
Warriors in their thous did die
With the Generals at their head. 7
Wonder how did our Akshay
In spite of his combat skills
Come a cropper with vanar! 8
Wise it not to take him light
Saw who end of young Akshay
And such veterans from our ranks 9
Won't thy sight in battlefield
Scare the mighty of all worlds. 10

Wiped as vanar our panzers
Akshay 'n the five Generals
Not to speak of seven Marshals
Makes it no sense to expose
More of our men to the same. 11
Using arms of thine varied
Use there none to waste thy time
Looks like none but Brahmastra
Could take care of this vanar. 12
For the dharma of the land
Won't let rulers fight the foes
Having men to fill that role
Constrained am I to send thee. 13
Takes as one the battlefield
Killer instinct he should have. 14
Ravan's son then Indrajit
Rose to greet his revered dad. 15

Praised by all there to one man
Felt then Ravan's son enthused. 16
On his errand Indrajit
Seemed like tidal wave on move. 17
Got he onto his chariot
Drawn by roaring lions all four. 18
With no further loss of time
Reached straight Indrajit target. 19
From his aura knew vanar
It was none but Indrajit
And that he had fight on hand. 20

Posited himself Indrajit
To take the vanar in his stride. 21
With the dust the lions did kick
Filled was entire space in skies. 22
So to watch how Vayu's son
Takes on one who subdued them
With their fingers crossed in awe
Watched all gods there from high skies. 23
Sight at that of Indrajit
Itched then vanar to engage
Him in single combat who
Done in Indra Lord of gods. 24
Tested Indrajit his bow
Sound it made like thunderbolt. 25

In time Hanuman found himself
Engaged at war of his life. 26
As a ploy to stall his foe
Fought him Hanuman from the skies. 27
To make Hanuman his target
Sent Ravan's son such arrows
Wings which had to cruise in air. 28
Swift as Hanuman in escape
Arrows all those got past him. 29
Sparred with some more Indrajit
Managed Hanuman to thwart them. 30

As though to tease Indrajit
Neared as Hanuman ever so close
Shot then Ravan's son arrows
With such aim to hit bull's-eye
But swift as Hanuman in mid-air
Kept he ever thus out of range. 31
Sight all this made exciting
For all those who came to watch them. 32
Hanuman then was all at sea
How to conquer Ravan's son,
Latter too seemed have no clue
How to tackle foe his strange. 33
Worried all looked Indrajit
For his failure to bring down
Foe of Lanka with his skills. 34
Realized Indrajit at length
Hard it was to slay Hanuman. 35

So he thought it fit to use
Brahmastra to stun Hanuman. 36
Invoked Indrajit Brahma
Powers he arrow of his sharp
To stun Hanuman out of wits. 37
With the power of Brahmastra
Lay then Hanuman unconscious. 38
Hanuman by the blessings of
Brahma his own grandfather
In time regained consciousness. 39
Having realized Ravan's son
Tied him with the Brahmastra
Recalled Hanuman boon he got
From Brahma to safeguard him. 40

How were Indrajit to know
Made me Brahma exempt from
Mantra invoked in his name? 41
Aware got he unshackled
From the grip of Brahmastra
Thought he fit to lay low then
Out of respect for the Lord
Brahma who gave birth to his
Father Vayu rules who skies. 42
Feared not Hanuman Indrajit
Blessed as he was by Brahma. 43
Taken he would be captive
All too well then Hanuman knew. 44
Feigned as Hanuman in coma
Sent men Ravan's son to him. 45

Chose as he to turn captive
Lost no time then Ravan's men
To tie his frame then tip to toe. 46
Wanting then to meet Ravan
Hanuman bore the insults all
Thrown at him by Lankans then. 47
Soon as Lankans tied vanar
With ropes made of strong coir
Eased out its force Brahmastra. 48
Realized Indrajit in time
Foolishness it was to use
Ropes to augment Brahmastra. 49
At loss was thus Indrajit
How to tackle Hanuman then
Got who freed from Brahmastra. 50

Pricked as Lankans all the way
Kept mum Hanuman in the hope
Led he would be to Ravan. 51
Let thus Hanuman to take him
Though he could have freed himself. 52
In time to the Lankan court
Brought was Hanuman tied in ropes. 53
Took a hard look Ravan then
At that vanar who looked strong. 54
In whispers then Ravan's court
Wondered at the developments. 55

Angered were all those nobles
Slew that he their kith and kin,
Soon as they saw Hanuman thus
Brayed all they for blood of his. 56
At the sight of Ravan's court
The like of which he never saw
Wondered Hanuman for his part. 57
Ravan as he saw Hanuman
Pushed 'n prodded by his guards
Seemed too nonplussed as it were. 58
Espied as he thus Ravan
Had who aura of but God
Stunned no end was Hanuman then. 59
Lost as Ravan his cool soon
Wanted he to go to roots,
Bid he thus his men enquire
How come Hanuman did trespass. 60

Council as then questioned him
Declared Hanuman that he came
Sent by vanar Lord Sugreev
On an errand of import. 61

Canto 49 - Ravan's Darbar

Stared as Ravan in dismay
Looked at him in awe Hanuman. 1
Studded as it with rare diamonds
Had king Ravan crown of crowns. 2
Garments Ravan wore were silk
Ornaments on him all were gold. 3
Frills to its his dress scented
Smeared with ash was his forehead. 4
Eyes of his so wide and sharp
Turned they red by his rage then. 5

Heads he sported ten in all
Seemed they all but as if one. 6
Wore as myriad chains of gems
Dangled which on his bare chest,
Made they rays of mid-day sun
Peeping out of thick dark clouds. 7
Epaulets he wore seemed to crown
Hands his both so strong and long. 8
Sat thus Ravan on his throne
Had that for seat smooth carpet. 9
Posited as he on high throne
Fanned him damsels for comfort. 10

