Sundara Kandam - Hanuman Odyssey

Canto 59 - Pep Talk to Peers

Having told the main story
Fillips these then gave Hanuman. 1
Heartened that I found Seetha
Glued I then to Rama's thought. 2
Lays who store on spouse like her
Woman there none so ever like her. 3
Ravan is no common man
For he survived Seetha's ire. 4
Can turn Seetha to ashes
With her looks the gods even
Should they come ever coveting her,
But Ravan who laid on her
Hands his as he kidnapped her
Came out unscathed from her wrath. 5

How I wish that I could have
Brought her back to meet her man. 6
On my own then I could have
Killed all Lankans with Ravan. 7
Land as we all in Lanka
What would Ravan's fate be then? 8
For me to slay all of them
Could have taken day or two,
So to bring them to their knees
Need we but an hour at most. 9
But then Ravan's eldest son
By no means a pushover,
Dared he as well subdued too
None the less than Lord Indra,
Shy as gods all from him thus
Hails him world as Indrajit. 10

How I wish to fly back now
So to make him bite the dust. 11
With thy blessings on my own
Conquer could I all three worlds. 12
Were Jambavan to confront him
Where would Ravan hide his head? 13
Won't our Angad on his own
Give a run to demons there all. 14
We've Neel 'n Panasa too
Need but fists to smash mountains. 15

None there ever in angels too
Match who might well Manduni. 16
What to speak of Dwividu then
Comes when it to fighting foes. 17
These two of the Aswin clan
Ever eager to fight such wars. 18
Come not to grief they in wars
Blessed are thus by Lord Brahma. 19
Partook both they nectar then
Subdued when they angels all. 20

Having them at our forefront
For us on the Lankan shores
Figure it would make but picnic. 21
Fire as I set to Lanka
Prayed all Lankans to Lord Ram. 22
Ram 'n Lakshman I extolled
Besides vanar Lord Sugreev. 23
Wondered as they who I was
Gave them that I'm Vayu's son. 24
As I reached her to take leave
Found Seetha in great distress. 25

Amidst the guards who circled her
Seemed she full moon sunk in clouds. 26
Confined as thus by Ravan
Lost she none the sight of Ram. 27
Thinks she none of another man
Breathes she air that sounds Rama. 28
Wore she saree same old one
That which she had on her then
Snared when Ravan so long back. 29
Plaited she seems not her hair
Ever since she was thus confined. 30

Wont it's her to chant Rama
Threaten her as and when her guards. 31
Pester ever as her captors
Rama's wife is tired of life. 32
Felt all glad as Seetha learned
Her man made our Lord his friend. 33
Doomed as Ravan by her curse
Bound to get killed by her man. 34
Slim as Seetha by nature
Got she slimmer in despair. 35

Left it's now to us vanars
How to see her out of woods. 36

Canto 60 - Angad on Rebound

Spoke thus Angad Vali's son:
Found as Hanuman Seetha now
Why not we fetch her to Ram? 1
How it feels if we tell him
Found though we failed to fetch her. 2
Know we all could fly across
Ocean this vast to reach there
And slay Ravan and his men. 3
Then we could bring Seetha back
And make Rama meet his spouse. 4
Slain as Hanuman Ravan's men
What is left for us to do
Than lead Seetha back to Ram? 5

Why to bother folk back home
For what we could do on our own? 6
When he expects her the least
Won't it be a pleasant surprise
That we fetch her to him thus. 7
Having heard thus Angad speak
Said then Jambavan in response: 8
Sent we were to find Seetha
Not to take her back with us. 9
Exceed if we Rama's brief
Might we earn his ire as well. 10

Better we mind all Rama's vow
That he would slay with his hands
The one who dared to snare his wife. 11
Should we go by route thee show
Won't we make him fail his word? 12
Sounds it prudent that we might
Go back to Ram with her news. 13
Move thine surely saves bother
For the rest of folks back home
But know Ram would like it not. 14