With their advice to render
On call were his secretaries. 11
In the midst of those gathered
Seemed he island in high seas. 12
Ravan in his darbar seem
As though Indra held his court. 13
Stood then Hanuman gaping at
Ravan at his splendorous best. 14
Though the pain of confinement
Made him feel thus out of sorts
Sight of Ravan made Hanuman
Stare at him in wonderment. 15

Bowled over by Ravan's charm
Thought over then Hanuman thus: 16
Can there be a king on earth
Better who can the Ravan Great? 17
Were he not to foul dharma
Is he not the one to rule
In his right the heaven as well. 18
But that he is perverted
World all made to pay the price. 19
Were Ravan to set his mind
To destroy earth and heaven itself
Power he seems to have for that. 20

Canto 50 - Cues of Loss

Seeing Hanuman unshaken
Smitten was Ravan by doubts then. 1
Wondered Ravan if bull god
Cursed him when he shook Kailash
Came in disguise to harm thus. 2
Or could he be that Banasur
Came in form of this vanar? 3
Clueless as was Ravan then
Prahastha he then addressed thus: 4
Wish I Prahastha thee find out
Wherefore came this simian fiend,
What was at his back of mind
Spoiled when he our garden? 5

Trespass why did he Lanka
Made him what to give us fight? 6
Assured Prahastha then vanar
Harm him none would in Lanka. 7
Promised he then safe passage
To trespasser there thus lay trapped. 8
Have thou come to spy on us
Sent by gods from heaven itself? 9
Clear it's all from thy valour
That thou art no mean vanar. 10

Mince no words 'n bare the truth
That we could thee free forthwith. 11
If thou try to sidetrack us
Know that will be at thy risk. 12
Hanuman in turn told Ravan
That his trip had none to do
With the gods that Lankans scorned. 13
Am I from the vanar ranks
Came to see thee king Ravan. 14
Spoiled I know thy garden
That thy guards would usher me
To thy court O Lankan king. 15

Came as thy guards to kill me
Slain them just to save my life. 16
Stunned as Indrajit me then
With the aid of Brahmastra
Blessed as I was by Brahma.
Came I soon out of its spell. 17
On my own I came to thee
None as ever would contain me. 18
Know me as the one sent by
Rama to make truce with thee. 19

Canto 51 - Advice to Deliver

Unnerved continued Hanuman
With Ravan who scared all gods. 1
Wishes Sugreev thou all well
With the message that follows. 2
Help as it would thee all now
Heed thee advice of my Lord. 3
Dasarath was a godly king
Fame he earned for rule his fair. 4
Son his eldest Lord Rama
So to honour his dad's word
Gave up lawful right on crown. 5

For the help his wife the third
Rendered him in some battle
Gave word Dasarath to her then
Honour bound he would be to
Fulfill wishes three of hers,
Came when time to crown Rama
Sought as she crown for her son
Went Ram with his spouse Seetha
In tow with his brother Lakshman
To Dandak woods on exile then. 6
Janaka's daughter that worthy
Woman that wed first Dasarath's son
Kidnapped was she from those woods. 7
With his sibling Lord Rama
Went on searching for Seetha. 8
Came he soon to Kishkindha
Made he pact with Sugreeva. 9
Vow as per his Lord Rama
Slew the sibling of Sugreev
Vali who stole wife of his. 10

Vali's valour world all knows
Felled him but Ram at one go. 11
Got as Sugreev Vanar Crown
Besides hand of Vali's wife
Apart from his stolen one
So to keep the word he gave
To Lord Ram to find Seetha
Sent he vanars in their scores
Covering earth and heaven as well. 12
Find thou in the vanar ranks
Valorous all in their thousands
Conquer who could on their own
Worlds all three there at one go. 13

It's me Hanuman, Vayu' son
Flew the sea of hundred leagues
To reach Lanka in search of
Seetha kidnapped wife of Ram. 15

Scanned I Lanka's width 'n breadth
Found I Seetha in the end. 16
O well learned king Ravan
Is it fair for thee confine
Wife of another in thy land? 17
It's no dharma for the king
Breaks he rules of humankind. 18
Bodes it ill for all thy folk
That thee annoy Ram and his
Sibling who could destroy all
And sundry as well at their will. 19
For thine unfairness to Ram
In snaring loving spouse of his
Sure to rue thy citizens all. 20

Send back Seetha to her man
Pray heed advice of this mine
Given in keeping thy interest. 21
Fail thou heed my Lord's advice
Found as I now in thy land
Seetha faithful wife of Ram
Rest of it is left to him
How to book thee for thy foul. 22
Being such a learned king
Wonder how thou fail to know
Seetha would prove thee costly. 23
Pays it to know Rama's wife
Is not the one to get seduced
By the vile of devil itself. 24
May thou live forever so long
Boon thou got from God Himself
Fail if thee to mend thy ways
Sure thou soon would come to grief. 25

Know the rider that God put
For thee to keep death at bay
Is on hand to see thy end. 26
In battles all with gods and such
Boon hath it that come thou clean. 27
It's thy fate that failed thee true
To seek no harm from men and us,
It's thus Ram and we vanars
Bring would thy end in combat. 28
Lay not as knives two in sheath
So's the case with good and bad. 29
Blessed as gods thee for good deeds
Punish they would now for foul acts. 30

How thou fail to see writing
On the wall when Seetha's man
Could slay Vali thy equal! 31
Rama if were to give nod
For that matter I would now
Sink thy Lanka in the seas. 32
Tied are my hands for Rama
Vowed he would slay well in time
Hands with his own who that dared
Kidnap his dear spouse Seetha. 33
Spare would Rama not even
Indra were to harm his cause,
What would come of folk like thee
Were they to cross swords with him? 34
Know Seetha thou here confine
Would cause curtains to come down
On the Lankan stage of thine. 35

She's like the hangman's rope
Brought by thyself to Lanka
On thine own to hang thyself. 36
With her power of chariness
Burn as well she might thy land. 37
Why drag down them all of them
Hordes of wives and thy siblings. 38
O Ravan the Lankan king
Heed thee advice of Sugreev. 39
Know Ram is no mere mortal
Power hath he to destroy all
Exists whatever in three worlds
And bring life back onto earth. 40

In all races of worlds all
None there equals him as man. 41
Makes it's no joke to join
Battle with the god in him. 42
That thou hurt the god on earth
Hope there none for thee in life. 43
In their bid to save thy life
All three worlds if ever combine
Yet Ram would make bite thee dust. 44
Destined if were one to die
At the hands of Seetha's man
Gods themselves know wash their hands. 45

Treating Hanuman's words ranting
Lost his cool then Lankan king. 46

Canto 52 - Placates the Sibling

In rage Ravan then ordered
Hanuman be to put to death. 1
Stood up Vibhishan in dismay
The sibling fair of Lankan king. 2
To stall the folly of the court
Pleaded Vibhishan with Ravan. 3
To set Ravan in right frame
Praised his sibling him to skies. 4
Heed me learned king Ravan
Fair it's none to kill Hanuman. 5

Kill if we one on errand
Don't all we earn infamy? 6
Remind none thee O learned
It's not how the king should act. 7
Swayed if thou by thine anger
What would come of thy learning? 8
Thus O Ravan unrivalled
Better be prudent in thy act. 9
Words at these of his sibling
Hissed in anger then Ravan. 10

The way he acted mala fide
It's no ill to kill Hanuman. 11
Would not let go Vibhishan
Ravan on the path that's wrong. 12
Won't thee realize O learned
It's no dharma to kill one
Brings that missive from rivals? 13
Brief it's not mine to plead for
Life of one who harmed us all
But to keep up thy fair name
Deal thou with him as ordained. 14
Severe a limb or lash him well
That's the way to deal with him. 15

It's not wise to act in haste
Calm down so my great sibling. 16
Is there any better than thee
Knows who dharma in theory
Nuances as well in practice? 17
Valour with thine unrivalled
Conquer did thou all three worlds. 18
High such being thy position
Why let act such lower that? 19
Uphold honour of Lanka
Not by killing this vanar
But by slaying Ram who sent
Him to act in foul manner. 20
How this vanar on errand
Could have acted on his own
Without the goading of his Lord? 21
Were he to be freed by thee
Fetch he would then his masters
Itching to land on our shores
For thee to see the end of them. 22
Falls if Rama at thy feet
Bites as and when he the dust
It's then but gods would realize
How thou made all cowards of them. 23
With thy penchant to conquer
Were thee to slay this vanar now
Would thou lose the chance of life
To slay that Ram 'n Lakshman too
For they fail to come to know
Made thou captive Seetha thus. 24
To slay vanar hordes are all
Itching are our men at arms,
Slay if thee but one vanar
Won't thou deprive them their chance? 25

So to let our foes to know
To face us death is no less scared
Force we may all foes to show
Backs of theirs in battlefield. 26
Takes it no more than a score
Of our men to settle all scores
With Ram 'n Lakshman if they dare
Ever to set foot on our shores. 27
Averred as thus his own sibling
Changed his mind then king Ravan
To kill Hanuman lay there tied. 28

Canto 53 - Tail on Fire

Sibling as his stood so firm
Spoke then Ravan changing tune. 1
Spare as we may life of him
Let him not go scot-free now. 2
Pride as vanars at their tails
Set his tail on fire that hurts. 3
Goes as he back with burnt tail
Makes a scene to folk back home. 4
Burns as his tail like a log
Take this vanar round boulevards. 5

Having led him out of court
Set the palace guards all there
Rags to tie on Hanuman's tail. 6
Worked as guards on tail his long
Turned it Hanuman like tree trunk. 7
Pouring oil then on rags
Set they tail of his on fire. 8
Gathered in time Lankans all
To see Hanuman's tail on fire. 9
Though he could have freed himself
Bore that Hanuman thus in thought. 10

Escape that I this ordeal
It's not for me such big deal. 11
Isn't it the trouble they give
Fraction of the hurt I caused? 12
Can't I on my own tackle
All these Ravan's men at arms? 13
Bear I should well this ordeal
For the sake of my Lord Ram. 14
Roamed I though the town at night
Failed I would have to grasp well
The ins and outs of its layout. 15

Now that they would take me round
Through their streets in broad daylight
Chance I would have to assess
Strengths and weakness of the foe. 16
Falling as well in his trap
Led him Ravan's men in chains
Through the streets of Lanka then. 17
Gloating over their success
Made they Hanuman their trophy. 18
Unmindful of burning tail
Scanned all Hanuman as he moved. 19
Saw he dumps of ammos large
Found he bunkers there well manned. 20
Buildings he found camouflaged
Tunnels which had underground. 21
As they taunted him a spy
Smiled to himself then Hanuman. 22
So to see his tail on fire
Came out Lankans then in droves. 23
Carried some then to Seetha
Tale of vanar's burning tail. 24
For so long all in undertones
He's the one with whom thee spake. 25

Hurt was Seetha by that news
Prayed she Agni to spare him. 26
Submit she did to Fire God
That he might save Hanuman then. 27
Deem if thou me true to Ram
Spare then Hanuman from thy heat. 28
Goodwill of gods if I earned
For my goodness to mankind
Be kind now to this Hanuman. 29
If Ram feels that I do yearn
For the embrace of his warmth
Pray go cool on Hanuman now. 30