Canto 61 - Eying the Madhuvan

At that Angad retracted
Agreed he to fall in line. 1
Thought it fit then vanar folk
To let Hanuman lead them back. 2
Moved as they like cloud in skies
Played the sun then hide and seek. 3
Kept all vanars their eyes on
Hanuman at the head of them. 4
Felt all they were indebted
For him having saved their lives. 5

Buoyed were all by the thought
That Ram would be pleased with them,
Proud all felt that they could help
Lord Rama who helped their Lord. 6
In that mood they saw Madhuvan
Garden like which nowhere there
Full of honeycombs on huge trees. 7
Garden that was Sugreev's own
Dared none ever to step in there. 8
Aided by all well-built guards
Dadhimukh, Sugreev's own uncle
Guarded that place round the clock. 9
Tempted as were vanars all
Licked their fingers all of them. 10

Pleaded all with Prince Angad
To let them have a glassful each
Of honey in plenty in Madhuvan. 11
Nod as he got from elders
Gave nod Angad to vanars. 12
Swarmed then simians all over
Honey they savoured to last drop. 13
Left they not a fruit or root
Fill to the hilt they had all. 14
In their mirth then those simians
Danced they all till legs them failed. 15

Sang some then in sonorous tunes
Blabbered others as in small groups. 16
Pranks they played of every sort
Spared they none of one another. 17
Leapt as some from tree to tree
Others did jump from branch to branch. 18
Lost they all then their bearings
Poked some of them their noses. 19
Turned they naughty all in end
Spread they all then far and wide. 20
Wretched as made they garden rare
Warned then Dadhimukh all of them. 21
Heeded but they not his words
Made that Dadhimukh think over. 22
Took he then them all to task
And that spoiled their party. 23
Swarmed all vanars then Dadhimukh
As would bees when stirred from comb
And that frightened Dadhimukh then. 24
With their nails all long and sharp
Scratched as some the garden chief
Dug their teeth strong others in him. 25

Canto 62 - Orgy in the Garden

At length on the same coin
Paid as Dadhimukh trespassers
Went then Hanuman to save them. 1
Sending Dadhimukh then packing
Goaded Hanuman them for more. 2
With that go by from Hanuman
Beseeched Angad then his flock
That they could have more of fun. 3
Vanars at that hailed Hanuman
As well Angad their young prince. 4
Having got the license thus
Indulged they in wild orgies. 5

Cared they two hoots for the guards
And chased them out of that garden. 6
Having had their fill in time
Vanars then had their siesta. 7
To take the vanars then to task
Guards all regrouped in their scores. 8
Drove but vanars all of them
Back to their posts in no time. 9
Fought then vanars mock battles
Honeycombs with those they emptied. 10

Vanars some were high by then
Made they beds of leaves to sleep. 11
Faltered they all in their steps
Tried as some to walk a while. 12
Stumbled as some in mid-course
Stepped them over rest of them. 13
Inhaled as though laughing gas
Went on laughing some of them. 14
Twice shy being bitten for once
Staid put guards all in their posts. 15

Yet vanars all itched for fight
And threw them all in mid-air. 16
Injured as they fell on ground
Limped all in pain to Dadhimukh. 17
Annoyed as he with vanars
Addressed thus the chief of guards. 18
Time it's not to lose our hearts
Better we regroup 'n fight them. 19
Bucked up as all by his words
Back they went to trespassers. 20

Uprooting a tree Dadhimukh
Signalled he the fight on hand. 21
Lined up guards all then in files
Marched on rampant vanars there. 22
Followed suit as some their chief
Lifted boulders others there large. 23
Angad's vanars there scattered
Turned they sitting ducks all then. 24
So to save his men Angad
Took on Dadhimukh on his own. 25