Feel if thee that Lord Sugreev
Could help Rama take me out
From the darkness of Lanka
Pray thee comfort give Hanuman. 31
Lost no time then God of Fire
From his heat to spare Hanuman. 32
Blew then Vayu his father
Icy breeze to cool Hanuman. 33
Wondered Hanuman how it was
Rags though on his tail on fire
Yet he felt no heat as such. 34
Tail as mine as thus burning
None I feel the pain for that! 35

For the soothing feel I have
Lay the reason somewhere else. 36
For the sake of Rama's cause
Didn't Mainaka offer seat
For me to rest on his peak?
Likewise Agni should've thought
Fits it Rama's cause like glove
Were he to leave me unscathed. 37
Might I as well owe all this
To the kindness of Lord Rama
And his faithful spouse Seetha. 38

Or else Agni being friend
Of my father Vayu wind
Would have spared me this ordeal. 39
Knowing am on Ram's errand
Gave as affront folks all these
So to keep up his prestige
And to make them well realize
That they played all but with fire
Won't I pay them in same coin? 40

Houdini made as he then
Went he roaring up in skies. 41
With his burning tail and all
Landed then on Lankan gates. 42
Assumed simian form Hanuman
Slipped he through the chains on him. 43
Grew he then back into giant
Looked he all the while for mace. 44
Picked he latch of that huge gate
Slew he all the guards he faced. 45

Having none to restrain him
With his burning tail Hanuman
Shone he like the mid-day sun. 46

Canto 54 - Arson to Hurt

Having had his way thus far
Thought of future course Hanuman. 1
Why not I give them in kind
For what they did all to my tail? 2
Much is left to hurt the foe
Caused I might have some damage. 3
Why not I torch Ravan's town
With the help of tail mine
That they set on fire themselves? 4
For the favour of Agni
Make I Lanka his fodder. 5

Hovered as he in mid-air
Surveyed Ravan's land he thus. 6
Landed then on some dwelling
Jumped he then from one another. 7
Chose he Prahastha's own palace
With its sprawling compound then
And made he bonfire of all there. 8
Next in line was Mahaparsva's
Mansion that met similar fate. 9
Not to content even then
Burnt he dwellings of nobles. 10

Leaned he then on that palace
Owned by one who subdued him. 11
Set he fire then one by one
Houses of the following. 12
Jambumali's 'n Sumali's
Rasmiketha's 'n Suryasathru's
Damstra's 'n so Duraatma's 13
Romasa's 'n Ghora's as well
Mattali's besides Yuddhonmatha's
Karala's and Pisaachas's too. 14
Kumbha's as well Nikumbha's
Yagnasatru's 'n Brahmasatru's
Not to speak of Kumbhakarna's. 15

But spared Hanuman that dwelling
Lived where Vibhishan who pleaded
Case his then in Ravan's Court. 16
Razed as fire in those places
Turned all therein to ashes. 17
Went he then to that courtyard
Where lived Lankan king Ravan. 18
Set he Ravan's fort on fire
With the fading flame on tail. 19
Spread as fire in Ravan's court
Thundered Hanuman even more. 20
As if to aid his son's cause
Unleashed Vayu his frenzy. 21
Goaded thus by Hanuman's dad
Spread tongues Agni far and wide. 22
In that towering inferno
Came all dwellings crashing down. 23
Looked then Lanka that lost soul
Thrown down from the heaven itself. 24
Lost their wits all then Lankans
Felt they Fire God turned vanar. 25

Filled all streets were with Lankans
Rent were skies there with their cries. 26
Jumped all over compound walls
Mansions as theirs came crashing. 27
From the debris of dwellings
Flowed then molten gold in streams. 28
Turned to ashes demonic frames
Turned grey landscape of Lanka. 29
In myriad shades of crimson red
Sprouted tongues of fire to skies. 30

Burning Lanka seemed as if
Tripura of yore Shankar burnt. 31
To bring Lanka to its knees
Moved then Hanuman to outskirts. 32
With still burning tail of his
Set fire Hanuman there dwellings. 33
Raged as fire in those buildings
Heard all bursting sounds from them. 34
Smoke that embers emitted then
Rose in columns to high skies. 35

Wondered all those who survived
Came if death in Hanuman's form. 36
Brahma's it was wrath felt some
Set what Hanuman to smash them. 37
Took some Hanuman for Vishnu's
Avatar to end Ravan's reign. 38
It's in no time fire got spread
To nearby jungles all so deep. 39
Trapped as such in jungle fire
Died wildlife of forests there. 40

Rent was air with cries of all
Lost who then their kith and kin. 41
With the havoc that he caused
Lanka seemed an accursed land. 42
Climbed up Chitrakoot Hanuman
Surveyed Ravan's land ravaged. 43
Felt glad Hanuman that Lanka
Lost its edge to fight Lord Ram. 44
Tail as his was still on fire
Looked he still the rising sun. 45

Having done his job Hanuman
Prayed he in all reverence Ram. 46
Gods all for his one-man show
Showered then praises on Hanuman. 47
Amidst the ruins of Lanka then
Stood like victor there Hanuman. 48
Felt on second thought gods all there
What they discerned was but dream,
For how could Hanuman on his own
Raze all Lanka at one go! 49
At the sight of Lanka thus
Rubbed all angels then their eyes,
At the havoc Hanuman caused
Worlds all trembled then dismayed. 50

Sages at that in their scores
As well angels there gathered
Not to speak of Yakshas then
Thought it augured well for world. 51

Canto 55 - What of Seetha?