Half-drunk by then as Angad
Gave no quarter to Dadhimukh
And hit him hard with fist his strong. 26
Fell on floor as then Dadhimukh
Who was none but his grandad
Ceased not Angad to hurt him. 27
Beaten thus by his grandson
Lost his consciousness Dadhimukh. 28
Woke up Dadhimukh thereafter
Guards he led back to barracks. 29
Lost no time the Guards-in-Chief
Addressed his men thus aggrieved. 30

Serves no purpose to fight back
Appraise we might vanar Lord
Of the havoc wrought by these
To the Madhuvan loves he most. 31
Be it Angad for such foul
He's not the one to spare. 32
Got this garden vanar Lord
As a bequeath from his dad
Who in turn got from his dad. 33
Treats as Madhuvan as his child
Sure this carnage would outrage
Sugreev our Lord no end now. 34
Count on me to tell Sugreev
That they be all put to death. 35

Having spoken thus Dadhimukh
Flew to Sugreev with his flock. 36
In no time did Dadhimukh sight
Lord his Sugreev with his folks. 37
Having with his aids landed
Headed Dadhimukh to his Lord. 38
Saw then Sugreev his uncle
Approach him with dull demeanour. 39
Led then by the boss of theirs
Guards of Madhuvan saluted
Vanar Lord all one by one. 40

Canto 63 - Sugreev's Reading

Fell as Dadhimukh at his feet
Spoketh vanar Lord perplexed. 1
What's thy fault that makes thee fall
At the feet of thy nephew? 2
Fright thine makes me worried man
Harmed might've been my Madhuvan. 3
Ardour thus by Sugreev showed
Moved then Dadhimukh to speak thus: 4
Though all knew it out of bounds
Trespassed vanars some Madhuvan. 5

Ignored they all my warnings
Ate they every fruit and root. 6
Swarmed as by all bees out there
Yet they squeezed out honey in tons. 7
Having got drunk to the hilt
Mocked they my guards who cautioned. 8
Guards as there did try to stop
Beat them to pulp those vanars. 9
Makes me sad that Prince Angad
Aided as well abetted them. 10

Lay as wounded men of mine
Flung some vanars them sky high. 11
In thy reign O Lord Sugreev
That's how folk thine slew our guards. 12
Having sensed then some import
Enquired Lakshman then Sugreev
What could have gone awry them. 13
What's the matter vanar Lord
Why thy folk all look depressed? 14
Having by then smelt the rat
Appraised Sugreev Lakshman thus: 15

Complains Dadhimukh my uncle
That Prince Angad and his flock
Ravaged Madhuvan to its roots
As well slew its guards in scores. 16
If not for the happy end
To the errand on their hand
Would have Angad ever condoned
Deeds those vandal of vanars? 17
Strong as Dadhimukh 'n his folks
Failed to stop them all in tracks
Would mean spirits of Angad's flock
Could have soared to skies all high. 18
Feel I Angad and party
Having by then found Seetha
Would have indulged in orgies. 19
It's but Hanuman who could have
Found out Seetha in spite of
Hurdles all there to reach her. 20

Fails he never to deliver
Backed by Jambavan 'n Angad
Leads when Hanuman from the front. 21
Turned as joyous by the news
Brought by Hanuman from Seetha
Lost they could have their bearing. 22
Had not Hanuman sighted her
Dare how they would ever enter
Madhuvan after mine own heart? 23
It's but their joy that gave cause
For their pranks all with those guards. 24
It's this grasp of their action
Made that Dadhimukh rush to us. 25

Feel I certain from all this
Found was Rama's spouse Seetha. 26
If not Angad would not have
Let his flock thus play havoc
With the Madhuvan of our clan. 27
With the way Lord Sugreev spoke
Pleased no end was Lakshman then. 28
Happy was Ram at the turn
Of the tide in Seetha's search. 29
Turned then Sugreev to Dadhimukh
Thanked him for the news he brought. 30

Dispatched Sugreev his uncle
So he sends back Angad's flock. 31
No less eager all of us
To hear where Hanuman found Seetha. 32
Made the joyous look of Ram
Joyous Lakshman and Sugreev. 33

Canto 64 - Return of the Platoon

At the diktak of his Lord
Took leave Dadhimukh of them all. 1
Flew he back then to Madhuvan
With his flock to fetch Hanuman. 2
Speeded as he to his Lord
Rushed he so back to Madhuvan. 3
In the garden he left them
Found he vanars turn sober. 4
Went he straight to Angad then
Spoke he thus with folded hands. 5

Pardon my flock and me too
For we tried to stop thee all
From thy having fun of life. 6
At thy pleasure O Prince Angad
Let thy folk have some more fun. 7
Like thy dad in days of yore
Sugreev 'n thou make our Lords. 8
Told we Sugreev thy uncle
Landed thou all in Madhuvan. 9
Felt he so glad hearing that
Found I safe 'n sound all thee. 10

Flared up he not as I told
Spoiled all of thee Madhuvan. 11
Now he sent me here to fetch
Thee all back to him forthwith. 12
At this Angad told his flock
Rama could be in the know. 13
Inclined am to think so
Seeing joyous Dadhimukh's face. 14
Now that all of us had fun
Why not go back to our Lord. 15

Wish I none have to dictate
Like to follow what thee say. 16
Brought as thou us this glory
Honour me thou as thy Prince
It's no time that's opportune
For me to thee dictate terms. 17
Spake as Angad to his flock
Made that happy one and all. 18
Spoke they in turn to Angad
All of them in one voice,
Like thou take us as equals
Who else would treat his subjects? 19
Bow as thou to thy subjects
Take thee that to top of world. 20
Think as thee of thy uncle
We too wish to see our Lord. 21
Lead us all to where thee go
None of us would drag his feet. 22
Gave as Angad green signal
Rose then his flock to the skies. 23
Angad thus with at the head
Flew they flying saucer like. 24
Thus in tow with Hanuman then
Pulled his flock all back Angad. 25

Sighting Angad in the skies
Spoke then Sugreev to Rama. 26
See our vanars flying back
Portends that well for Seetha. 27
Espy speed at which they fly
Would they do so had they failed? 28
To me if he were to fail
Would ever Angad show his face? 29
Besides fouling my Madhuvan
Were he failed to find Seetha
How dare Angad come to me? 30

If not that they found Seetha
Would have Angad let his flock
At the pain of death enter
Madhuvan that's so dear to me? 31
Feel I certain Hanuman did
Find Seetha in thy waiting. 32
Espouses as he some cause
Hanuman is ever dedicated. 33
Whatever he might undertake
Known is Angad for his luck. 34
Now that Angad advances
Like the one who succeeded
That should make us feel easy. 35

That our vanars on errand
Wrecked my garden in orgies
Would but portend that Seetha
Was found in the pink of health. 36
Won't they roar in joyous mood
What's that but they got it right. 37
Saw vanar Lord in descent
Angad's flock in bid to land. 38
In salute to that force his strong
Raised then Sugreev tail his straight. 39
Seeing Sugreev in welcome
Signalled Angad to his flock
Land they might all on the trot. 40
Enthused as were all by then
Lost no time to land vanars. 41
Having went to Rama straight
'Seen I Seetha' told Hanuman. 42
Gladdened tidings of the news
Hearts of Ram and his sibling. 43
Felt glad Sugreev that Hanuman
Caressed was by Lakshman's eyes. 44
Melted loving look of Ram
Hanuman to the core of heart. 45

Canto 65 - News in Brief

Followed Angad suit Hanuman
Paid he respects to Lord Ram. 1
Such was vanars' state of mind
Spoke they out of turn they all. 2
Blabbered they all one by one
In bits 'n pieces what they heard. 3
Amused by their hearsay Ram
Heard them all for quite some time. 4
Enquired in time Ram of them
What doth Seetha think of him. 5