Died as embers in Lanka
So to quench his burning tail
Went upto beach then Hanuman. 1
Cooled as he tail by seashore
Felt then Hanuman thus in qualms. 2
Have I gone wrong by burning
Lanka to the last dwelling? 3
Was it all wrong on my part
Lost I bearing in my wrath? 4
Of all what that afflicts man
Anger takes the pride of place. 5

Drives to extremes man anger
Thought in his 'n deed as well. 6
Whoever can nip his anger
In the bud is man seasoned. 7
Reckoned as I not her welfare
On whom Rama stakes his life
Raison d'etre of Odyssey mine
Doubt there none it's foolhardy. 8
Now that Lanka is on fire
Wouldn't have Seetha lost her life? 9
What for came I to Lanka
Is it to kill Rama's wife? 10

While the going was so good
How come lost I my bearing! 11
Spared as fury of Fire God
Not a square inch of Lanka
Where was space for her to hide? 12
Were Seetha to perish in fire
How am I to show my face
To her Lord who trusted me. 13
Why not I now end my life
Why to go to Ram with guilt. 14
How am I go back to them
How to look all them in face? 15

How I subscribed to world-view
That vanars wouldn't get focused! 16
To let him in spite all go wrong.
Makes man passion imperfect 17
Hear if they that Seetha died
Ram 'n Lakshman won't live more. 18
At the death of their siblings
Bharat 'n Satrughn follow suit. 19
Reign if ends of Ikshvaakus
Orphaned would be world at large. 20
For the foolish act of mine
Won't I turn the accursed soul? 21
As sunk Hanuman in sorrow
Omens he sighted all too good. 22
Felt he raging flames of fire
Won't match power of Rama's wife. 23
Won't her aura keep at bay
Flames of raging fire from her. 24
Won't the Fire God himself know
Touch he cannot Rama's spouse? 25

How can ever be Rama's wife
Destined to burn like some sack? 26
As well Agni spared my tail
Would he ever touch Seetha then? 27
Mainak as did offer help
To sustain cause of Lord Rama
Wouldn't then Agni follow suit? 28
Won't her love for Rama make
Lakshman rekha for Fire God? 29
Wavered as thus Hanuman then
Heard he angels speak in awe. 30

Gods too never dared to dream
Ever would Ravan get subdued,
With Lanka thus now on fire
Lankans have no place to hide. 31
What did Hanuman to Ravan
Was like taming lion on heat
In its own den with bare arms. 32
Turned though Lanka to ashes
Wonder what made tongues of fire
Leave out Rama's spouse unscathed! 33
Having heard all those angles
Spoke of her escape from fire
Heaved a sigh of relief he then. 34
That Seetha was left unharmed
Made then Hanuman jump for joy. 35

On the spur then felt Hanuman
Should go back to Rama's spouse
So that he could take her leave. 36

Canto 56 - Havoc of a Take-off

Finding Seetha in fine shape
To her Hanuman prostrated. 1
As bade Hanuman her goodbye
Spoke in fondness Rama's spouse. 2
Wish I now thee in some nook
Take some rest for day or two. 3
Well, O Hanuman thy advent
Made my sorrows turn their backs. 4
Bring as and when thou my Ram
Know am not sure whether I live. 5

Leave as thee to fetch Rama
Wonder whether I stand agony
Replace that would joy thou gave. 6
Can ever Ram 'n Lakshman cross
Sea this vast to reach Lanka
With the vanar force that's large? 7
In spite of thy words so bold
Find I linger doubts these mine. 8
Apart Garud 'n Vayu, thou
Who else could cross sea this vast? 9
Tell me how thou would address
Problem this that confronts Ram. 10

If thee take me back I know
Spares the bother for my man
To cross this sea with force of his,
But then Rama wouldn't have it
Since it's not the proper way
For him to reclaim his Seetha. 11
It's but proper for Lord Ram
That he takes me on his own. 12
Measure of Ravan as thou got
Guide my Ram to subdue him. 13
Impressed as he by her words
Addressed Hanuman her concerns. 14
Vast is bear and vanar force
To help thy man sure rescue thee
Lord Sugreev mine hath at hand. 15

Know our army is so vast
Once it lands on Lankan shores
Fills it to the last square inch. 16
Ram 'n Lakshman with arrows
Could kill Lankans to last man. 17
Once they thus end Ravan's reign
Takes thee back Ram to thy town. 18
Having endured ordeals long
Time thou embrace hope from now. 19
Having Ravan seen thus dead
Walk thee would free to thy man. 20

Know the day is not far off
Lands when Ram on Lankan shores. 21
Having said thus Hanuman took
Leave of Rama's spouse Seetha. 22
That Hanuman had come and gone
Seemed that all like dream for her. 23
That he did make Lankans rue
Portend well for things to come. 24
Assured that he Ravan's end
Made Seetha pray Ram no end. 25

For his take-off to go back
Arishta mountain climbed Hanuman. 26
Passing clouds made Arishta look
Like the shy bride that was veiled. 27
Caressed by those sun rays thus
Seemed it woke up then from sleep. 28
Water falls of rivers on that
Sounded they like Vedic chants. 29
Seemed all trees of Arishta then
Like raised arms of scores of those
Ascetics engaged in prayers there. 30

Orchestra of magic flutes
Breeze made Arishta's bamboos turn. 31
Covered by snow from tip to toe
Seemed Arishta then blissful soul. 32
Peaks sky high 'n caves all deep
Made Arishta seem cover all worlds. 33
Flowers varied of myriad trees
Gave that touch of bridal ware. 34
Beasts in woods all in their scores
Sauntered in groves that were thick. 35