At that they all passed baton
To Hanuman who was in the know. 6
Set to recap then Hanuman
Thought of Seetha in reverence
And turned southward to face her. 7
Taking seat at Rama's feet
Handed him then that diadem
Given by Seetha for recall
And thus spoke with folded hands. 8
Pressed as I was by my peers
Crossed I ocean lay there south
In search of Seetha there yonder. 9
Reached I Lanka in no time
Land that ruled by vile Ravan. 10

Found I Seetha in distress
Jailed as Ravan to digress
From her love to thee her Lord. 11
In the hope of her rescue
Lingers she on in thy thought. 12
Never having had bad dream
Wonder how her life turned sour. 13
In tight rein is Seetha held
Day 'n night of vigil to boot
Of the devilish guards in scores. 14
Floor she uses for her bed
Curses Ravan for her plight. 15

It's that Seetha in lament
Found I at length in torment. 16
In time I could impress her
That am but thine own agent. 17
How glad was she as I told
Hath Lord Sugreev turned thy friend. 18
Steadfast as she in thy thought
Prayed thee for long in reverence. 19
Told me she then that story
Of the eager crow and thee. 20
Beseeched Seetha then with me
To tell her tale of owes to thee. 21
Give this diadem to my Lord
When thy Lord is there with him. 22
Tell my Ram that I relive
Touch his as he adorned me
With this diadem my dad gave
To me on our wedding day. 23
It's this one that makes me feel
As if thee are ever with me. 24
Gave though Ravan two more months
To change my mind or face then death
Prefer I would to end my life
At the end of one more month. 25

In her state of distress Lord
That's how Seetha spoke to me. 26
Now that I made thee privy
To the plight of thy Seetha
Think of ways 'n means to take
Our force there to bring her back. 27
Felt though Ram then so sad
Spouse his was in such distress
Yet he felt glad that Hanuman
Could show him the way to her. 28

Canto 66 - Tears in Torrents

Moved by Seetha's plight he heard
Wept Ram holding her diadem. 1
Welling his eyes to the brim
Brought it memories in torrents. 2
Told he then the import of
Diadem that to Lord Sugreev. 3
It was gift of her father
At the time of our wedding. 4
Given it was by nonetheless
Than Lord Indra to her dad. 5

As I see this diadem now
Recall I well our wedding
Graced by parents of us both. 6
Ever I recall that aura
Gives this diadem to Seetha. 7
For the solace of my soul
Make it encore O Hanuman
How my Seetha misses me. 8
My dear sibling O Lakshman
How this diadem in my hands
Wrenches my heart to the core. 9
Though gave Seetha thirty days
Outer limit for me to act
How can ever I wait that long. 10

To my Seetha whom I love
Take me forthwith O Hanuman. 11
Delicate being her nature
What an ordeal it could be
To be confined thus for long? 12
Won't her moon like face look like
Full moon shrouded by thick clouds? 13
Tell me what all Seetha said
Want I hear to her last word. 14
Keen am I to get picture
Of the pining of my spouse. 15

Canto 67 - Hanuman's Replay

Moved no end by Rama's plight
Spoke with ardour then Hanuman. 1
Narrate I would verbatim
Tale she told me to tell thee. 2
Woke up as I ahead of Ram
Slept when we both in open
Pecked my bosom Kakasur. 3
Bore I pain all in silence.
Not to disturb his sleep then. 4
Taking advantage of that
Went on hurting me that crow
Making fountains of my breasts. 5

Fell as my blood on his chest
Woke up Ram to find me bleed. 6
Saw he as me in distress
Hissed my man like king cobra. 7
Dare who did to lay his hands
On thy breasts that brush my chest! 8
To his dismay he then found
Kakasur with blood on hands. 9
Realized Ram that Kakasur
Bird of birds was Indra's son. 10

Misdeed that of Indra's son
Found then my man hard to bear. 11
Plucked he then a nearby reed
And with power of his mantra
That he turned to Brahmastra. 12
Let as Ram that Brahmastra
To chase Kakasur to death
Spewed it tongues of fire at him. 13
So to save his life his dear
Turned that crow to one and all
Including hid dad Indra. 14
None as came forward to help
Came back Kakasur to Ram
Sought he pardon for his foul. 15

Inclined though Ram to pardon
Yet he couldn't help hurt his eye
Since none retracts his mantra. 16
Thanking Ram for his reprieve
Left Kakasur with left eye then. 17
Said she thus she fails to grasp
How come Rama spares Ravan. 18
Is there someone in all worlds
Who would stand up to fight Ram? 19
Concern if hath Lord Rama
For me his spouse ever loyal
May he come 'n slay Ravan. 20

Am I not like mother to him
What made Lakshman thus stay put? 21
Oh my man and his sibling
Could kill Ravan on their own,
And if they both feel for me
Why they fail to rescue me? 22
Seems both of them mistook me
For some reason know not what. 23
Seeing Seetha doubt herself
Gave I her thus assurance. 24
It's his sorrow for thee know
Made that Rama lose his way. 25

Seeing thy man immobilized
As well Lakshman lost his wits,
Now that I would tell thy tale
Both of them would spring to life. 26
Enthused by the news I fetch
Land they would soon in Lanka. 27
That would be the beginning of
The end of Ravan's reign on earth. 28
For thy Lord to trust my word
Give me keepsake he gave thee. 29
Having thought a while Seetha
Gave this diadem now thou hold. 30

In my hurry to see thee
Bid I adieu to thy spouse. 31
As I started to gain size
So that I could cross the seas
Spoke then Seetha to me thus. 32
As she took thy name O Lord
Broke she down then in despair. 33
Having at length set her tone
Chanted thy name like mantra. 34
That thou bestow trust in me
Praised my fortune then Seetha. 35

As a seat for her fly back
Offered then I her my back. 36
Told I she would be with thee
Before she could spell thy name. 37
Said she it's not in her vein
Touch to alien male on own. 38

Felt I it's my misfortune
Laid as Ravan hand on me
Kidnapped as he me then thus. 39
So can't I make on thy back
Though thou are a friendly soul. 40

Once thou go back to thy folk
Pay my respects to them all. 41
Implore upon my Lord Ram
Help me come out clean early. 42
Mind thee tell all to my Lord
How guards all these distress me. 43
Men of men O Lord Rama
That's how Seetha pines for thee. 44

Canto 68 - Times of Hope

Said then Hanuman to Rama
Came as thy spouse to trust me
Spoke she further thus with me. 1
Stress the need to do needful
Speak as thou to my Lord Ram. 2
How I wish thou gone by now
Yet I feel thou need some rest
Stay so back for one more day. 3
It's thy coming O Hanuman
Set the mind of mine at rest. 4
Leave as thee the Lankan shore
High 'n dry me that would leave. 5

In contrast to strength thee gave
Won't thy absence make it worse. 6
Be that as it may Hanuman
Reach to Lanka as thee did
Can all vanars cross this sea? 7
To slay Ravan for my sake
How my Lord 'n his sibling
Can cross over sea this vast? 8
But for Vayu, Garud 'n thou
Who else could cross Lankan seas? 9
How to bring all to these shores
Thus O Hanuman give a thought. 10

Surely on thy own Hanuman
Make can Ravan bite the dust
Yet that leaves no role for Ram
In the rescue of his spouse. 11
If my Lord doth declare war
And downs Ravan in combat
That would enhance his prestige
And earns me honour in reclaim. 12
Ravan as did snare me then
Spirit if thou me from Lanka
Won't it go down well with Ram. 13
Proper thus it's for my Lord
Comes he here 'n takes me back. 14
Keeping all this in thy mind
For my rescue by my man
Need there is for thee to come
Up with foolproof plan some now. 15