Home it made all Gandharvas
Home away home for all of them. 36
Herbs it all had so myriad
Made they medicines that varied. 37
Set as Hanuman his huge foot
Rocks all got to pebbles reduced. 38
In his bid to sail across
Grew he further frame his large. 39
Sighted Hanuman sea across
Crossed that he to reach Lanka. 40

On his return trip to home
Veteran like he then took-off. 41
With the pressure it came to bear
Sank then Arishta deep in ground. 42
Pressed as Arishta to its core
Caved in with groan ocean bed. 43
Lost as Arishta its bearing
Trees then there got uprooted. 44
With their fate as thus got sealed
Roared lions all there in distress. 45

Flew as Gandharv women all there
Slipped their pallus off their breasts. 46
Serpents there lay furlongs long
Curled in pits of square foot then. 47
Angels all then came to rest
On its lovely peak foremost,
With that havoc of take-off
Took flight all of them in fright. 48
In time only seen was tip
Of that Arishta of great girth. 49
Left no trace of its glory
At length that peach of mountains. 50

Unmindful of that havoc
Had a smooth sail back Hanuman. 51

Canto 57 - Flight sans Hassles

Airborne as he so he seemed
Like a mountain with huge wings. 1
Nagas all from stratosphere
Saw him then in his flight route. 2
Stars all in their resplendence
Saw him as he passed them by. 3
Hanuman got a feeling then
Was he there in another world. 4
Moved as he thus in high skies
Seemed he swallowed clouds all there. 5

Picked as up he speed in flight
Seemed as if skies shrunk in size. 6
Formed then rainbow in mid-air
Looked that like a welcome arch. 7
Clouds as darkened in mid-course
Played he hide 'n seek like moon. 8
As and when he came in view
In his vest he shone like moon. 9
Acquired as if Garuda's grace
With such ease then Hanuman flew. 10

Seemed then ether spread to world
Words those Hanuman spoke to self
About the valorous deeds of his
Done by grace of Lord Rama. 11
Approached when he Mainaka
Touched him Hanuman in reverence. 12
Sighted as he Indra's hill
Roared then like a lion Hanuman. 13
Induced by the roars of his
Thundered all the clouds in skies. 14
Sighted as he home shore soon
Waved his tail in triumph Hanuman. 15

Sounded as he his comeback
Seemed all worlds then shook to roots. 16
With such chaos in the skies
Guessed his peers all his approach. 17
Waited they with bated breath
For Hanuman to come then in sight. 18
Soared their spirits as with his roars
Reached they shores to see him land. 19
Urge of theirs to see Hanuman
Made them all jump up and down. 20

Jambavan it was then addressed
All the vanars there gathered. 21
Doubt there none that our Hanuman
Is well on his way back home. 22
Neared as Hanuman southern shore
Raised sea mean level in welcome. 23
For the sight of Hanuman then
Climbed all vanars then treetops. 24
Jumped for joy as those vanars
Fell all leaves from their branches. 25

Heard they roar of their hero
Raised that decibels all over. 26
Sighted as all Hanuman soon
Raised they hands in salute then. 27
Folks as his lay awestruck then
He on Mahendra's peak landed. 28
Jumped he down to rejoin
All those vanars whom he left. 29
In their joy then vanars all
Ran to mob their own hero. 30

Finding him in pink of health
Sigh of relief heaved they all. 31
Looked at him all in reverence
Fetched they rare fruits all for him. 32
Sounding welcome for Hanuman
Gave their throats then vanars all. 33
To elders all and Prince Angad
For his part then bowed Hanuman. 34
Knew as he their eagerness
To hear the story in detail,
As though to save all for Ram
Gave he brief as 'Seen Seetha'. 35

Having embraced Prince Angad
Squatted Hanuman there on lawn. 36
Goaded by the vanars then
Told he how he found Seetha. 37
In her lament for her man
Found I famished her to bone. 38
That he himself saw Seetha
Cheered the vanars there gathered. 39
Roared as vanars with one throat
Shocked were birds all in their flight. 40

Raised as vanars tails their long
Looked like ladders they to skies. 41
Pachyderm like as sat Hanuman
In their joy they hugged him all. 42
Bringing order then Angad
Addressed Hanuman thus in praise. 43
None can equal thee on earth
Flew who over sea this twice. 44
Swore as all of us to die
Had thee failed to find Seetha
It's thy valour saved our lives. 45

It's thy reverence to Sri Ram
Made thee as the chosen one
To discern Seetha there yonder. 46
News of Seetha in his wait
Sure to gladden Rama's heart. 47
Clapped all vanars to one man
At what all Angad just then said. 48
Kept they silence of pin drop
So that Hanuman could go on. 49
So to let him unfold then
With their hearts in mouths they sat. 50

So to catch his every word
Sat next Angad to Hanuman. 51
With the vanars there thus sat
Seemed the place then royal court. 52

Canto 58 - Odyssey in a Nutshell

Where to start and what to tell
Felt like Buridan's ass Hanuman. 1
For their part then all his folk
Sat there tight to catch his words. 2
As though to help him in script
Addressed Jambavan Hanuman thus: 3
Tell O Hanuman where and how
Found thee Seetha Rama's spouse. 4
Tell us how thou zeroed on
Rama's spouse in wilderness. 5

Brief us now of odyssey thine
So that we can plan ourselves. 6
At the request of his peer
Spoke then Hanuman in loud tone. 7
Of course thee all bear witness
That I flew off from these shores. 8
Came across I in mid-seas
Mountain that was made of gold. 9
Sky high grew it in no time
Blocked it my way all the way. 10