Seeing how she lays in store
Honour of her beloved man
Spoke I to her in reverence. 16
Goddess like O Rama's spouse
Know Sugreev is committed to
Help thy man to set thee free. 17
Know we vanars in millions
Stake our lives to keep the word
Lord our thus gave to thy lord. 18
Choose if vanars to breach earth
Is there someone to stop them? 19
Blessed are all of us with skills
Roam we may all worlds are there. 20

Falls none ever as short of me
Vanars in scores better me true. 21
As I could do what I did
What to speak of rest of them? 22
Now it's time thee feel easy
Soon we vanars land in droves
With thy Lord to set thee free. 23
Discount if thou vanar strength
Don't thee know that I could fly
Ram 'n Lakshman on my back
Shores to these to fight Ravan? 24
Thou well know that thy man with
Sibling his would come out trumps. 25

Nevertheless we all vanars
To fight the forces of Ravan
Would be there on hand to Ram. 26
Land as we on Lankan shores
To hear the roars of vanar force
Won't it take thee now so long. 27
Slays when Ram the evil Ravan
Won't thee hand in hand in time
Ascend Ayodhya's throne with him? 28
Having heard my words Seetha
Said she would ever live in hope
That thee would soon set her free. 29

Peep into Yuddha Kanda: War on Ravan

Canto 1 - Embrace of a Gift

Pleased no end was Rama then
Hope thus Hanuman could infuse
In his forlorn spouse Seetha. 1
Well O Hanuman thy great deeds
Would stand out all times to come. 2
With God Vayu 'n Garuda
Fly who with ease seas across
Make thee living legend now on. 3
Just to set foot in Lanka
Dare not angels ever in dreams. 4
Know not I a soul on earth
Dared that trespass Ravan's land,
Speaks in volumes thy valour
Dared as thee 'n came back sound. 5

Comes it when to sheer valour
Know thee none can ever equal. 6
Blessed is thy Lord Sugreeva
Hath who in ranks Vayu's son
Acts who to his Lord's benefit
Outside though brief of his Lord. 7
Might we call him just worthy
Who that goes by master's brief. 8
Meets no end on the errand
Strives who none though well-spoken. 9
Errand on that thou was sent
To find my spouse in alien land
Ruled by none else but Ravan
Left no stone thou ever unturned. 10

Had thee not thus found Seetha
Sure it would have been my death
Know thus with thy dedication
Saved thou life of me for now. 11
For I lost my crown and all
For the worse of fate of mine
For thy good turn O Hanuman
For me to show due gratitude
None have I to bestow thee. 12
Like to take thee in my arms
So that I could bring my heart
Closer now to thine own one
Helps as that to convey well
Gratitude it bears for thee. 13
Having spoken thus Rama
Taken Hanuman moved by then
Into warmth of his embrace. 14
Coronation and After

Led by Vasisht high priest then
Ram 'n Seetha reached high throne. 1
One by one then twelve Vasus
And those grand seers eight of them
Perfused both of them with scents. 2
Then those elders let Brahmans
Virgins, nobles and Generals
Likewise perfuse them on throne. 3
Soon after were invited
Angels all to perfuse Ram
Seetha too with heavenly scents. 4
Held Ram's sibling Satrughna
Canopy over royal heads
While Lord Sugreev deemed if fit
To don the role of fan boy then. 5

As a mark of his respect
Fanned them Vibhishan from other end. 6
Standing in for Lord Indra
Gave them Vayu gold lotus. 7
On his own then Vayu gave
Pearl necklace for Ram to wear. 8
Made the singers 'n dancers
Sent by Indra from his court
Seem it like a heavenly show. 9
Portend well to Ram's lordship
Mother earth came up with bounty. 10