To the errand on my hand
Saw it as I then hindrance. 11
Lashed it as I with my tail
Went it crashing down on knees. 12
Assumed form it then human
And in warmth thus spoke to me:
For my friendship with thy dad
Thou should take me as thy kin. 13
Am king of mountains Mainaka
Dwell in seas these underneath. 14
Mountains all in times of yore
Had we wings to circle worlds
Afraid of our crash landing
Complained all to Lord Indra. 15

Chose as Indra to clip wings
Of the mountains there are all
It's thy father but who saved
Wings of mine from being clipped. 16
Bound am I to extend help
To thee now on this errand
With the intent to serve Ram
That he reclaims his lost spouse. 17
Offered though he me to take
Rest on golden peak of his
Wanting not to waste my time
Wished I none of that for me. 18
Having grasped my urgency
Pressed he none more Mainaka. 19
Bid as I him adieu then
Slipped he back then to sea bed. 20

Resumed then I unhindered
Journey mine that seemed so long. 21
Came across I then Surasa
Mother of serpents of all seas. 22
Oh how she made clear her intent
That she would make meal of me! 23
Not to rub on her wrong side
Pleaded my case with her thus: 24
Lived with Seetha 'n Lakshman
For long Ram in Dandak woods. 25

Snared as Ravan fair Seetha
Sent me her man to find out. 26
For thy being his subject
Dharma it's thine aid his cause. 27
As and when I find Seetha
Convey I would to that Ram
And come back to thee forthwith
So that thou me have for meal. 28
But she would have none of it
And said none can escape her. 29
Mouth as she hers wide open
Gained I size to thwart her move. 30

Pulled as she jaws her so wide
To thwart her then I turned tiny. 31
So to beat the boon she got
That none can ever detour her
Went in and I came out swift
Brought as she her jaws to close. 32
In spite of the fact I tricked
Yet she wished me all the best. 33
Bade as she me then adieu
So all creatures of the seas. 34
Hardly had I flew a league
Felt as if was slowing down. 35

Surveyed as I all over
Found no hindrance in my route. 36
In awe then I continued
Straining every nerve of mine. 37
To get to the roots of problem
As saw I down from high skies
Found a fiend at my shadow. 38
Though she saw the giant of me
Yet she challenged me that fiend. 39
Said the fiend then all in glee
Glad I've found a giant in thee
Sure thou make full meal for me. 40

Like I did with that Surasa
Grew up in size all the more. 41
Rose as it to swallow me
Made I myself then puny. 42
Deftly then I entered her
Came out swiftly with her heart. 43
With her heart thus in my hand
Fell its corpse on high seas then. 44
From the talk of Siddhas then
Witnessed who all that from skies
Simhik was the fiend I slain 45

Killed as I the fiend that weird
Came to know that pulls its prey
Clutching at but their shadows. 46
Sank at length as sun in seas
Set then I foot on those shores. 47
As I reached the Lankan gates
Found there a fiend to confront. 48
Having tongues of fire for hair
Tried that fiend to slay me straight. 49
Needed as I no more than
Fist of mine to pin her down
Spoke that terrified fiend to me. 50

O great vanar thou may know
Me as Lanka's main deity
That thee could well beat me true
All else here would bite the dust. 51
In spite of the guards all there
Covered I Lanka all that night
Yet I found not Seetha there. 52
Searched I Ravan's palace then
Came a cropper there even. 53
Sauntered as I in and out
Found I to my wonder there
Garden with all golden walls. 54
Entered then I in great hope
Garden that was out of world. 55

In the midst of that garden
Found a dame I there squatted. 56
Unkempt all her pitch dark hair
Wide-eyed she was of middle age. 57
Downcast was she by demeanour
On guard there were women garish. 58
Taunted her all in their turns
Looked she like a trapped creature. 59
Ceased she not to pray her man
Cared she none for self-upkeep. 60

Cursing Ravan in between
Wished she then to end her life. 61
By the virtue of her soul
And the beauty of her self
Felt I she could be Seetha. 62
Heard I tinkles of anklets
Sensed I women were nearby there. 63
Hiding myself on high branch
Waited for those women to come. 64
Sighted then I Ravan there
With his queens 'n keeps in tow. 65

Seetha who sat in sorrow
Changed her posture to cover more. 66
Neared as Ravan her in lust
Cowered all the more then Seetha. 67
In his bid to gain her love
Fell then Ravan at her feet. 68
Snubbed by Seetha even then
Gave her Ravan two more months
For her to choose from him or death. 69
At that Seetha seethed in rage
Spoke she to him with disdain. 70

How thou fail to know Ravan
Spouse am I of godly Ram? 71
Snared as crooked way by thee
Don't I know how coward are thou? 72
What if thou are Lankan king
Measure thou none to Ram's valet. 73
Slighted as by Rama's wife
Burned in anger Ravan then. 74
Having thus lost his bearing
Moved Ravan to throttle her. 75

Stopped him in his tracks his queen
With these words that pleased him well. 76
Measure as thou to Lord Indra
Makes she no patch ever on me. 77
Why run after Seetha then
With me at thy side for fun? 78
Won't thou have in thy harem
Women ever eager to please thee? 79
Having massaged ego his
Led she back him to harem. 80
Turned guards all then too hostile
To Rama's spouse who snubbed Ravan. 81
Though they scolded her loudly
Paid them deaf ear then Seetha. 82
Seeing Seetha unmoved thus
Ran some then to brief Ravan. 83
Rest of them in exhaustion
Fell asleep all one by one. 84
In spite of that sans respite
Wept then Seetha for her man. 85

Woke up in trance Trijata then
From their ranks to address them. 86
Dream I had that bodes all ill
To Lanka 'n our Lord as well
Of course owing to this dame. 87
Better we make up with her now
So that she would save our lives. 88
For the suffering women like her
Dreams such as those portend well. 89
Better we seek now her mercy
So that we could come out clean. 90