Last which would for generations
Such farm wealth Ram gave Brahmans. 11
For the sake of their womenfolk
Ram gave Brahmans all rare gems. 12
Gave then Ram to Sugreeva
Pearl chain that seemed Milky Way. 13
Gave Lord Ram to Prince Angad
Epaulets gold with blood red stones. 14
Pearl chain that Ram gave Seetha
Looked like moonbeam in blue skies. 15

With the consent of her Lord
Gave then Seetha silk garments
As well jewels to Hanuman. 16
Pulled out Seetha from her self
Necklace that was she fond of. 17
Sensed as Ram her intent true
Beseeched he she bestows that
Upon the one she loves the most
Apart from the spouse of hers. 18
Heartened as she was at that
Gave that Seetha to Hanuman. 19
Wore it Hanuman in reverence
Shone he like the moon on earth. 20

Honoured Rama Dwividu then
With Maindun 'n Neel as well
With such gifts that touched their hearts. 21
Went on Ram to honour friends
Left was none from vanar ranks. 22
Not the one to ignore friends
Ram then called for Vibhishan
Gave him gifts that pleased him most. 23
Last but not the least on list
Was Hanuman who got the best
From Lord Ram who valued him. 24
Came as time for guests to part
Gave them consent Ram to leave. 25

All the way to Kishkindha
Led then flock his Sugreeva. 26
Left for Vibhishan to Lanka
To reign in place of Ravan then. 27
Settled as Ram for his long reign
Spoke he then to Lakshman thus: 28
Sibling loyal O Lakshman
Consent to be my Crown prince. 29
At that Lakshman turned his back
Bharath he then pushed to forefront. 30

Yagas ordained by Vedas
In his long reign Ram performed. 31
Reign ten millennia his lasted
Domain of its spread worlds over. 32
Helped as Lakshman in his reign
Giving hands of Ram then touched
Horizons wide of all three worlds. 33
Took care Ram of his subjects
No poor cousin was ever ignored. 34
In his reign all lived full life
None was ruined by Acts of God. 35

Died no infant in his reign
Lived no dacoit to name one. 36
Reigned well dharma in his time
Gone were faction fights of yore. 37
None was barren in his land
In scores bore women there children. 38
Took his name all day and night
Revered him all worlds to one man. 39
Climes all then put their best foot
Dared not drought to visit his land. 40

Lived all making best of life
Shown was door to greed by all. 41
Sense of fairness ruled as minds
Were there no mean in his reign. 42
Such was golden rein of Ram
10 K summers it lasted
To the world that lapsed itself
Turned that distant past in time. 43
Told are life 'n times of Ram
In this foremost poetic work
Sage Valmiki gave this world. 44
Brings it cheer to who reads it
Besides those who hear it read. 45

Women who hear all Ramayan
Bear they sons who live for long. 46
Hears who victor Rama's tale
Keeps he death at bay for long. 47
Who in reverence hears saga
Of Lord Ram in Ramayan
Gave to world by Valmiki
Comes out unscathed from hardships. 48
Helps man Ramayan come to
Grips with anger and distress. 49
To and fro in one's voyage
Gives this tale him safe passage. 50

Hear who Rama's tale till end
Gods are known to bless them all. 51
Rulers who read Ramayan
Come to rule the entire world. 52
Swear who by this ancient work
Absolved would be from all sins. 53
Store if set by Rama's tale
Turns warrior the tides battle. 54
Reads if one or hears this tale
Grace he hath of Lord Rama. 55

In his avatar as Rama
Ordained Vishnu that Seshu
Makes who heavenly cushion for him
Would be with him as Lakshman. 56
One who hears ever this saga
Gets a spouse who well pleases. 57
Who in reverence hears this tale
Earns he fame that lasts for long. 58

Reads Whoso this adi kavya
Wins he heart of Lord Vishnu. 59
Essence of it whoso gets
Pleases progenitors 'n angels. 60

Rewrites whoso this saga
As told by sage Valmiki
Ascend he would heaven in end. 61

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