Having heard what Trijata said
Assured Rama's spouse them help. 91
Seeing her in such a plight
Felt I wretched for her sake. 92
Contrived I then to be heard
By her as I praised her man. 93
Having heard me tell her tale
Moved as she then spoke to me. 94
O little vanar who art thou
Who did send thee to Lanka? 95

Got as thee so close to Ram
Tell me how thou met my Lord? 96
Then I said to soothe her thus:
Made Lord Rama friend my Lord
Sugreev king of vanar world. 97
Hanuman am I sent by Ram
In search of thee in Ravan's land. 98
Gave me Rama to show thee
Ring this he wears ever on him. 99
At thy beck and call am now
Bid me to take thee to Ram? 100

Such was Seetha's perspective
Thought it would be fit for Ram
If he were to slay Ravan
And then take her back with him. 101
Wanted then I from Seetha
Something dear to both of them
So that I could show that Rama. 102
Thus she gave me this diadem
That she said would please her man. 103
Then she told me that episode
Wherein a crow turned eager
All to savour Seetha's charms
That too when she was with Ram! 104
She was not to let me go
Wished as I to take her leave. 105

Wanted Seetha I tell Ram
Suffering hers for want of him. 106
Bid me she to fetch her man
Soon with Lakshman 'n Sugreev. 107
Were thou fail to bring Rama
And the rest in just two months
Live I not a day longer. 108
Spoke as she in such despair
Seized I was with burning rage. 109
Then and there I turned a fiend
Ravaged the grove that held her. 110

Cowered all beasts there so varied
Woke up in fright Seetha's guards. 111
Seeing me thus in fury
Ran they all to tell Ravan. 112
Pictured they then to Ravan
Havoc I wrought in garden. 113
Were Ravan to give orders
Boasted they would make me pay. 114
In his bid to subdue me
Sent Ravan then his kinkars. 115

Eighty thousand strong they were
Slew I them all to last man. 116
'Lost Lanka its vast army',
Told Ravan his spies on prowl. 117
Chose I then their funeral place
Slew its guards with just one stroke. 118
With huge force to capture me
Sent then Ravan Prahastha's son. 119
Spared I not then one even
Broke their backs with iron latch. 120

With the death of Prahastha's son
Dispatched Ravan ministers' sons. 121
One by one to hell all them
With that latch I then dispatched. 122
Not the one to give up soon
Sent Ravan his five Generals. 123
As I made them bite the dust
Chose Ravan to send his son. 124
Akshay though of tender age
Astute was he in warfare. 125

Yet I caught him by his legs
Flung him thus to Ravan's court. 126
Enraged Ravan by all that
Sent his first born to battle. 127
That he subdued Lord Indra
Knows him world as Indrajit. 128
All his valour came to naught
When it came to me subdue. 129
Realizing I matched him well
Stunned me he with Brahmastra. 130

At his behest his flock then
Tied me with all sorts of ropes. 131
As they took me to Ravan
Fumed at me then he in rage 132
Wanted he to find out then
Why thus I played spoilsport. 133
Him I told for Seetha's sake
Caused I all that destruction. 134
Moreso made it clear to him
Sent I was by Lord Rama. 135

Gave thee counsel I told him
Lord Sugreev too for thy good. 136
Sent Sugreev thee his greetings
Words these with to caution thee. 137
In my exile I met Ram
Vow I took to stand by him. 138
Ram then wanted me to help
Him to fight who snared Seetha. 139
Thereby had I that barter
Whereby he would slay Vali
Stole who my wife unfairly. 140

To his vow to kill Vali
Made Ram Lakshman bear witness. 141
With that single arrow Ram
Brought an end to Vali's reign. 142
Made as he me vanar king
Owe him I to stand by him. 143
'Send back Seetha to Lord Ram'
Advice this mine to thee now
Come would Hanuman to deliver. 144
That thou know the vanar force
Could well conquer all three worlds
Hope thee heed this advice mine. 145

Slighted as he by these words
Lost his cool then Lankan king. 146
Gave he go by to dharma
Ordered I be put to death. 147
Spoke then sibling of Ravan
Revere all there as Vibhishan. 148
Goes thy diktat O my Lord
Not with grain of thy dharma. 149
In the annals of state craft
Sent are men to mend fences
Ill behoves the recipient king
Kills if he the one thus sent. 150

Punish if we must this vanar
Sever we could a limb or two. 151
At that Ravan gave orders
Tail mine be then set on fire. 152
Having hit my tail with sticks
Tied it they with jute and all. 153
Poured they tons of oil then
Set they thus my tail on fire. 154
So to slight me all the way
Taken was I round the streets. 155

That they could make fun of me
Led I was then to main square. 156
Vanar then I turned tiny
Slipped out of the ropes they tied. 157
Grew I then to touch the skies
Slew them all there at one go. 158
Set I fire to buildings all
There in Lanka one by one. 159
Burnt as Lanka to the core
Worried I was for Seetha. 160

Took I Seetha's death for sure
Sank in sorrow to my knees. 161
Cried then as I unceasing
Heard I Yakshas talk in skies. 162
From their talk I learnt for sure
Came no harm to Rama's spouse. 163
Felt it's all but grace of hers
Gave that respite to my tail. 164
Reached I then the Lankan beach
Quenched there well my burning tail. 165

Went I straight to Seetha then
Took her leave to fly back home. 166
Took-off then I from Lanka
To head home to see thee all. 167
There in high skies I flew past
Sun with trillion stars 'n moon. 168
With the blessings of Rama
And the wishes of our folk
Bring I could thee good tidings. 169
In brief that's all what happened
Much is left for us to do. 170